Saturday, December 31, 2005


2005 has been a so-so year for me. I graduated and pursued my masters. I spent most of the year DISCOVERING, so I guess I will sum up the whole year with one word- DISCOVERY or EXPLORATION. I spent alot of time learning to bring things into the virtual reality platform.

Love life? I managed to get engaged. I also got married legally but not culturally. I will try to get married culturally when I finish my masters. It has been a lot of learning for me as well since this is my very first dating and I always want it to be my last. Yeah, friends have always said won't you get sick eating chicken rice all your life? Why such a hurry? There are more to experience. Yeah, humans are always greedy, they want to enjoy as much as possible before they settle down. They want to try chicken rice to fried noodle to all the dishes the world has to offer before they are satisfied. For me, I am happy with my chicken rice already and I want to appreciate able to eat chicken rice at all.

Football? It has been a year where the rise of Barcelona and Chelsea is seen. However, Liverpool have been the dark horses who had the last laugh. The year where Real Madrid, Manchester United and Arsenal are slowly losing any power in the league they once conquered. This trend does not seem to end anytime soon and looks most likely to carry forward until 2006.

Footballers that shine and are consistent throughout the season? Ronaldinho, S.Eto'o, M.Essien, J.Cole, F.Lampard, J.Terry, S.Gerrard, J.Carragher, I.Casillas, L.Messi and W.Rooney. They could be again be the major reasons for their clubs to win trophies next year.

2006 is a vital year for me because it is time I put myself seriously into doing my research well and master the two virtual reality softwares I am exploring. EON Professional and Quest 3D. I wish that at the end of 2006, I can proudly proclaim that I have dominated them. That will be my top resolution.

I also want to build my marriage life strongly and be a good husband. Haha! I still cannot believe I am already a legal husband at the age of 24! My goodness! Well, to me, I have found the best companion in my life whom I can trust and be happy with and someone I have a lot of respect of. Now, I just wish her transfer will be done soonest as possible as I am tired of this long distance relationship. Still, I am glad it holds so strongly since 2000. I am proud of ourselves. Now, we must keep on improving.

For all you guys,

May 2006 bring us less natural disasters, less viruses and more members to sign for the Kyoto Protocol. May all of you be filled with prosperity, good health and great luck! Have a blessed year ahead!

Friday, December 30, 2005


We went for a family studio photos taking session and I managed to take some with my lover. It is our engagement photo.

Image hosted by

They really sucked you so dry. Imagine developing a 4R photo for RM8 and you have no negative / source file for yourself. In other words, you can only return to the same place and everytime you have to develop 4R for RM8 and more for bigger sizes. The photos taken were not so impressive at all. In addition, they charged expensive fees for make-up and hair styling and yet they give you amateurs who did lousy jobs.

I will never go back to this place again to take anymore photos. They also photoshop you heavily without asking your permission. We ended up wasting money developing expensive photos because the samples they give us to choose are like passport size photos. For example they modify your teeth and mouth to the extent that you don't look like yourself anymore.

Bridal at Pedada Road, Sibu, Sarawak opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School just in case you want to know who they are. They also take almost a week for samples to be out for you to choose and another many few days to develop. They use Nikon digital SLR and they can't even preview it to us on the spot to choose. I don't understand why. Probably they rely too much on Photoshop until they won't want to show us the shots taken right away. When I was in Kota Kinabalu to take studio photos, I get the photos reviewed to me straight away to choose to print. On top of that, they allow you to take shots as well while they are taking. They even burn you a whole CDR for all the shots taken that day.

Finally, about frames. They charge you RM40 for a frame when I can get the same one from the frame making shop for RM25. I was even more furious to find out that actually they send all the photos to the same place to make frames. Now, talk about total cut throat.

Monday, December 26, 2005


This is probably the most anticipated match before New Year as Serie A and La Liga are already having their winter breaks. Liverpool have been on a good run of wins while Newcastle have chalked up results of all kinds. There is probably one more cool match before New Year on the 31st December 2005.

Tottenham Hotspurs VS. Newcastle United

The talk for the past few days however had been focused on Michael Owen's return to Anfield and why Liverpool let Newcastle United sign him instead. It was one of the most shocking news of the season which included the transfer of Vieira, the transfer of Vieri and Keane ending his career at Manchester United.

A win in Anfield for Newcastle United will give Souness much confidence needed in the roller-coaster ride season. The attention is also on Shearer to equal Jackie Milburn's club record of 200 goals. A win will give Liverpool fans much regret for not signing one of their favourite sons in this era apart from Steven Gerrard. A lost for Newcastle will calm the waters for Benitez for not signing Owen.

Therefore, it will be an exciting match given the circumstances and it will be a good match to watch before the winter break. All eyes will be on the transfer market again, especially for Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid. They are looking for more players to give them more muscle to win title/s this season.

Barcelona will be the team to beat for 2005 and still will be the force to be reckoned with in 2006 as long as Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Deco, Guily, Van Bommel, Puyol, Xavi and Messi stay healthy, injury free and suspension free. Ronaldinho the Magician is the biggest difference.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a blessed new year ahead too! I am having my holidays now so I just want to relax myself and update blog really slowly. :)

I was helping out with clearing out the head and shit of the anchovies when I found some tiny squids. I put my smallest last finger to compare to their sizes. Haha! Damn cute!

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The Seven Squids Fellowship

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These squids remind me of Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama. He is my favourite character by the way. Although Zoidberg is more of a lobster because of his claws.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


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Finally, got my first very own neoprint. My other half has been nagging me for not doing it for ages. I for one feel that the pricing they charge is pretty ridiculous so I have been delaying it for ages.

Now, I got it done at last. Have been busy with meals after meals meeting friends and relatives. Really don't have enough time to rest at all! Haha! Better control my diet too. The bookings for meals are almost fully loaded. Scary! Shevy will be back this Saturday so we can meet up or something.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I admit I am extremely tired when I watched this match. I had been out alot and been spending time repairing my computer. Therefore, I was like 50% awake when the match was on.

I saw J.Cole's opening shot gone wide when he should have threatened the goalmouth so early. Then, I saw how Henry had a shot on goal hitting the post. Robben's goal was a confusion from a throw in so let's count Arsenal unlucky for that.

That goal from Van Persie should be onside since Henry did not interfere with play. However, that goal by J.Cole was a great one. To me, he and Robben were the dangermen of Chelsea whole night through. Lampard and Essien were quite quiet.

I heard Ronaldinho wants Frank Lampard and Thierry Henry in Barcelona. If both of them join Barcelona in January or when next season starts, I declare Real Madrid totally unable to challenge them until all three of them have aged enough. Enough said.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Finally, got my own stamps! I sent them 4 images to be printed as stamps but they are of no value. They use two types of local Singapore delivery stamps though to compliment my four stamps.

Guys, I'm flying back to my hometown in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia for around two weeks so you won't hear much from me from now onwards here! I need a holiday to relax myself!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


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Saw this advertisement near the lift where I live. Maybe you guys who bet every weekend should e-mail them! Hehe!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Managed to get a CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf card for purchasing an external hard disk from a Computer Fair. S$25 free value so I can drink coffee with a friend to my heart's content although I am not a coffee hardcore drinker.

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Monday, December 12, 2005


This weekend results has been very shocking to me. Just look at my comments regarding the Newcastle United Vs. Arsenal match as well as the Inter Milan Vs. AC Milan match. Both Newcastle United and Inter Milan are expected to lose base on their tendency to always underperform when playing big guns. They both won!

Milan may be a club with as much problem as Real Madrid this season. I was surprised Ancelotti is still around. Probably Milan fans are more forgiving and patient compare to Real fans. I will think Inter will be so happy to win this derby as they hardly ever shine against their nearest rival all the time. Inter have always lived in the shadow of AC Milan. As for Arsenal, I honestly think they won’t go far this season as there is no indications right now to suggest that they are a threat to the European and EPL crown. They may still be able to win the League and FA Cup. Still, it is only half season done and anything can happen. We’ll just have to see as the season progresses. I am not happy with Wenger's remarks that Arsenal lost because of the leniency shown against Alan Shearer. They have not been scoring goals lately and that to me is the reason why Arsenal are not winning.

Still, one shocking weekend victory won’t change the season much for both Newcastle United and Inter Milan. It could however provide the morale boosting confidence to push them to fight for more victories from now onwards. Still, history has always been cruel to both of them and they have always falter and fall from grace, perform below expectations and always disappoint their fans. All those players they purchase season after season have always been fruitless. For Newcastle United, last season is probably the one to forget with so many players creating problem to the club. I still wonder today whether it is Souness who is hard to deal with.

It is near Christmas already folks and it’s almost half a season gone. World Cup 2006 is approaching so that should be a good excuse to finish the season with a big smile. Real Madrid start life without Wanderley as well as a new formation. I cannot judge much with just one game so time will tell. They are to me a very inconsistent team so I really have no idea how to rate them for the season ahead. Their performance are always so unpredictable.

Ronaldinho is again the center of attention again when he brought Barcelona to victory. He is really what I would call a consistent player which Real Madrid really needs and not Roy Keane! Why Roy Keane of all players on earth? Can he sell jerseys so well that Perez is willing to buy him? I have no idea what Roy Keane can contribute to Real Madrid!!! Real is seriously looking more and more like a club that collects retirees. Sigh! God bless Real Madrid!

Back to Ronaldinho. This guy is surely a legend in the making and expect him to shine beyond anybody for this coming World Cup. I won’t expect someone like Wayne Rooney to outshine him because all those hype and exaggeration regarding him has always to been to me a fantasy. I never thought Wayne Rooney plays any football close to what I will call a prodigy. I have never seen anything mouth watering performed by him that will leave my mouth wide open. His performance has never awe me in any other way.

I would rather put my money on Leo Messi to bring as much excitement as Ronaldinho to the World Cup 2006 and perhaps even Robinho if he ever live up to his billing. Those two show signs of how a prodigy is going to be with their moments of genius. That’s why I was laughing when I read about comparisons of Rooney with Maradona or Best. Please, what is it that Wayne Rooney did that ever make you stand up in admiration and even applause? I can only remember a very bad-tempered guy who always gets into trouble and who tries to dive to win penalties. The second player who still needs a lot of diving practises is Cristino Ronaldo whose dives are so fake even the referees think so! Haha! For that matter, I have no sympathy with Manchester United’s decline. They have many dirty players I don’t like and the top cheater of them all is van Nistelrooy. Yes, I agree with Vieira whole-heartedly!

Like I had always mentioned in the past, any player who is around 1 metre radius near him is bound to be kicked, pulled, knocked over and hit very naturally that the referee really has to open his eyes to see it. He can really trick very well and so they really need to stand at the correct angle to spot that cheeky hand or leg or body movement that will hurt an opposition player when he is trying to win a ball or is on the ball. Those replays are good proofs of how he can hurt opposition players when they are too near to him. He will make it look as natural as possible and look very clueless about it to stay innocent. Now, that is good quality acting which Cristino Ronaldo needs to learn.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Germany, Ecuador, Poland, Costa Rica

England, Paraguay, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago

Argentina, Holland, Serbia & Montenegro, Ivory Coast

Mexico, Angola, Portugal, Iran

Italy, Ghana, Czech Republic, USA

Brazil, Australia, Croatia, Japan

France, Togo, Switzerland, South Korea

Spain, Tunisia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia

The draw is out. Those highlighted are the ones I think most probably will go to the knock-out stages. Brazil and Germany in Group F and Group A have the easist groupings among all others. Group C, D and E are perhaps the most entertaining groupings.

I still pray that a miracle will happen and I will be in Germany! Haha! Damn it!


Newcastle United Vs. Arsenal

Inter Milan Vs. AC Milan

While we wait for the World Cup group draws, there are two matches to look forward to this weekend. Expect Newcastle United and Inter Milan to lose. The chances of them winning is 1 out of 1,000,000. Both are teams who always disappoint when they play the big guns.

I'm going back next week but still have an assignment to rush before I fly! Here are the draw pots and how they work from

Pot One: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain
Pot Two: Australia, Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Tunisia, Ecuador, Paraguay
Pot Three: Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
Pot Four: Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, United States
Special pot: Serbia & Montenegro

• The eight seeded teams will be drawn into eight different groups. Germany have already been allocated Group A and Brazil Group F.
• The eight unseeded European sides, in pot three, will be drawn.
• The lowest-ranked European side, Serbia and Montenegro, will be allocated to one of the groups containing either Brazil, Argentina or Mexico to ensure there is no more than two European sides in any group.
• The pot containing the five African countries, Australia and the two remaining South American sides, pot two, will be drawn.
• The pot containing the four Asian countries, the USA, Costa Rica and Trinidad, pot four, will be drawn.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Manchester United failed to go to the next round. Still, many giants who managed to squeeze through looks unlikely to be giving any threat at all. Real Madrid and AC Milan looked totally weak by their standards and history so I won't be surprised if they are the next two giants to fall. My vote goes to FC Barcelona to be the favourites this season with Juventus and Chelsea to be the possible clubs to be able to win it. Liverpool must not be taken lightly too. They would be very eager to defend their crown!

Going for a very important meeting later so preparing myself for it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Chelsea VS. Liverpool

Benfica VS. Manchester United

These will be the matches available on TV. It's EPL clubs for sure. I will try to catch both now that I am in the MOST FREE period of my semester.

Manchester United of course must beat or at least draw to get to the next phase of the competition. Chelsea and Liverpool perhaps will play an exhibition 'friendly' match. How much honour they will put their heart into the match is really beyond our imaginations. I hope it will still be an entertaining match eventhough it is pretty aimless. Expect Chelsea to put down their 2nd first team players since they have so many players at their disposal.


I am not really a hardcore stamps collector but I do collect some once in a while. Girlfriend had asked me to get her some so off I went to the nearest post office, which is situated in the campus and bought some new stamps in double. They have to be stamped with the date as well for collection purposes. While doing it, I saw the interesting make your own stamps service provided by the post office. You just need to send in your 3R or 4R photos or 300dpi softcopy of a photo taken with a resolution specified. There are only two choices so it is abit limited. It will take two weeks to be done so until then, I can only guess how they really will turn out to be! Haha!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Still, hopefully they will look good. They are not very cheap. I chose the option of having 4 different photos to be issued as stamps. Two weeks from now, I will know how they turn out to be. Fingers crossed!


I always love Meiji chocolates. Not a big fan of Kit Kat but definitely have confidence in Japanese products so I decided to buy these imported Kit Kat chocolates. As a chocolate lover, I definitely want to buy them. The nice wrappings are cheating me too. Great as simple Christmas presents.

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Well, I tried the Cafe Latte. It was extremely creamy but abit too soft. Would be greater to eat if I had put it in the fridge for a little bit. Surely, they are extremely expensive for such small amount of chocolate I can feel which shaking the boxes. Still, they look marvellous. The Japanese are always good with wrappings.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Will it make a difference? My answer will be no. 11 months in the La Liga and he was the fifth coach in two-and-a-half years. The point is this, as my previous post had clarified. It is not the problem of the coach but the problem of the irreplaceables.

DieHardX's 1st Law of Modern Football states that:

DieHardX's 2nd Law of Modern Football states that:

Good luck Real! Roy Keane seems likely to sign and that means more seasons of turmoil. Amen.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Finally, Crouch scored. How long has it been since he scored? 24 hours? A football match lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes. That will mean 16 matches exactly. That is almost half a season! How can a striker play for almost half a season before scoring a goal? No matter how many assists he had delivered, a striker is supposed to score goals right? That's their primary job.

Milan lost and so did Arsenal. Chelsea and Manchester United won, just like Liverpool and now all three are at the top three of the table. Wigan have finally fallen out of grace.

In Spain, Mr. Beckham got himself another proud red card for such a reckless tackle that only van Nistelrooy, of all players on earth, can perform. Real Madrid underperformed and got booed again for playing lousy 2nd class football that a whole team worth of 11 million Pounds (1 million Pound per player) team can produce. They played such lousy quality of football I guess fans like me will expect them to not go very far this season.

Again, all the earlier season hype has all died off. Title contenders? Real Madrid seem to look more and more like Inter Milan. They will always underperform no matter how many players they buy. As long as ECONOMY>FOOTBALL mentality and not FOOTBALL>ECONOMY mentality is not set, they will always live behind the shadows of FC Barcelona. It is a team that only collects retired footballers and economically viable footballers whose positions in the starting 11 are irreplaceable. They are planning to buy more semi retired footballers called Roy Keane and Michael Ballack! Imagine that? Ballack may still have 2-3 years to give but Roy Keane? Please. I am dying!

Hence, I have lost the appetite to write about football nowadays. Real Madrid play ugly football and Newcastle United are barely surviving. Double blow for me. It is my vacation soon so I guess I will take a break from football for a while. Raul will be out for ages anyway and Shearer is almost retiring. What luck!

Friday, December 02, 2005


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EURO 43.5
CM 27.5
US 9 ½

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Probably the many days spent on Japanese drama has convinced me that Asics is the only brand out there when it comes to running / walking. I recalled every competitive race I had been involved before in the past. We used a lot of Asics spike shoes. The Nike shoes, for the first time I ever wore it down to a competition, is the first ever time I fall on the track. I am a short distance runner taking races from 100M, 200M and 400M. I can still recall that 4X400M race. I’m the first runner and I was 1metre short of the finish line when I fall down. Still, I was 2nd then and my team managed to win in the end because I have very strong 2nd, 3rd and 4th runner. They are all from the earlier generation and I was already in my last year in high school. Semi-retired, they could at that time, probably all run faster than me.

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After that, I swear to myself I will never use Nike running / walking shoes ever again. That is also my last competitive race and I had since then never buy a sports shoes ever again. Until now, I decided to start jogging and running again little by little. Thus, I went to Queensway to shop for a decent pair of shoes. After that tragic fall, I told myself I must buy something really good. I believed the reason I fell was the inability to detect my feet onto the ground. I didn’t even feel the paces I was in. The Air technology just messed it up.

Image hosted by

The first character means BIG THIEF, which can mean ROBBBER and the second character means WILD. Thus, it means Wild Robber. I guess it means when you wear it, you can run as fast as a wild robber? Hehe! So lame.

I looked at New Balance and my friends told me never to get it as it is classified as the Singapore Army standard shoes. Reebok is almost dead, I always hate Fila’s design and Adidas shoes nowadays seem so fragile they can tear apart anytime. I almost decided to go for their Customize Your Own Shoes design system but the price is ridiculous for an amateur who don’t run as much now.

Image hosted by

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The price given was S$100 more than the usual commercial standard retailed pair. There are two models, S$144 and S$199 (somewhere around this price range) and the customization will cost you S$244 and S$299. It is interesting that you go through 3 stages. First stage is a machine that measures the exact width and length of your feet. The second stage is a machine that measures all the pressure points of your feet so you will see this plan view of you feet with colour coding depending on the intensity of the pressure applied. The last stage is the design of the shoes, whether you want your name with/without number to be added onto the shoes design.

My budget was below S$200. I finally ended up with a pair of Asics Kayano although I keep complaining in my heart that the design is so boring. In fact, all the shoes look almost the same with just different details and colours. Since every single human being told me they are good when it comes to running / walking, I decided to buy it. My marathon friend did talk a lot about Saucony before but they are very limited pairs around and I don’t really like the designs.

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In the end, I settled for the first ever pair of shoes in my life which has red colour on it! It sure is abit gay but I was left without a choice since the other pair was solid shiny yellow. Yellow to me is more gay than red! Whatever it is, I tried the pair on and was feeling really comfortable with the GEL cushioning system. If Reebok uses the PUMP, Nike uses the Air, then Asics is always famous for using the Gel. Unlike other brands, this brand is a Asian brand. It is a Japanese brand.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

They take pride to be named as the only shoes recommended by Sports Medicine Australia. It is also probably the only pair of shoes with a lot of 3M Scotchlite reflective material which enhances your safety at night and in low visibility situations by creating a bright image that motorists can more readily see from a distance. It is funny though that they seem to target motorists. Perhaps study had shown that motorists tend to run down joggers who jog at night? Whatever the reason, it is aimed at reflecting light back to the light source.

Image hosted by

Asics also incorporates their technology called SpEVA, which is used as a midsole material with “bounce back” properties. Well, like a spring I guess. It bounces back quickly in preparation for the next foot strike with its special polymers breaking down at a slow rate to increase durability. Apart from that, they have the DuoSole durable lightweight outsole. This technology offers weight reduction, flexibility, traction and durability to its outsole construction.

Image hosted by

Finally, of all the systems, Gel cushioning system is their ultimate system. They describe our human foot to be punished daily by tremendous forces of impact during all athletic activities. The Gel cushioning system helps to absorb impact by protecting the foot from these harmful forces. The ability is to absorb shock by dissipating vertical impact and dispersing it into a horizontal plane. It has a variety of forms of absorbing shock when it is placed in the forefoot and/or rearfoot of the shoe’s midsole.

Image hosted by

I find the shoes abit too reflective eventhough I know it is for the sake of safety. I can also tell that it is a very well made running / walking shoes. Most people tell me the lifespan of a pair of shoes under constant running is around only 1 year. It is a very shocking comparison to my Airwalk sketch shoes which lasted me 10 years now and still going strong. The Asics sole has this transparent plastic material which I fear will spoil easily after a few runs. The salesperson assured me that it is durable enough. Oh well, I can’t wait to get this baby out for a spin! I mean run! It’s time I start running again after all these years. Hopefully, Asics brings back the love for running for me again.

This pair of shoes costs me S$184 after a discount from the retail price of S$240.