Monday, November 29, 2004


i watched both e matches....liverpool & inter home matches. i admit i was half awake when i watched both matches becoz i did not have much sleep e day earlier, like barely 4-5 hours. so u can say dat i am like 50% unconscious during e matches. i also watched e milan & newcastle matches earlier so i guess i was flat out after dat.

1st of all, i have e impression dat liverpool will play lousy boring football b4 e clash with arsenal. i was veli disappointed waking up 2 watch e dull champions league match earlier of last week. but it seems dat liverpool played beyond my expectations & performed quite well despite missing many of their stars. 2 magic moments were enuf 4 liverpool 2 seal e game with a win but i will say dat they did deserve e victory since they appeared 2 b e better side thru e nite. arsenal looked chaotic overall, disorganized & looking veli unsettled.

inter were trailing by 2 goals b4 they grabbed a draw late into e 2nd half. they r just incredible 2 b able 2 draw so much! haha! managed 2 c 1 of my fav. stars, recoba performed 4 a while. glad as well dat vieri is finally finding e net. martins should b singled out 2 b e brilliant player who created havoc 2 e defence of juventus. he is 2 me e man of e match. he was fantastic on e ball & supplying abundance of dangerous balls into e penalty box.

on e other news, thierry henry, ronaldinho & andrei shevchenko will battle it out 2 b named e FIFA World Player of e Year next month. i am pretty surprised by e last 3 candidates. henry onli won e league title with arsenal. shevchenko too. but dat's it. wat about country honours? ronaldinho? i think he won nothing. but if u ask me solely on individual performances, i will say ronaldinho should get it. he was e major reason 4 e rise of barca 2 finish 2nd last season. he was consistent as well as now too. surprised deco is not around. who do u guys think among e 3 deserves it?

Sunday, November 28, 2004


terry scored twice. now, chelsea r scoring goals as easily as arsenal was during their unbeaten run. their fine form is giving threat 2 europe. now, it seems dat they r there with barca looking veli convincing. however, we have yet 2 c chelsea in veli big matches with veli respected clubs. but dat will b veli soon!

2nite & early morning 2molo, i will wan 2 watch 2 giant matches!


who wan 2 miss these 2 matches? liverpool seems 2 b in e darkest shape now 4 e whole season. their injury list is devastating. i kinda pity their bad luck! so a lost at home will not b a surprise, yet arsenal has not been veli convincing of late. e onli answer is 2 watch e match! haha!

inter? i think they have more draws compare 2 any club in any league in e world rite now. haha! as 4 now, they have 2 wins, 10 draws & 0 losses. they r lying at 6th placed in e serie a & everybody else in serie a had lost at least a match. juventus have e best defence in serie a, onli conceding 4 goals in 12 matches & r on top of e league.

Friday, November 26, 2004


let’s focus on adrian mutu tis time. i nvr expect football 2 b linked with so many chicks until now. hehe! so since it is related, i will post it here, dun wan 2 turn tis site into a porno site. adrian mutu is 2 me e football world top playboy now! e dude is connected with 5 different females. just a little bit of history about his womanizing records. e dude married e romanian tv presenter alexandra dinu in 2000, wife filed a police complaint against him 4 alleging assault in july 2003 & claimed mutu had allegedly cheated on her while she was pregnant. he divorced his wife on oct 2003. he embarked on a succession of romances and relationships, one with former miss israel & italian tv star moran atias, another with a 2nd presenter, kitty cepraga, modelled for dolce & gabanna.

he was photographed, along with 3 other romanian footballers, having sex with hardcore porn star laura andresan who is also a penthouse centerfold in may 2004. then came news that he had also had a relationship with glamour star anca nicolae, who claimed she & mutu enjoyed sex in public places. nicolae is a playboy playmate.

andresan was 1 of those who refused 2 keep silent, disclosing a number of salacious details about mutu's interest in her body & e various sexual acts he performed on her. she was far from complimentary, however, describing mutu as 'a young boy with little experience’ when it came 2 sex.

mutu later claimed he was lured into a sex trap but, not surprisingly, ranieri grew impatient and, by e end of last season, mutu had been left out of e chelsea 1st-team squad.

so here r e women mutu r/were involved with:

1.alexandra dinu

2.moran atias
u can find more cooler photos at, copy & paste urself. dun wan 2 link direct!

3.kitty cepraga

4.laura andresan
u can find more cooler photos at, copy & paste urself. dun wan 2 link direct! u can find more hotter pics of her online if u look harder. tis chick has e hottest pics around!!! e pics below r e onli 1s i can find with clothes on! hehe!

5.anca nicolae

not sure e pic below is her since i really can't find much of her pics. somebody claimed dat it is her. she featured in playboy romania dec 2001 issue. should ask mametek 2 get dat issue home!

who do u think is e best? mutu is 1 big pervert! haha! i personally think atias is e best although i admit i can't find much of anca nicolae pics 2 justify dat! oh, btw, do u know dat he is e final year law student? he is not onli smart with women, but with books too. more in depth news on e laura andresan news below:

CHELSEA striker Adrian Mutu was fuming last night after being lured into a sex trap by a stunning blonde porn star.The £17million ace was secretly filmed enjoying three romps with Penthouse centrefold Laura Andresan, 27, at a flat in his native Romania.The wild sex sessions had been set up by a newspaper which had a camera in the window of a flat opposite.

Divorced Mutu, 25 said yesterday: “I didn’t think she was that kind of girl. If I had, I wouldn’t have gone with her.“She is a low quality woman for what she did.”

Mutu was one of four Romanian soccer stars caught in the trap after Andresan had sex with them all on separate occasions in just four weeks.The beauty, who has starred in a hardcore film called Weekend On Fire, teamed up with a sleazy rag called Atac to pull off the sting.

Mutu, Chelsea’s record signing, divorced wife Alexandra last September and has since dated an Israeli model and a blonde Romanian TV presenter.

The star defended his sex sessions saying: “I am alone, I don’t have anyone. I am a man with no obligations and I can do whatever I want."

“Maybe those people who wrote about me have more sex than I do and in stranger positions than I do. I believe all men do the same thing.”

He said of Andresan: “I don’t know what her parents think of her now they have read about what she’s done. Everything was a set-up.”

Mutu, who has struggled on the pitch with bad form and injuries, added: “I don’t want to see anything else about me in the media. I’ve had enough of girls, let’s get back to football.”

Andresan, a former journalist, first hit the headlines in the capital Bucharest when she claimed an MP tried to seduce her during an interview.She then spilled the beans on her sexploits with other politicians.Atletico Madrid star Cosmin Contra and Romanian league players Marian Aliuta and Alexandru Piturca were also caught in the sting. Contra is said to be on the verge of divorce after the revelations.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


by Roberto Gotta (

Think about it. Say you're the general manager of one of the world's top sides. You know you can afford to buy a player who can win a match, any match, with a simple touch of brilliance even on a day when most of his teammates have their minds elsewhere.

You go on with the purchase and you're safe in the knowledge this player will make the difference when forces are even, or rescue you from a bad situation when the chips are down. He does just that... and you get sneered at in the media because, the reasoning goes, where would your side be without him?

Now, concentrate on Milan and Shevchenko, and you'll know the one I outlined was not just an imaginary situation. Milan trail Juventus by six points and are the only reasonable candidates to overtake them in the race for the scudetto, but they have had to thank Andriy Shevchenko for most of their wins lately.

Which has sprouted the accusations for the Rossoneri of being totally reliant on the brilliant Ukrainian striker, the only one in the squad, with Tomasson enduring a bad spell (stop giggling at the back, Newcastle fans), Crespo struggling to get into footballing shape and Inzaghi out for a few more months after his ankle surgery, able to channel Milan's approach play into goals.
The accusations have more than a rational explanation, of course: Milan's style in the last couple of years has been one of possession football, play being directed through the wise feet of Andrea Pirlo who then distributes the ball from his position in front of the defence.

Quick bursts forward to Shevchenko and Inzaghi would leave other midfielders free to reach the edge of the penalty area and create matchup problems, but it was all down to the two strikers to provide the goals, and rightly so.

This year, what looked last season like an intelligent, safe and sometimes brilliant style of approach has driven Milan into blind alleys too many times, and they have been rescued by Shevchenko so frequently that one can understand why the accusations, or whispers, have been growing: in the last month 'Sheva', as all Milan fans call him, has scored all of Milan's goals in the Champions League and in the Serie A. The winner at Sampdoria on October 30, the only one against Roma in the 1-1 draw, the one that briefly put Milan ahead in Barcelona and the couple to beat Siena last weekend, which gave him exactly 100 Serie A goals.

It may not be a case of an 'addiction' to Shevchenko, as Milan has too many good players to be like that for too long, but it can safely be said Juventus would be so much more ahead of them had the Ukrainian not provided some firepower.

In the only Serie A match he missed recently, a midweek slugfest on a heavy pitch in Brescia, Milan hardly looked like scoring and went close to losing, as the defence - but that's another matter - has also had its collective head turned by some opponents (remember Ronaldinho in Barcelona, dancing nimbly on the edge of the penalty area before being allowed to shoot?).
As a result of his wonderful form, Shevchenko has increased his iconic status among Milan fans. Born in - hold your breath - Dvirkivshchyna, Ukraine, on September 29, 1976 - ironically, he shares his birthday with Milan owner and Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi... - Andriy started playing football at an early age and actually played at the San Siro for a Kiyv youth side when he was 14.

After starring for Dinamo Kiyv in Europe - his strike partner was current West Ham forward Sergei Rebrov - he was signed by then Italian champions Milan for 20 million euros in the summer of 1999, and immediately became the Serie A's top scorer with 24 goals.

Milan, however, did not win a major trophy until 2003, when they lifted the Champions League in Manchester, beating Juventus on penalties. Shevchenko, of course, scored the winning strike from the spot, and he still says that was the best moment of his life, one he'd been dreaming about since he was a kid.

It had perhaps an added value because midway through the 2002-03 season injures and a loss of confidence had opened a Pandora's box of suspicions about his effectiveness (he ended the Serie A campaign with only five goals in 24 appearances). That penalty in Manchester helped him turn the corner and it's safe to say he hasn't looked back since. He's again among the main favourites to win the overhyped Ballon d'Or or Golden Ball, something which would obviously please him but not as much as his stated desire to lead Ukraine to the last stages of a major international competition.

After missing out on Euro 2004, Ukraine have a five-point lead in their group: their 2-0 win in Turkey on Wednesday was a masterpiece, an example of how a team playing away from home in a noisy and hostile environment can steer the game in its direction early; after Guseev had put the visitors in from on nine minutes, Shevchenko's brace - his 18th and 19th goal in 20 competitive matches this season, and 26th in 57 appearances for his nation - sealed the result.
His first strike summed up one of Andriy's main abilities: he's arguably the best striker in the world at scoring inside the far post from a tight angle, a feat he's performed a few times already.
On a more personal side - not something that should normally dwelt on, but this is not a normal situation - Shevchenko married American model Kristen Pazik in Washington last July, and the couple have a child, Jordan, born three weeks ago and named after a certain former superstar basketball player.

I'm a bit embarrassed about stooping down - or is it up? - to gossiping, but the story of the relationship between Miss Pazik and Shevchenko commands some words. Twenty-six-year-old old Kristen was briefly the girlfriend of Piersilvio Berlusconi, Silvio Berlusconi's son and the head of the television empire his father built.

Kristen once posed for a photoshoot which required - er - little or no clothing in the gardens of the Berlusconis' mansion in Arcore, near Milan, and rumour has it Silvio wasn't too pleased with that. Some time after that, Kristen and Piersilvio split, Shevchenko met her and they even posed for the cover of the same mag that had published that photoshoot in 2000.

As embarrassing and corny as it is to write a story about a perfect couple and a footballer in his prime, that's how Shevchenko's life and career look at the moment. Now, if only Tomasson or Crespo or Kaka or Seedorf or someone else, anyone else, could help him...

Monday, November 22, 2004


i managed 2 wait until 5am 2 witness e match. i anticipated a barca victory looking at e past records & e current condition of real madrid vs. barca players. there is no doubt dat a defeat is inevitable but i nvr expected it 2 b lost with such cheap & childish ways.

e 1st goal is e most dumbest goal dat real had let in 4 as long as i had seen them play. ronaldinho passed a ball down 2 e penalty box, roberto carlos tried 2 shield e ball instead of clearing it as casillas ran upfront. he could not use his hands since it was just outside e penalty box so eto'o managed 2 steal e ball from e nervous carlos, skipped past casillas n netted e ball comfortably. e 2nd goal was e result of e chaotic defence. e 3rd was another childish mistake by guti. he pushed down eto'o in e penalty box unnecessarily since samuel was oredi there. wat is he doing there i still dun understand.

beckham, raul & ronaldo were not present in e match. it seems like a match between 11 & 8 players. i think all 3 of them have less than 5 times of ball touches in e whole match. michael owen's substitution 4 beckham in e 2nd half was something i had wished far more earlier. i wished solari was in as well instead of ronaldo. i dunno wat e shit he was doing in e field. raul? morientes should take his place long ago too.

ronaldinho was expected 2 perform well just like eto'o. ronaldinho was enjoying his time, smiling all e way during e match. now, perez knows veli clearly dat in exchange of merchandise wealth of selling jerseys of beckham & owen, he did not pick ronaldinho & eto'o. in footballing terms, even a shithead knows ronaldinho & eto'o r 200 times more talented than beckham & owen. i dun have a damn clue why they were not selected 2 b bought instead of selling jerseys.

2 me, samuel was performing veli well, buying him was a great decision, but real madrid should b not chicken enuf not 2 field ronaldo or beckham or any underperforming players no matter how many jerseys or how powerful they were in e past. ronaldo is no where near his PHENOMENON days. he is terribly slow & falls down too often. morientes should b in e line-up anytime. even with his superb performance during e champions league campaign last season, he still dun deserve a place in e starting line-up. i am oredi out of words of wat more he needs 2 prove. perhaps e versatile helguera's exclusion from e starting eleven in e match was another main factor 4 e defeat. pavon looked as nervous as roberto carlos. they were undecided in many ball encounters. salgado on e other hand was suffering with marking ronaldinho as he was far more better & faster running thru e defence from his flank.

e interesting thing was e match-up between zidane & ronaldinho as well as figo with deco. interestingly, zidane still win e 1 on 1 battle with ronaldinho just like figo did with deco. perhaps 1 can argue dat both e younger players r showing respect 2 their older arch-rivals. but zidane & figo were e ones who make real look abit more special on a nite where they looked so lousy. zidane threatened e goal more convincingly while figo ran thru defences just like e good old days. yet, they r definitely aged & slower compare 2 ronaldinho & deco.

well, i guess tis year barca should not have any excuses if they finish e season empty-handed. they have ronaldinho, deco, guily, eto'o, belletti & xavi. these r e players who can win all e best titles europe has 2 offer. they have no excuses unless they r heavily obstructed by suspensions, injuries & off-forms. if not, they should get e la liga title & e champions league title with ease. they have e real GALATICOS, not e aged galaticos of e past of real madrid. david beckham? he can just sell jerseys, he is a business buy, not a football buy. he is not 2 me worthy 2 b called a galatico. a true galatico will shine in big matches against big opponents. i heard larsson will b out 4 e rest of e season when he injured himself on e pitch. i dun c dat affecting barca since he is not really dat dangerous & effective.

newcastle seemed 2 b back 2 their winning ways again now dat real lost. interestingly, e forms r alwiz going e opposite ways most of e time 4 both of them. champions league footie tis wed & thurs. probably some more confirmations of going 2 e next phase 4 many clubs.

Monday, November 15, 2004


i have decided dat i will use photos 2 talk about e whole post. it will b more efficient. i had taken 200 over photos but i will select a few 2 showcase here. since tis blog focuses onli on footie & females, i will leave most of e automobiles out...just too many photos, but there r mercedes, honda, ferrari, maserati, alfa romeo, opel, nissan, honda, porshe, rolls royce, chevrolet, hyundai, peugeot, fiat, subaru, suzuki, saab, isuzu, toyota, lexus, mazda, mitsubishi, lamborghini, ssangyong, alfar romeo & lotus on display. there r yamaha, honda, gilera, piaggio, vespa, harley davidson 4 motorbike display.

perhaps i will show a honda & some futuristic toyota & lexus cars 4 those automobile fans.

n here r e babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

of coz, me with e babes......wooh! nice feeling!