Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We went to watch last night at VivoCity, the shopping centre claimed to be the biggest in Singapore. Let me give comments to the movie first, then later VivoCity.

1. Badly choregraphed moves (the bamboo jungle scene is good though)
2. Visual effects can be easily seen as extremely fake at times (overwhelming computer work)
3. Only two chicks who can really fight well - Jaime Pressly and Sarah Carter.
4. Should bring in these people for real fightings - Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Jacky Chan, The Rock even for a wrestler (but I guess this movie is about hot chicks who can fight so it will be a shame to these men to have their asses kicked in the movie)
5. The drawbacks are made up by superb cameramen who gave really good angles and sometimes too damn hot angles for guys (drool!) as well as even the vibrations effects of shaking when a throw or a hit is too strong...the fast changing of angles is also a tactic to make up for the lousy fight abilities. Good fighters don't need that extreme changes of angles and you notice the scene will be shown from far and not missing any moves in between. That's how you can tell whether the person can really fight or not.

DOA is for fun watching and should not be taken seriously. It is also meant for girls watching too. IMDb gave it a 5/10 rating so you cannot ask too much from the movie.

VivoCity is designed by the famous Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect whose design I think are not fully implemented into the final design. You can say it could be costs factor, difficulty of construction and loading calculation and so on. It is supposed to be curvy all over the place which means including the interior floor elevations but now, the only curvy things you can see are the skin, some ceiling cuttings, around escalators and shops floor area shape. Workmanship is very rough, you can feel it as a very rushed job and the facade's concrete detail seen from inside are at some places broken probably because of the improper curing process because of the curvy shapes. The internal layout is so bad that if you want to go to a toilet, you need to walk miles to reach it at the back. It is an experience of walking through tunnel systems. Same thing when we finished watching the movie, the exit door to the exterior is as far as a 1KM walk. I have not fully explored the whole place but these are my impressions so far. Some people called it a decorated warehouse. Hmmm...


I saw them selling huge pumpkins in VivoCity, around S$20++ per pumpkin! Heavy stuff!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


This week's biggest encounter.

Milan VS. Inter

Teg, don't tell me I missed out another big encounter which is:

Arsenal VS. Everton

Now, I just read about the announcement of the decision by the Arbitration Council of the Italian Olympic Committee which gave all three Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina to have less points deductions but Milan have no chances in their punishment outcome. Now, Milan said they are angered by the decision and Fiorentina felt that their outcome are not satisfying with just four points gained and wanted to pursue their legal battle through the TAR civil courts. What decisions Milan will do is still unknown.

Now, all this long saga is sickening me. I begin to see this whole thing as pointless. They just keep on appealing and get less heavier punishments, not satisfied because other teams get better appeal results, appeal at another court of another body, get unfair point deductions, not satisfied, appeal at another court, so on as the pointless long cycle continues.

In the end, you will be asking what is the point of the punishment if you can appeal everytime to get less heavier punishment? All they need to do is to appeal more and more and the point deductions will decrease little by little.

If punishments are not given to people to get them to realize their mistakes and to learn from their mistakes, but just to give you more appeal chances to reduce your punishments, what is the point? I don't see a point. The clubs who can appeal the longest and most will have better chances to get the least point deductions. The cycle will never end until all the possible appeal channels are used up. I don't know how many more are out there.

Angry, not satisfied, appeal, not enough, appeal, angry, not satisfied, appeal, angry, not satisfied! They might as well give them all 0 points deductions in the end and nobody is relegated. In fact, all those time wasted in the court and investigations end up with nothing. You get angry because the punishment given to the crime you did is not as light as you wish to be? You commit a crime and you decide whether your punishment is good enough for you? What a funny joke!

You have 4 clubs involved in cheating and now it looks like they deserved better and better. This decision does not serve any purpose. Punishments are there to set an example for other clubs not to be funny and cheat in the future. I see nothing like that now. In fact, the message to everyone is:

If you want to cheat, you can, but you need more time to appeal to get your punishments reduced. All you need to do is to appeal and appeal.

It is pointless!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Have you ever attend functions anonymously? In other words, you go to that function without knowing anybody and celebrating at the function of someone you don't even know! Well, I did that once in my secondary school days when my mom had to travel as her friend invited her to the wedding. Since my dad had another invite at another place that night, I had to represent my mom to go to her friend's wedding. After dad paid for the newspaper ad downstairs at the restaurant, he left me alone. It was the era where handphones are expensive and you don't carry them around like these days. I went up and realized there were 3 weddings held at the same time! I just chose one that looked most familiar (based on whatever I am not sure) and just sat on a table with all the unknown people around me. An old man sitting beside me asked me what relationship I have with the bridge or groom. I just told him I represented my mom, ate full and left. Haha! When I checked with my dad, he said it didn't matter since we already paid for the congratulation ad in the newspaper and so we left!

Now, today, I am attending a birthday party of an unknown Mexican lady whom I never met before! Remember a few posts before that I mentioned about the cardholder which I managed to pick up? Well, the owner called me and thanked me. Coincidently, her birthday is coming up and she would like to invite me to attend for the help I gave her!

Imagine this, you are invited to attend a birthday party of someone you never seen before! Incredible right? It reminds me of Seinfeld who went for the first date with a lady whom picked her birthday as their first date. Imagine you go there bringing a present to someone you don't know and eat in a dinner of someone you don't know as well as the crowd of people you don't recognize. Strange isn't it?!!! Absolutely! It will be impolite to turn down the dinner also since people invited you and the way they value your help so much! Well, it is definitely strange to me.

Anyway, so I went to this birthday party and there I was, the only Chinese sitting with a whole table of Mexicans! Yes, 12 of them there with a Chinese. They are very polite and nice people. It is definitely very interesting to sit down and talk about two different cultures separately as we exchange information on our respective backgrounds. They love to perform the Latino dance, sing to Spanish country music and just enjoy having happy moments together. I get to eat Mexican spicy food and learnt that their country also has French influence apart from the Spanish. They have local Mexicans as well as Red Indian tribes too. It is definitely a great experience for me to meet them. What are they doing in Singapore? French and Mexican embassy people, ministry of trade people and it seems like all important people related to the government. Me? A mere poor student......

Monday, October 23, 2006


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Well, when I see Robinho in the starting line-up, I just have to be happy. Revenge is not really served as Real were beaten 3-0 last season. However, this victory means nothing if they don't improve and move on! Still, with two shots hitting the crossbar from Raul and van Nistelrooy each, Real could have scored far more. The defensive record is also good.

Now, Capello, be a good coach and let Robinho play in as many matches as possible. I don't care if Beckham is benched or sold. Raul seems to be coming back slowly to his old self but I am still not fully convinced until he doesn't miss so many chances given to him. I hope Real will put in more consistency and gel well as they play on! The road is still long ahead so keep the composure!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Why buy the DSLR?

First reason - minimal-no noise.
Second reason - multiple focus points.
Last reason - speed.

-22.2 X 14.8mm CMOS sensor VS. 23.6 X 15.8mm CCD sensor
-9 focus points VS. 11 focus points
-3888X2592 resolution VS. 3872X2592 resolution
-ISO 100-1600 VS. ISO 100-3200
-Auto ISO (100-400) VS. Auto ISO (200-1600)
-Shutter both at 30-1/4000
-Dimensions of 127 X 94 X 65mm VS. 132 X 103 X 77mm
-Weight of 512g (no battery) VS. 585g (no battery)
-Weight of 556g (with battery) VS. 668g (with battery)

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When it comes to photography, you know these two have the long history behind them to make them still among the best in the market. Of course there are other incredible expensive brands like Mamiya, Sigma and Leica which are so expensive, I might as well use the money to buy other more meaningful things unless you are a professional photographer for Playboy or something. Haha!

As I look through the reviews, it seems like the Canon EOS400D can handle the noise better than the Nikon D80 although this Nikon model has more focus points. You football fans should know all those cameras used in sports are mostly Canons! Honestly, Nikon has always been no.1 in the past before the digital eras came. Canon has always been no.2 and switch back for a while at no.1 but Nikon is like the undisputed champion of cameras.

However, Canon has gained tremendous momentum in the digital era, possibly because of their investments in many other electronic products. They are said to be far superior now in the digital era. When I go to the shops around town, they said Nikon hardly produce any digicams nowadays and those they created are hardly able to be sold. Well, just interested to peek into this league of DSLR cameras now that they are getting more and more affordable.

I will surely buy the Canon because they produce the fastest and among the biggest megapixel digicams in the market. Their ambition is enough to convince me. Most importantly, I hate the noise of digicams and if they can produce anything with lower noise, it will be my top priority. Yes, noise by itself can be a deciding factor regardless of that extra 2 more focus points that the Nikon has. I maybe stupid enough to buy one to train my body to carry bulky and heavy materials just to take that freaking shot. Canon EOS400D (includes 18-55mm lens) is priced at S$1,599, Nikon D80 (body only) is priced at S$1,690 and Nikon D80 (includes with unspeficied lens) at S$2,109 at BargainCity.com.sg as of today (22 October 2006). DSLR aside, the Canon Powershot G7 looks attractive at S$929.

Canon Powershot G7 has:
-10 Megapixels
-6X Optical Zoom
-9 points focus with face detection
-ISO 1600

The only downsides for DSLR are:
-too bulky, heavy and too many components
-high maintenance
-no video
-too obvious when you are going to bring it out to take photos
-generally more expensive (therefore attract robbers and thiefs -duh!)

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The fastest camera I know of right now is the Canon EOS1D Mark II N at 8.5fps with the speed maintained for up to 48 JPEG images and 22 RAW images.

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The highest resolution camera for Canon is the Canon EOS1Ds Mark II at 16.7 megapixels with the biggest image size at 4992X3328.

The amount of Auto Focus points is at 45 for both.

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The highest resolution camera for Nikon is the Nikon D2Xs at 12.4 megapixels with the biggest image size at 4,288X2,848. This is also uses the CMOS image sensor but the ISO setting at only 800 is ridiculous!

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The highest resolution camera I know of is Mamiya ZD at 21.8 megapixels! The ISO setting at only 400 is even more ridiculous!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


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The guy is a legend. How many more years will another racer exist and overtake his records? I totally regret not going Sepang to watch him for the final time! He should announce early in the season! Whatever it is, it looks absolutely impossible for him to win another Formula 1 title but at least grab the last pole and grab the last grand prix win!

Full respect from me. The best driver from this generation.

Friday, October 20, 2006


A movie architect students must watch, especially Gehry fans! Coming to Singapore soon!



Thursday, October 19, 2006


Manchester United VS. Liverpool

Real Madrid VS. Barcelona

What can be bigger than these matches this weekend? Nothing is bigger!

Hope you guys have a great weekend of enjoyable football! I watch the match last night, it was so-so. I was also half awake. Haha! Wrong timing.

Manchester United have a better run than Liverpool currently so I see Manchester United as the favourites to win this tie with the addition of being at home. The showdown in OT (not Over Time) but Old Trafford will of course be a classic. The players to watch lately is Solskjaer, glad to see that he is back again and kicking! Liverpool as always will put all hopes in their captain marvel, Gerrard.

Barcelona, on the other hand, have a more matured squad which has been built through the years so this is the best reason that Real Madrid is at a disadvantage. Madrid had scored alot in some matches but those were against weak opponents. They have yet to date beat a reputable and strong opponent. As a fan, all I ask is to have Robinho to start!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!


Now, you know why we can get a Frank Gehry guest lecture. It is because of the submission of the bidders of the Sentosa Integrated Resort.

Three bidders:

Kerzner CapitaLand
Architect: Frank Gehry

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Genting & Star Cruises
Architect: Michael Graves

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Eighth Wonder
Architect: David Rockwell
Nightlife Impresario: Rande Gerber

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Which do you like the most? I have to say I will go for the messy Gehry design.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006



It won't get any bigger than this! This is huge! However, this match will be given alot of advantage to Barcelona just because of what happened to the goalkeepers of Chelsea. For once, I let Mourinho do all the ranting. Who won't regardless of whether it is done by accident or intentional? I did not see the replays but I would love to catch the highlights to see what actually happened.

Not one, but two goalkeepers were injured in a match. Chelsea will play this huge match with a 3rd choice keeper. Eventhough Barcelona won't have Eto'o, they have enough firepower to go by. Ronaldinho has finally found his touch, Lampard has not. Chelsea's forwards are finding it tough to get the goals. Eventhough Chelsea is at home, it seems pretty much an away game to me before the match even starts.

The good news is TV3 is going to show the match live, the bad news is the reception for the signal from TV3 in my hostel is very much bad. I could get hazy signals like the haze! OK, I am being lame but I hope I can get colour and clear graphics for this one!

Monday, October 16, 2006


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This is the first ever lecture I ever pay in my life! This guy creates such 'junk' design that I never really admire his architecture. I think if you let a young kid twist some materials, you can achieve just the same. Still, since he is so world renown for creating 'junk', I would like to go and hear what 'artistic' explanations he has for all the 'rubbish' he creates. Hope it is not an egoistic lecture for the whole night.


Found a card holder on the way back from the lecture along a walkway to my block in the hostel area. There is a Mastercard, Visa, an EZLink bus and mrt card, California Fitness card, 65cents, phone cards and so on. I was telling my bro it is time for a buying spree, buy all the flights you can get from the Net around the world. Haha! Well, in the end, it is best to return things to their rightful owners. Picking up items and cash when I am walking around is very common. I guess people love to drop things in front of me to pick up. The last time I remember I picked up anything in a year was a Nokia 8000 series phone (expensive and new - so tempting!) and an identification card.

Try to contact bank and they said they don't have her records and asked me to call Mastercard and Visa. Called Mastercard and they asked me to call the police. I don't want to go to the police station as I need to take a bus there and walk some more. Forget it! I try to call California Fitness so they can contact her to contact back. No calls so finally I gave up and surrender everything to the hostel management. Man, even you want to do good and return something, it is that troublesome! I even wasted money and time to call around.

By the way, the talk was ok. He basically described things more like reading a book about him. I mean he didn't describe anything that you can easily find as all descriptions will say in books. He is a big joker! Really all the way the lecture is filled with lotsa funny comments, remarks and statements. Of all the buildings he showed, I particularly love this residential condominium project in New York where the whole building is filled with wrinkles. Interesting stuff! I don't know how it is done but CATIA is the reason he can twist his buildings all around the place. He emphasizes that he creates his functions first and then he begins to sculpt the whole building. He said CATIA enables him to calculate areas and volumes so he can build within the budget.

Finally, I really hate the haze! Apart from the smell that is really bad, I feel that it traps heat. I just feel alot warmer outside. This has been going around for years now. It just shows how difficult it is for you to wait the inefficiencies of others. If you want to solve it, you better do it yourself. By the time they take action, I think there is not a single jungle area left. Greed, ignorance and self centeredness - these are the most irritating qualities I find in men. The stupid excuse that 'we have so much jungle supplying FREE fresh air (oxygen) and when there is haze, you blame us?' just show you how childish they are.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Home to FC Sevilla (15 Oct) - La Liga
Away to Chelsea (18 Oct) - Champs League
Away to Real Madrid (22 Oct) - La Liga
Away to Badalona (25 Oct) - Copa del Rey

Home to Recreativo Huelva (29 Oct) - La Liga
Home to Chelsea (31 Oct) -Champs League

Imagine playing 6 matches in 2 weeks! Crazy shit man! Even in Championship Manager I will have almost everyone in TIRED and EXHAUSTED status if I have such a schedule!

If this is Mourinho, he would have complained that the FA deliberately want to make it difficult for them because they are the champions. Barcelona just admit they will have a tough schedule ahead and don't utter a single word of complaint. That explains the difference in professionalism.

I admit Real Madrid is not a tough opponent as they still need time to gel. Chelsea have a bad form of late of not winning easily or convincingly. Sevilla should be the most tricky opponent of them all. As for Barcelona, all eyes will be on Ronaldinho to reproduce his form of last season. Chelsea will have the same thing focusing on Frank Lampard. It is the best time to have a resurgence for both. What is the best time to regain their form if not for such a big matchup! Expect some interesting comments from Mourinho before and after the match! He is The Chosen One! Haha!

I think apart from these 3 opponents which will likely give them some problems, the other two should be easy stroll in the park for Barcelona. Although missing Eto'o, they have Messi, Gudjohnsen and Saviola who will be too pleased to take this opportunity to convince Rijkaard that they deserve an automatic place in the starting eleven.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Croatia 2-0 England
Poland 2-1 Portugal

Are they considered upsets anymore? Hmmm, or is it all the Europe teams are starting to play almost at the same level? It is interesting to see how much longer McClaren will last as England's coach. What a big joke! 5 defenders?!!! Incredible! I was expecting England to lose but just by a goal. Anything more is ridiculous, no matter how freak the goal is. No excuses, Croatia have 3 starting line-up players not able to play so it does not matter if Gerrard is not playing.

An article taken from http://www.goal.com:

The preponderance of foreign players in the English top flight has, not surprisingly, again been cited as the root of the malaise at national level. It has been argued that England's so-called world-class players look good each week in the Premiership because they are playing alongside imports who genuinely are world class. This is seen on the one hand as the reason why Team England looks distinctly ordinary, and unlikely to improve dramatically in the medium-term unless restrictions are placed on the number of foreigners allowed per club; and on the other as the reason why Premiership football is among the most exciting and entertaining league football around.

Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock this week spelled out the choice facing English football: restrict the number of foreign players for the long-term benefit of the English national team and accept that this will dilute the quality and lessen the flair and attraction of the Premiership; or leave things as they are and watch the Premiership go from strength to strength while England remain light years from winning a European championship or World Cup.

The majority of club fans would probably opt for the former: strong, foreign-influenced league football. And that's what they'll be hoping to see this weekend as the Ronaldos, Drogbas, Alonsos, Henrys, Petrovs, Cahills, Kanus and their ilk strut their stuff up and down the country.

Graham Lister

Let's look at the World Player of the Year nominees. Who do you think deserve it?

Adriano (Inter Milan, Brazil),
Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona, Cameroon),
Didier Drogba (Chelsea, Ivory Coast),
Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil),
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, England),
Andriy Shevchenko (Chelsea, Ukraine),
Thierry Henry (Arsenal, France),
Miroslav Klose (Werder Bremen, Germany.

Michael Ballack (Chelsea, Germany),
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United, Portugal),
Deco (Barcelona, Portugal),
Michael Essien (Chelsea, Ghana),
Luis Figo (Inter Milan, Portugal),
Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan, Italy),
Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil),
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, England),
Frank Lampard (Chelsea, England),
Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan, Italy),
Franck Ribery (Marseille, France),
Juan Román Riquelme (Villarreal, Argentina),
Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal, Czech Republic),
Patrick Vieira (Inter Milan, France),
Zinedine Zidane (retired, France).

Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid, Italy),
Philippe Lahm (Bayern Munich, Germany),
Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan, Italy),
Lilian Thuram (Barcelona, France).

Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus, Italy),
Petr Cech (Chelsea, Czech Republic),
Jens Lehmann (Arsenal, Germany).

Some players on the list are a big joke. I don't know what they deserved to be on the list. Based on the whole of last season's performance and World Cup as well, my vote goes to Captain Fabio Cannavaro!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Ah, my first football post in almost three weeks! The agony and frustration of no live football coverage. I shall cry........

Scotland 1-0 France
Wales 1-5 Slovakia
Cyprus 5-2 Ireland
England 0-0 Macedonia
Denmark 0-0 Northern Ireland
Sweden 2-0 Spain
Bulgaria 1-1 Netherlands

To me, all the above are upsets. England again as always like Spain underperformed. Where is Germany by the way? France have all the players they got - Henry, Vieira, Makelele (forced to be a slave), Thuram, Sagnol, Abidal, Ribery, Coupet, Malouda, Trezeguet, Saha and Wiltord. The only difference is they have unreliable Boumsong and they don't have headbutt Zidane and butterfingers Barthez anymore. I heard Anelka is included back but I can't even see his name on the bench! Before the match, Scotland's center-back Steven Pressley claimed that France ware a better team without Zidane. That theory had been mentioned many times during the last World Cup as France started slowly but after killing off Brazil, Zidane was not a surplus in the team. I remembered he retired only to have came back to help a struggling France to qualify.

"Perhaps they’re [France] more of a team now because there’s not so much reliance and focus on one player”, said Pressley. "He [Zidane] was a great player and he had a tremendous World Cup, but they were maybe very reliant on his performances and now are more of a team.”

The defender clarified that "Throughout their team they have fantastic quality and it is a little daunting that they are still improving as a team, I must admit. They have the best striker in the world in Thierry Henry and you have to give him the respect that he's earnt."

Thierry Henry who? Always underperformed for France. Even during the World Cup finals. I see Sagnol, Ribery, Abidal, Zidane, Malouda, Vieira and the defence during the World Cup, not him.

England have Robinson, 'Cashley' Cole, King (surprise!), G.Neville (for ages!), Terry, Carrick (another surprise!), Downing, Gerrard, Lampard, Crouch (18 match a goal) and Rooney (rough rugby player who claimed he will never dive bullshit!). Scott Parker is on fire and he is benched to death. Shaun Wright-Philips who I don't know played how many matches per season was chosen to substitute instead. Defoe finally came in for Rooney but no goals were scored. England without Joe Cole (injured I heard) and 'John' Lennon have no creative juice in them as long as they play Gerrard (the only other player I consider who is creative) too defensively like during the previous World Cup.

They should bring in Parker and give him a shot now that he is on form. Well, whatever it is, weird midfield lineup there. You know what I really fear for England? Their belief that Wayne Rooney is a genius who is on the same league as Pele and put so much hope in him to give him an automatic starting line-up. Until today, I still don't see a single spark of brilliance from him! I don't see any clues of him becoming a great someday! I see him as a totally normal footballer who uses brute force, dives, swears, pushes in the field, can't even do any dummies, literally push himself into the penalty box and loves to receive red cards. I don't know why people are so blind. The spark of brilliance I can see for the new generation is in Messi and Robinho. England's only potential future brilliant player which I see in the World Cup is in Lennon.

As for Spain, second defeat in a row and Aragones' head should be called for by now. It is interesting when I read a news about Joaquin commenting of the national team set-up in a mess. Of course he was dropped so I guess he commented as he was pissed with it. Actually, during the World Cup, I saw some beautiful football from him.

"At the moment the national team is a joke, it's in chaos and not even Luis knows which way to turn," Joaquin told Punto Radio.

"I know what I'm saying won't help me get back into the squad but it's what I feel. All that is left to me is to work hard to try and regain the confidence of the coach."

Anyway, it is interesting that finally Raul is dropped from the national team. I hope it is for a longer basis and not just one match. Most of my hopes have come true. Drop those old invincibles like Raul, Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy and Beckham. If they are dropped, they will feel that they are no longer invincible and will only then work harder.

Finally, before I end this post, Google in talks to buy YouTube for $1.6billion? After buying SketchUp to integrate with GoogleEarth, now this?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


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Check out the long hours of rendering. How much is that? 284 HOURS! How many days is that?

This is the longest animation I ever done so far and for a video of just 90 seconds! 30 frames per second translated to 2700 frames in total with a resolution of 640X480. Why it takes so long? I guess because I have 8,000 trees in the scene and they are particle systems of just 2 trees!

This is crazy!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


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The toughest shoes I ever worn in my life. 10 years now and still tough and going. When I browsed through Airwalk's website, I just wish I can buy another pair again! Damn Airwalk not available in Malaysia or Singapore. They are still so damn cool after all these years. Looking tough, looking cool, still the most hip skateboard shoes around!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


For someone who has classical music instruments background with strong foundations in piano, I am pretty much interested to go and listen to recitals and performances, especially if it is free! My university set up a school of music called the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music a few years ago but they were in an interim building until the huge main building is finished. Now that it has been done, it is like a giant spaceship!

They are having their Open House this weekend and there are many free performances lined up for the whole month! It is impossible to attend them all but at least go for some experienced performers. It should be fun. The other interest is also to see for myself the new architecture and the interiors. I want to see how all these spaces are designed. Hope I will have a great time!