Friday, October 29, 2004


i alwiz have tis curiosity about seahorses. if u arrive at sabah's kk international airport, u will alwiz c them on display. they sell them like birdnest or sharkfin, well packed in acrylic boxes 2 showcase them. looks like some exotic food. seems like an expensive delicacy e way they display them. some people actually used it 4 other purposes other than food. dried seahorses r used 2 make souvenirs, like jewelry & paperweights but i nvr seen them around b4.

but how 2 eat them if u wan 2? have u eaten any seahorses b4? how 2 cook them? i can imagine them looking scary no matter how u serve them in any food! haha! even if u r gonna fry them with soya sauce or ketchup 2 cover it up black or red! when i asked my grandma, she too has no ideas watsover. so i finally asked some frens from kk, sabah. yeah, e local cantonese should know better. n u know wat she told me? 2 boost male sexual capabilities! haha! they cook it with chicken soup but if i am not wrong, they dun eat them. just drink e soup & eat e chicken.

chinese & other asian cultures have been using seahorses in medicine 4 400 2 500 years i heard. now tis reinforces my lecturer's comment dat e chinese eats anything dat has 4 legs but tables & everything dat has wings but aeroplanes. haha! it is believed 2 cure impotency & asthma, lower cholesterol, & prevent arteriosclerosis. a delicacy in cooking, e seahorse is also thought 2 enhance virility. so i guess e kk fren is kinda correct too. hehe!

here is a letter sent 2 e straits times s'pore on seahorses n how they can treat acne. hmmm....

Oct 29, 2004

I REFER to Dr Andy Ho's commentary, 'Can sea horses really cure your acne?' (ST, Oct 16), which mentioned the seahorse concoction for acne that I had suggested. I take issue with his implication that the cure was 'coincidental' and based on 'superstitions'. I did not take any 'scientific' medicine at the same time as the seahorse concoction, nor anytime near the duration of the herbal remedy. It is not difficult to understand why Western-trained doctors like Andy Ho are resistant to the idea that something else had worked where their 'scientifically researched' medicine had failed. To put it plainly, this concerns their livelihood.

In case he does not already know, traditional Chinese medicine is also a science. It just happens to be a rival.

I was never on antibiotics often or for long periods of time. I had taken mainstream medicine for the condition, both in Taiwan and Singapore. The Taiwanese medicine worked much better and faster but both had a setback: the relief was temporary.
I had given up on Western medicine long before I got to the seahorse concoction. I did not have to try all the drugs available. The experiences of the people around me with the same condition told me what I needed to know.

Seahorse was so unorthodox that it took me a year after hearing about it to give it a try. I had suffered from the acne scourge for years and finally found a cure, so it is not fair of Dr Ho to say that it was due to 'coincidence', 'selective affirmation', or that the effect was psychological.

Is Western medicine so biased against alternative cures that it is so blinded? Wake up, docs.

Wee Siew Cheng (Ms)


tis is probably e few times i ever heard of players being sacked. mutu is e latest player involved with drug issue after ferdinand. mutu admitted his guilt & said he would seek 2 undergo a stringent rehabilitation programme in a bid 2 overcome his problems. we heard how he admitted of taking cocaine, but then admitted it was some sexual enhancement drugs instead. woooh.....does he really need 1? hmmm....

chelsea had remained quiet on e subject of discipline 4 Mutu, but reports this week suggested they had lost patience with e romanian & were planning 2 cancel his contract. e blues have now confirmed this move, with e club saying they had no option but 2 follow their policy of 'zero tolerance' concerning such situations.

a statement from Chelsea read: "We want to make clear that Chelsea has a zero tolerance policy 2wards drugs."

"This applies 2 both performance-enhancing drugs or so-called 'recreational' drugs. They have no place at our club or in sport."

"In coming 2 a decision on this case, Chelsea believed e club's social responsibility 2 its fans, players, employees & other stakeholders in football regarding drugs was more important than e major financial considerations to the company."

"Any player who takes drugs breaches his contract with e club as well as FA rules. e club totally supports e FA in strong action on all drugs cases."

e blues sacked mark bosnich after he tested positive 4 cocaine, have effectively written off e £15.8 million they paid Parma 4 mutu in 2003. e move makes Mutu a free agent once he has served any ban imposed on him by e FA.

e romanian has a reputation for living a playboy lifestyle and has been involved in sex scandals & car chases with police back home. He also had little future at the club under new manager jose mourinho. i shall reveal e women he had relationships with, 1 of them is damn hot! u guys just wait patiently. i assure u guys wun b disappointed! hehe! btw, on a more personal note, i think chelsea's management led by mourinho himself could b e reason 4 mutu 2 b sacked. i mean come on, e whole thing came at a time when mutu was having some relationship problem with mourinho. expecially going against his order 2 play 4 his country in e world cup qualifiers. e whole thing seems 2 b planned by chelsea themselves 2 get rid of mutu. i wonder wat his future holds 4 now.

on 2 e other news, david beckham will make a powerful threesome with american divas J-Lo n beyonce 4 an advertising campaign. threesome? hehe! oops..... e trio will get 2gether 2 film an advertisement 4 Pepsi. e 29-year old real madrid midfielder will engage e 2 in sexual, i mean martial arts, ala “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Kill Bill, meets Hero." i can't imagine in my mind how u relate david beckham with martial arts. tis is too scary 2 imagine. just hope dat tis will not stir up another sexual scandal story again. but then again, how can david resist? beyonce is damn sexy! j-lo is also not bad! beckham must b laughing all by himself rite now. which guy wun?

while raul was named FAO (the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization) goodwill ambassador on thurs.

“I am conscious of e work FAO does, & we footballers know that not everything is bright, that there r millions of people dying of hunger. 4 this reason I accept this mission with gratitude & humility,” said raul. he is just the second football player 2 become an FAO ambassador. italian football legend roberto baggio was e first. ”

n finally, let's look at mista! valencia coach claudio ranieri has confirmed l'pool r interested in striker mista, but insisted a number of clubs want him too. mista is refusing 2 sign a new contract at mestalla & looks set 2 leave e club either in jan or at e end of e season. e 26-year-old scored 19 goals last season, but he is still not guaranteed a 1st team place with italians marco di vaio & bernardo corradi both ahead of him in e pecking order. ranieri himself is being linked with a raid on england with chelsea's scott parker a reported target.

i alwiz thought mista is a good & interesting player. seems like he suffers e same fate like morientes in real. probably he earns less, dat's why he rather leave. unlike e poor morientes, stuck there with perez convincing him dat he is important 2 e squad & sit there week in, week out looking at e short & slow owen perform. sux!


there has been a display of wat e future holds with e league cups of both spain & england underway. yet, i think my focus go 2 serie a 4 tis particular youngster named valeri bojinov of lecce who forced a draw against inter. i know his name straight away from my CM games, i bought him n he scored tonnes of goals 4 my club. i wonder he will b just as dangerous in real life in years 2 come. but he looks promising. valeriy? sounds like valerie, is it a unisex name? expecially when i get confused with lilian thuram as a female when i 1st heard of him. hehe!

he is currently e top scorer in serie a with adriano & montella. he is onli 18 & is from bulgaria. a bright future indeed 4 tis lad. real madrid should open their eyes! speaking of real, michael owen scored yet again, & so his reputation sores just like how beckham earned his reputation when he 1st came. but how consistent can he score on from here? we shall c. interestingly both barca & valencia were out of e copa del rey competition. valencia should b far more worrying, they have been defeated alot of times 4 e past few matches.

on another matter, fifa had nominated 35 footballers 4 its world player of e year award. again, some of them dun worth 2 b mentioned, they r there just becoz they used 2 b good. or it will lose face 4 not having their supreme names mentioned just 4 e sake of making e list look more cooler. it doesn't 2 me though. lucas ng ( has provided with this sometimes irreverent guide 2 who’s who among the great & e good of world football....u will c my comments below his.

Adriano (Brazil) - Inter Milan. Phenomenal goal-scorer. Saviour of Inter’s 03/04 (and current) season. In the Copa America displaced Ronaldo as Brazil’s first choice striker and subsequently top scored with 7 goals in 6 games. Arguably the best striker in the world at the moment.
me: yes, tis guy should b nominated, u should c how he dashes into e penalty box, feels like a slower version of e Phenomenon in his prime days. HE IS A HOT CANDIDATE!

Roberto Ayala (Argentina) - Probably the best centre-back in the world. Lead Valencia to UEFA Cup and La Liga honours as well as guiding the Argentine Olympic team to the gold medal. Won’t win because no one knows who he is.
me: he is veli solid, defenders should b given more recognition 4 their contributions 2 e game, but valencia r falling apart rite now. so i dun think he should b there.

Michael Ballack (Germany) - By virture of alphabetical order, the first of the high reputation, low performance (HRLP) ’stars’.
me: was great when he was with leverkusen, now? looks veli ordinary.

Milan Baros (Czech Rep) - Incredible season for the Scousers. Not. In for his Euro ’04 heroics.
me: come on......a few goals n he is nominated? but he is improving, not now. too early still.

David Beckham (England) - In because he generates 1000% more media coverage of any FIFA event. Becks wasn’t HRLP. He’s high reputation and NO performance. Of course, he considers himself back to his best form, just in time for the England qualifiers - scared you’ll lose your position to Wright-Phillips?
me: tis guy is just hardworking, good with crossing & free kicks (not so dependable lately) as well as putting pressure on possessions. he is not a true footballer who can stunt people.

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) - Italian stopper of their ’magnificent’ Euro team. Solid but not spectacular form in Serie A ’justifies’ his inclusion.
me: i think otherwise, he has been a veli consistent goalie 4 e past few years. i c him as a good nomination! but as u know, goalies suffer e same fate as defenders, they have lowest chances 2 win any individual awards.

Cafu (Brazil) - Had a good year for Milan and was handed the captain’s armband for the Brazilian national team which went on to win the Copa America. Another largely unrecognised player like Ayala.
me: he is good, milan r doing fine, he should b there.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - Set the football world alight with his play in the Euro Cup and fast becoming the go-to player on United.
me: tis guy put 90% of his efforts in dribblling, trying 2 hard 2 impress, doesn't look natural, dive down as much as his friend, van nistelrooy. lousy nomination.

Deco (Portugal) - Playmaking diver for the UCL winning Porto side and inconsistent player for the Portuguese side that made it to the finals of the Euro Cup.
me: he alwiz look veli bored but he did achieve alot 4 e past season 4 his club n brought portugal into e final of e euro2004. I THINK HE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE!

Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) - Had a marvellous 03/04 year for Marseille, scoring in every Champion s League and UEFA Cup game bar the UEFA Cup final. Footballer of the Year in France. His move to Chelski only boosted his profile.
me: we had seen how much he can do in front of goal, pity he is injured. good candidate too, but did not achieve enuf 4 club n country 2 b up there.

Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) - Smashed in the goals for Mallorca and ended up as African Player of the Year. His high profile move from Mallorca/Madrid to Barca and his subsequent 6 goals in 8 games may have had some bearing on his nomination.
me: real madrid r stupid enuf 2 choose owen instead of him. prove dat marketing strategy is more important than winning trophies 2 perez.

Luis Figo (Portugal) - Actually one of the better outfield players for Real Madrid but still poor by his standards. However the fact that he plays for Portugal and Real Madrid leads to inclusion.
me: 2 me, he was e onli performing galatico when real madrid r going thru a bad spell now. he did bring portugal 2 e euro2004 final n performed greatly in some matches. still, not veli consistent of late, not a good candidate. e old figo was 100 times better.

Steven Gerrard (England) - Stevie G had a strong domestic year but played out of position for England and while Liverpool were out of the race for the Champion s League and UEFA Cups.
me: tis guy has alwiz surprised me with his talents. definitely a legend in e making if he keeps on improving. rite now, he just lack club & country medals 2 prove his worth. had a great start of e season though until e injury hit him 4 now.

Ryan Giggs (Wales) - AWOL in most of United’s games. Poor workrate for the usually industrious winger.
me: he is getting old, not e old ryan giggs which danced thru defences like a piece of cake. not making much impact in games like he used 2. not a good nomination.

Thierry Henry (France) - Easily the form player of the EPL. Didn’t set the Champions League on fire and France disappointed at Euro 04 but his domestic form outpaced every other forward in the EPL by so much that he’s the favourite to win this award.
me: scoring is wat he knows best but not as good 4 his country. i agree, he is still not up there among e best becoz of his lousier performance 4 country. even 4 arsenal, some matches he can b so quiet u wonder he is even playing on e field.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) - Former Ajax striker had one great performance at Euro ’04, knocking out Italy (and benefits from another high profile move to Juventus). A petulant player and temperamental, he injured his club teamate Van Der Vaart in a friendly international and is well known for being a bad sport. A great nomination!
me: bad guy, good footballer. tis 1 is hard, hehe! but he is 1 of e great performing inter players. worth a place.

Oliver Kahn (Germany) - In because he had another stellar year for Bayern Munich, directly responsible for successfully knocking Bayern out of the UCL, Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal cup with 3 incredible gaffes against Madrid, Bremen and Alemannia Aachen.
me: not veli consistent nowadays, used 2 b e best in e world! not good candidate.

Kaka (Brazil) - a revelation for Milan. Their best midfielder in a squad that boasted Gattuso, Pirlo, Rui Costa and Seedorf. Won Serie A, won Copa America and like Cafu, in because he’s a natural born winner.
me: another star on e rise. he is good, veli complete, with more experience, he will b unbeatable in years 2 come if he continues 2 work hard. i admire him much! GOOD NOMINEE!

Frank Lampard (England) - the form Chelsea player, in for similar reasons as England midfield cohort Gerrard.
me: e best chelsea player, i dun mind paying money 4 his jersey. another complete player who can fit zidane's shoes. i respect him! good all rounder!

Henrik Larsson (Sweden) - Partly because of his high profile return to Sweden and subsequent move to Barcelona and partly because as the sole (former) representative for Scottish football.
me: not convincing, not really dangerous, nvr really think he is dat good.

Roy Makaay (Holland) - Another striker that is constantly overlooked despite his obvious goal-scoring potency. Despite his 23 goals for Bayern in his first year and with plenty of goals already in his account this season, Makaay is a Dutch striker that seems destined to stand in RVN’s shadow.
me: tis is 1 of those guys who can score hattricks like peanuts, just like hasselbaink. if football r stats crazy like e nba 4 recording triple doubles, we should check e records of hattricks he scored. should b up there among e highest. then again, not consistent.

Paolo Maldini (Italy) - had an another incredible year considering his age, led Milan to another Serie A championship. Retired from international football.
me: he is still dependable, but we saw how deportivo tore apart their defence last season. i dun think he is among e best rite now.

Pavel Nedved (Czech Rep) - Decent year from the Euro Player of the Year accentuated by the Czech Republic’s strong run in the Euro 04.
me: great midfielder, surprised he onli became so popular late in his footballing career. e guy who managed 2 take zidane's shoes in e heart of juventus when he left for real.

Alessandro Nesta (Italy) - with Samuel at Madrid, easily the best Serie A defender hands down despite Milan’s rocky start this season.
me: yes, among e best, i agree, he is veli consistent. but italy did not achieve anything convincing during euro2004.

Michael Owen (England) - awesome form for Liverpool, scintillating for England in Euro 04. Certain starter for Madrid. What more needs to be said?
me: too slow now compare 2 his old self. not consistent, veli dependable on midfielders 2 supply him passes & crosses. too short.

Robert Pires (France) - a justified (shock, horror!) perennial selection.
me: i think he is quite good 4 arsenal, among their top 3 best midfielders among vieira & ljungberg. dat's it though, nothing much 4 france of late.

Raul (Spain) - Had his best year yet. Epitomises HRLP. Only recently broke his seven month goal drought and was horrible for Spain.
me: scoring too little goals 4 his standard. should not b in e nominations. an embarassement 2 his own ability. in pretty bad form i should say.

Roberto Carlos (Brazil) - had a good year but not fantastic year for Madrid. In for raising the publicity of this award, although at least he did win something (Copa America), unlike his Madrid counterparts.
me: i acknowledge him as 1 of e most interesting performers of e game. however, sometimes he forgot he is a defender & open up alot of space behind him 4 opponents 2 attack. he is better off a winger.

Ronaldinho (Brazil) - the hottest form of any player in La Liga. Barca went from mid-table to 2nd on the back of his playmaking.
me: complete attacking midfielder, his dribbles r incredible & exciting 2 watch! nobody mess with him! brazil will depend alot on him & kaka in e future! another player i alwiz admire watching. HE IS ANOTHER BEST CANDIDATE, HE IS THE NEXT LEGEND IN THE MAKING.

Ronaldo (Brazil) - the original bangbus. Bangs in the goals while rapidly approaching the tonnage of a bus.
me: not his old dangerous self in barca. still, can b dangerous at times, but seems 2 get exhausted veli easily in matches. injury proned & slow. i alwiz close my eyes when opponents tackle him, i fear his legs will b broken! hehe!

Wayne Rooney (England) - off the bench for Everton but England star? High profile move to United would have helped too.
me: he has much 2 prove b4 i even think he is nominated. people over rate him. alan smith earns 10 times more respect 2 me than him.

Andrej Shevchenko (Ukraine) - Sheva is another oft overlooked striker-par-excellence. Another superb year for the Serie A winner though his form was overshadowed by Adriano and Gilardino’s exploits.
me: dangerous forward! do wat he does best, scoring goals. dribble & pass just as well. e ex-raul of milan. A SURE CANDIDATE!

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Holland) - Decent year for United punctuated by some good performances in Euro ’04.
me: over rated cheater. scores boring tap in goals....yawn...he dun dribble, dun pass well, alwiz have balls stolen under his feet. i am too ashamed 2 c him play.

Theodoros Zagorakis (Greece) - plays for Serie A heavyweights Bologna after transferring from the mighty AEK Athens but does have the distinction of being the Euro ’04 player of the tournament.
me: honestly, i dun have much impression of who he is! hahaha! all e greeks have long names dat confuse me. i mean during euro2004, if u r gonna add up all e alphabets of e names of ur full squad, i am sure e greeks have e longest count!

Zinedine Zidane (France) - Zizou brings the number of Real Madrid players in the list to seven. Yes, he is the player of our generation but certainly not of last year.
me: past his great form. he is definitely e legend of our time. but did not perform up 2 his own standards of late.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


e clash between man utd & arsenal was a controversial 1. e blindness of e referee & linesmen r totally beyond my understanding. when a tackle is done in a big crowd of 10-20 players, e referee can b forgiven 4 e lack of sight 2 c e tackle becoz of so many players blocking e view. yet, when arsenal was on a counter attack, passing a thru ball 2 ljungberg n all e focus of e camera was on him rushing down e field with ferdinand coming forward, not onli e camera, e fans, e tv viewers but e linesman at dat end must b in great position 2 c wat ferdinand did 2 ljungberg 2 prevent him from going into e penalty box. if it is not bribery, wat else? he really has a poor eyesight then. i mean he will b there 2 judge e thru ball, whether it was an offside ball. but when it was onside, he should c e whole run down of ljungberg if e referee claimed dat he was behind them n did not c e challenge. wat other excuse can e linesman give? dat was his ultimate focus at dat particular moment, no other players were there 2 block e view as well.

2ndly, e clash between van nistelrooy & ashley cole is even more interesting. any of u watching it will know dat it was done like 1 meter in front of e other linesman. so close was e encounter probably e linesman did not c it! haha! wat a big joke! remember campbell couldn't believe it when he was just behind them & probably shouted at e linesman, ' damn, r u blind? or r u too busy looking at dat sexy man utd chick in e crowd?!' well, e encounter was played in old trafford, so it was not surprising dat e officials were giving more leniency 2 e man utd players, who knew e situation n took advantage. both challenges were suppose 2 b red carded.

'I received more blows in that match than I have ever done in e spanish league & I finished on e ground covered in bruises,' commented reyes.

reyes also took a swipe at wayne rooney, accusing e him of diving 2 secure e penalty which helped van nistelrooy put united ahead.

'e penalty should not have been given - but now we all know what a good actor wayne rooney is in e penalty area.' yeah! e challenge by campbell, or do u even call dat a challenge, could have just touched e hair on rooney's leg. dat's it. it did not have any force or impact from so many different camera angles we seen in e playback. anywayz, if man utd had beaten arsenal fair & square, i guess we all will aceept dat. turned out 2 b a frustrated & unfair match which told us e ugly side of e football game. i am no arsenal fan, but 2 lose ur unbeaten run with a match like tis almost hitting 50 is really a bitter pill 2 swallow. wat about van nistelrooy?

van nistelrooy, which most my frens called a penguin, is a veli smart thief both in sneaking up 2 get goals as well as sneaking behind 2 give fouls. u guys who had watched more than enuf live football will agree with me dat this dude is a veli smart fellow in giving fouls 2 opponents deliberately in e most natural way possible. he is smart becoz he makes it look so natural & expecially when e angle is hard 2 b seen by e referee. he took advantage when dat opportunity arises.

dat's my impression of van nistelrooy. e match in old trafford is no different. e dude however claimed that he went 4 a 50-50 ball with ashley cole. lemme tell him straight, why tis kinda stuff nvr happen 2 other strikers? look at other high scoring strikers in europe- namely shevchenko & raul. have u ever seen them fouling people so smartly? do u even c them fouling people as often as he do? i mean any opponent getting near him has a high tendency 2 b knocked down, injured or miskicked. oh, wat a coincidence!

e arsenal clash is the latest in a series of misguided challenges by van nistelrooy, who escaped without censure last week after catching sparta prague defender pavel pergl in e face with a stray elbow. wenger was seething at e former psv eindhoven man's challenge, labelling him a cheat, a statement that could yet land him in trouble with e fa, an accusation that prompted the `soupgate' tunnel scandal which United have been so keen to play down.

'van nistelrooy is a big enough player just to come & play football,' said e Arsenal chief.

'I have no preconceived ideas about him but what is he doing carrying out such silly things.'

'If you look at the video again it wasn't just the challenge on Ashley Cole, he also steps on Jens Lehmann in e second half & it's clearly on purpose.'

'He does it like he is always innocent. Who is he trying to impress by doing that.'

'Why can't he just play football and forget all the rest.'

for once, i agree totally with wenger. e point of view of wenger is veli similar with mine. i hope tis bastard get booked more often in e future, dat he is a smart thief who injures opponents when e referee is not watching. e future referees should notice him whenever a guy is 1 meter near him becoz something bad is gonna happen 2 dat player! i hate him alot looking at his impression of looking clueless & don't know wat is going on when e players with contact 2 him fall on e floor. he just act as if nothing happened & have tis "i am innocent!" face all e time. smart cheater.

Monday, October 25, 2004


watever it is, tis will b a tribute 2 e gunners (arsenal) 4 their impressive run. i think i am lucky 2 b able 2 live in e era 2 watch tis unbeaten run comes 2 an end. actually, it is a historical moment in e football world, something mayb hard 2 b broken ever again, if yes, probably in another 100 years 2 come? we nvr know.

arsenal broke e previous english record of 42 games without a loss set by Nottingham Forest in e 1977-78 & 1978-79 seasons on aug 25 2004 after going through last season undefeated on its way 2 e premier league title. their last defeat in a league game was a 3-2 loss to leeds on may 4, 2003. no other english club has gone undefeated for so many league games since e football league began in 1888. e record started with a 6-1 home win against southampton on may 7, 2003 & ended with a 3-1 home win over aston villa on oct 16, 2004.

e match was not veli impressive & many unfair decisions by e referee. watever it is, e gunners have reached a milestone so just b proud & stand tall. i also watched abit of e newcastle vs. man city match but watched more of e man utd vs. arsenal match. i caught e boring milan derby too. zzzzzzzzz.............watched abit of e barca match as well as e formula 1 race in interlagos. wat a weekend. back 2 work!!! hope u guys enjoy e week ahead! busy, busy!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


e two big losers of spain go head 2 head, they have e stars but they dun have e form. tis is probably e least exciting match of all 3.

50 unbeaten runs at stake? can rooney finish off arsenal's unbeaten run again? or henry waves his magic 2 achieve tis incredible feat? i hope arsenal will get 50, but we shall c.

shevchenko vs. adriano, probably 2 of e most dangerous strikers in e world rite now. in good form, playing well, big match-up! tis is probably e biggest of them all!

tis weekend, u should catch at least 1 of these matches if u consider urself a TRUE football supporter. definitely i can catch e real madrid vs. valencia clash since e public tv stations show champions league & la liga matches in s'pore. but i have problem watching e other 2 since i need 2 watch thru cable tv. i need 2 go 2 e kopitiam in clementi 2 get myself some chance 2 catch e other 2 matches. e problem is it is early in e morning & i have no transport coming back. may even have 2 walk back 2 campus 2 reach my hostel. i wonder how! i wish i can find some place 2 watch! damn! watever it is, i hope all 3 matches will b super exciting & blow u guys away 4 another weekend of nice football! enjoy!

UPDATE: my fren siew ing is in s'pore rite now. he had kindly offered me 2 watch e man utd vs. arsenal match & milan vs. inter match in his bro's house in s'pore! woooh! exciting! 10s pal! supper's on me dude!


do u wash ur face with toothpaste? no? r u sure? really? dun u know dat it is a common practice in s'pore? do u know dat sodium monofluorophosphate makes ur face shinier than any face washing product in e market? haha! dun believe it? so am i.

u c, i have tis habit of applying my toothpaste & facewash cleanser so dat i dun have 2 bring everything up 2 e toilet. e toilet is on e top floor which requires stair climbing of 2 stories. everytime i finish brushing my teeth, i will then wash my face. now, rite until 2day, there r like 5 times at least where i noticed people watching me while i wash my face.

they just cannot make sense of me washing my face with toothpaste. becoz they saw no evidence of me bringing up any face washing cleanser since i apply it on my thumb. there is evidence i brush my teeth earlier, so they thought i use e same stuff 2 wash my face!

well, i alwiz wonder dat i owe them an explanation since they keep on looking my way in a veli peculiar way when i started washing my face! haha! it happened many times with different people. they just looked veli shocked. perhaps toothpaste does make ur face looks nice. yuck!

Friday, October 22, 2004


do u get stopped in public? apart from filling in surveys, distributing flyers, seeking donation, selling tissues, selling bodies (oops!), illegal taxis & other commercialism stuff like credit cards, insurance, land & housing. wat i mean is like people who r really pushy.

no, i dun mean people who ask 4 directions. expecially sexy jap chick who asked me 4 directions around s'pore, i should direct her 2 my hostel. oops....hehe! anywayz, i think i have tis face dat knows direction. there alwiz seemed 2 b a magnetic wave dat attracts people 2 ask me 4 directions. i was asked again 2day. it is incredible, either cars stopped down beside u 2 ask 2 pedesterians.

ok, i met 2 type of really pushy people who seems 2 b in need of money really urgently.

1. i was in kl around 1999, when tis 30-40 years old man asked me 4 money while at the bus stop. he wanted money 2 board a bus. now, there r like 100 people there so i asked him veli politely why must he ask from me out of e many? oh well, he seems 2 b avoiding my question & brought out some certs 2 prove dat he was put behind bars by some drug taking. now dat is scary! he took out like 2 documents. i was still reluctant 2 give him. some more i am onli a student, there r far more working adults all around.

he knew dat i am not interested 2 give him money so he took out some small bottles like those mini fragrance bottles. he wanted 2 sell me those instead. i think he said it was some medicine or something, looked like yellowish urine 2 me. scary! he is in a veli dirty state, seemed like he had not showered 4 weeks. i decided 2 just give him some money or he wun leave. i just dug my hand into my pocket n grab all e coins i have & give it 2 him. then, while waiting, he was still around begging from others around e bus stop.

2. tis is quite recent like a few weeks ago. i was shopping 4 e white storm book by phil ball down orchard rd becoz i was looking around kino n borders. then, tis 15-20 years old slightly plump girl in t-shirt, shorts n slippers was approaching me. she told me a million excuses why i must give her money, from her mom suffering from kidney failure 2 sisters with illness & them not having meals yet 2day. i asked her why she is approaching me. e same question i asked e man in kl. i guess i just wan 2 know wat makes them targeting me.

i explained dat i am a student who has no income. there r millions of pedestrians in orchard road who have income. she insisted i give her money. even if it means onli a few dollars. she told me dat she is coming down from johor bahru 2 come here 2 ask 4 money. now, from tis point onwards i became suspicious. how on earth can u come down here if u have financial difficulties?

1. u need money 2 apply passport as well as renewing it
2. e cost of u coming down from jb 2 orchard rd will at least b enuf 4 2 meals in jb (transportation)
3. she looked plump, if she is skinny & looks really in bad shape, i will not hesitate 2 give
4. if she looks beautiful & sexy, i give her just 4 looks, haha! as well as added services, haha!

in e end, i told her dat i'm veli soli, pleeze ask from others. i did not tell her e reasons of me not helping her. i guess i dun owe it 2 her. so i left. btw, i alwiz give generously in public. not dat i am so stingy 2 even give up small money i can afford 2 needy people in e streets. but i guess some r just unbelievable. do u guys encounter any weird people approaching u 4 weird things in public?

Thursday, October 21, 2004


i started 2 notice her when i was in secondary 3 in 1996. she was a hot babe dat striked me down real hard. until 2day, i still think she is 1 of e hottest supermodels on earth. any man as stupid as barthez dat split with her dunno how much he had lost! haha!

Date of Birth: May 10, 1965
Place of Birth: St. Catherines, Ontario
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Italian/Canadian
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue/green
Height: (cm) 177 (ft/in) 5' 9½"
Bust-Waist-Hips: (cm) 88-61-89 (in) 34½-24-35 (koyuki's was 83-58-85)
Dress Size: (US) 8
Shoe Size: (Eur) 38; (US) 7

does she look 39 at all 2 u? she is an ageless beauty! i just can't get enuf of her!
leggy, sexy, tall, elegant, hot, gorgeous - need i add more? talking about leggy, if japan needs 2 find someone 2 play e role of sailormoon, she will fit e bill nicely. :)
Linda Evangelista Rocks!


5 goals? past valencia? u gotta b kidding me! no joke! inter r downrite dangerous now! expecially with adriano around, u dun wan 2 let him loose at all! i watched e milan vs. barca match. those who didn't watch, u miss a match where u dun have a chance 2 sit! haha! it is a beautiful game of intense exciting football at san siro. how can a barca or milan fan miss it (pointing my hands at ah hung)? like u get 2 watch such a match everyday? it was a pulsating, sensational, ever-charging, marvellous, incredible & just wonderful football match. e masters down there -kaka, shevchenko, pirlo, ronaldinho, belletti, deco all did well 2 make e encounter more incredible than e scoreline had suggested. it will b a waste not 2 catch it. not since e incredible real madrid vs. man utd in madrid had i saw another beautiful game like tis.

there r many golden chances 4 both sides, i would think a draw will b e most fair result but then again, looking at e match, i realize milan played more convincingly in e box. they looked more likely 2 score than barca. e nite b4 i was hoping 2 catch e juv vs. bayern match but they show e liverpool vs. depor match. luis garcia & xavi alonso were really playing really well, doing some great dribbles, passes, crosses n dummies. i kinda like luis garcia's style. veli tricky with e ball. veli dangerous, then again liverpool's offence is toothless. they really gonna consider morientes if real r really again stupid enuf 2 dump him in favour of e short, slow & lousy owen.

valencia is having a humilating home defeat. really humilating 4 valencia. i slowly feel valencia is losing form. arsenal? despite their incredible unbeatable form in e epl, their performance in europe is not convincing! owen won e game 4 real so he should b fucking proud. i rather morientes scoring it. wat's with porto as well? they have tis ex-barca player, ricardo quaresma & luis fabiano i think. they should have b much better.

tis weekend got another 2 must watch match. man utd vs. arsenal as well as inter vs. milan! both will b interesting match. can arsenal reach 50? it will b an incredible feat! go footie!

1. AC MILAN (steady)
2. INTER MILAN (too many goals scored)
3, BARCA (too much injury problems)
4. JUVENTUS (good defence)
5. CHELSEA (money is men's best fren)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


i guess enuf football 4 e moment. contrary 2 all dat e site is portraying, my life does not center around football onli. i actually watch dramas too! yeah! as u all know, there is tis k-drama boom in asia rite now. it swept every household possible during e peak period 1-2 years back. it was so insane dat u c people trading their sleep n hunger 4 k-dramas. tis itself show us e big impact it gives 2 e general public.

i saw my uncles & aunties get so addicted 2 it, even my mom who will nvr sustain thru a movie 4 an hour b4 she sleeps. now, an aunt of mine even collect k-dramas! yes, i can easily say her library is hitting e 1,000 mark of vcd pieces! incredible rite? i dun recall j-drama giving dat much an impact, at least in my town. families even go 2 an extend dat they will have all e members ready 4 a specific time n they will sit 2gether 2 watch e drama serials 2gether! haha! worse than dat, they wun get bored of e drama n watch it thru 2-5 times without any problem! on top of dat, they can sacrifice their sleep thru e drama marathon until 5am in e morning n go 2 work at 8am! incredible!

well, i jumped into e trend 4 a while, more precisely 4 a drama onli! yes, my aunt who collects up 2 1,000 vcd copies just bought tis k-drama called hotelier dat time. everybody was saying dat it is a good drama then so when i went 2 visit grandma dat particular morning, she told me about it. so we decided 2 give it a try. how regret i was 2 touch it! 1 try, forever addicted! hehe! have 2 finish e whole collection! luckily it is onli 20 episodes, considered short 4 k-drama standards!

btw, fyi, my granny is also a non-movie watcher. she just cannot sustain herself in front of a movie 4 more than 30 mins. there was a time when my cousins & i were watching ju-on while she was sitting at e sofa following e movie. halfway, we could hear her snoring away in sweet sleep! now, even a horror movie cannot prevent her from sleeping. wat else? bae yong jun then! he is e korean actor any granny who watch k-drama in asia knows. when he came 2 s'pore, alot of aunties & grannies went 2 ask 4 his signature! i almost phoned back 2 granny 2 ask about whether she wanted an autograph as well. haha!

btw, me n granny watch e whole drama in 2 days! yes, minimize visits 2 toilet, eating fast, cooking fast, n then just drama episodes after episodes. after e 2 days were over, i told myself nvr 2 do dat again, it was a really tiring experience 2 me! although i do enjoy e show. e drama marathon is too much 4 me! hehe!

now back 2 koyuki! my 1st ever j-dorama was meguri ai - acted by fukuyama masaharu & tokiwa takako. jap dramas r shorter, simpler & less draggy with an average of 10-13 episodes. from there onwards, i started 2 watch 1 after another until i came across koyuki tis year. who is she? just some simple background of her. began her career as a model after responding 2 a contest in e magazine Non-No. subsequently, she won an exclusive modeling contract with e magazine & became a professional model in 1997.

after extensive exposure in magazines & fashion shows, she began her acting career in e tv drama koi ha aserazu (let's b patient at finding romance), earning widespread acclaim, & went on 2 take roles in other television dramas, such as beautiful life, antique - seiyo kotto yogashiten (european antique cake shop), tentai kansoku (cosmic observation) & kimi wa petto (u r my pet).

i watched beautiful life but did not notice her then. then, now i am following kimi wa petto at episode 7 out of 10. she also appeared in e films kairo (circuit), keizoku n laundry. she plays an important role in e upcoming masahiro shinoda's movie spy zoluge. she is 172cm tall, born on 18 dec 1976 with O blood type. she also featured in e movie e last samurai starring tom cruise which i did not watch too. damn! i heard it was a boring movie so i skipped it.

in e drama, kimi wa petto, she potrays a veli highly educated lady who works in a giant newspaper company in tokyo. she is so perfect dat many men failed short of her standards. her height n earning strength was e main reason. i really love her acting! she is a classy chic who alwiz wear smartly. she just look really elegant n beautiful in all her clothings. her character is veli loving becoz despite her status, she has another funny & wild side of her. in front of her new bf, she can b so nervous & innocent but in front of her pet, she just goes wild n childish & really veli attentive & in deep thoughts when consulting her doc about her life! she plays her role well n it doesn't look awkward too. graceful, cool & just simply nice! she is definitely not ur typical cute japanese actress so dat makes her unique n stand out from e rest. i wun mind watching more of her dramas after tis 1. i just can't get enuf of her!

she is an airport! haha! even in e drama, they made fun of her dat way! her stats (b-w-h): 83-58-85.

i love her eyes. they r so emotional. her lips r abit thick but still ok. not too unbearable. her body build is nice too, model figure, slim & tall. gorgeous!

u can find more info of her dramas here:

or if u wan 2 download kimi no petto urself, try tis:
japan-tv's bittorents

Monday, October 18, 2004


a weekend with alot of draws & small wins. we c both arsenal n barca unbeaten still. arsenal just need 1 more win/draw against man utd 2 reach 50 league matches of their marvellous unbeaten run! phenomenal! e english fa should award them with something 4 achieveing such a great feat! tis is no joke man, i think not in another 100 years 2 come will any club b so dominant. tis record is gonna b hard 2 b broken again. u need tonnes n tonnes of consistency.

then, we c how xavi alonso's fight back 2 gain a victory 4 liverpool from 2 goals down. hasselbaink getting yet another hattrick, adriano continuing his scoring spree with another 2 goals 4 inter & man city in dat famous match 2 beat chelsea 2 silence many critics. we also heard of how man utd threw in 4 strikers in attack n still drew blank in a match without giggs. newcastle too were held in a match where bellamy finally started in front with shearer but with kluivert not even on e bench. i still wonder where he was.

valencia lost, depor won, real drew & so barca will b happy! i watched e barca match, ronaldinho was veli soft thru-out e match, veli gentleman & not looking veli focused. took 2 freekicks badly. deco n belletti played much convincingly n dangerously. sometimes ronaldinho play is annoying other players. he seems capable of making others get irritated & foul him 4 a booking. dat deflected goal by deco into e net was lucky. barca could have won with a bigger margin but so were espanyol 2 score a couple of goals, both missed some of e best chances. eto'o even missed a goal 4 looping e ball 2 high over in a 1 on 1 encounter with his countryman goalie, kameni. ivan de la pena was e most active espanyol player but often has a poor finishing or pass 2 finish off a good run of attack.

bayern lost, bayer lost as well, juventus & milan both chalked up small victories. we heard of inter & barca continuing 2 have alot of injury worries. then many players r linked with barca, even 2 e extend of hamann. edu, whose contract expires tis june, is currently in renewal talks with e gunners management. if a breakdown occurs, e brazilian will most likely make e switch 2 barca tis jan as arsenal would get some money for e transfer instead of losing him on a free in e summer. hamann on e other hand, has seen his starting role at liverpool slowly eroded away by e arrivals of xabi alonso & luis garcia. morientes is not happy, scott parker too, geremi too, mutu too, pongolle too, even bellamy too as alwiz. all these players r looking 4 options 2 leave their respective clubs come jan.

i find it weird dat players r not happy in chelsea. by joining chelsea, they expect 2 get starting 11 positions so easily? i wonder they ever thought how bad their chances r since it is oredi fully overloaded. do they ever think more apart from money? their agents too. hmmm, n e 1st handsome defeat really put alot of pressure off keegan. but mourinho, a loud mouth bastard blamed e penalty taken by anelka. i dun really like mourinho, he should just shut up, he just make bad comments on anybody when his mouth opens 2 e press. he is starting 2 b in e league of wenger & ferguson.

e cool thing will b how alex ferguson tried 2 talk about e bad incident between arsenal & man utd in old trafford last season. oops....he did it again, not britney. u can alwiz count on ferguson 2 come out with something bad against his bitter opponents whenever they r going 2 go head 2 head against each other. dun u guys c? e pattern is alwiz there, b4 a match up, he wans 2 have a psychological advantage over u by keeping his bad mouth speak at e correct time. why dun he say it last season? why now? smart asses can also figure it out!

i alwiz wonder, why some clubs can have so many strikers n midfielders but they nvr grumble when they r benched? take man utd, milan, inter, juv or even barca 4 example. why has it alwiz come from real madrid? guti threatened 2 leave e club b4, so is portillo, so is owen, n now it is morientes. not like real madrid has 5-10 strikers like chelsea so we can understand e situation in chelsea. probably e media or manager has something 2 do 2 clean up e image of certain clubs in terms of threatening. look at man utd, which player during e reign of alex ferguson dares 2 threaten 2 leave e club? hehe! well, it is part & parcel of e football world.

next stop, champions league football! there r many giant matches but nothing is as big as milan vs. barca. then valencia vs. inter, juventus vs. bayern munich & liverpool vs. depor 2 name a few exciting matches. still e milan vs. barca match is a MUST C!!! how big can tis get? like a rehearsal 4 e final! wish barca wun have so many injuries 2 make e match more equal. watever it is, hope u guys will b enjoying ur wed & thurs tis week! i'm sure i will!

Sunday, October 17, 2004


if u think ronaldo's wife 2 b is hot, wait u c totti's gf!

lemme give u guys her biography. now, is dat enuf info 2 suggest how sexy she is gonna b? expecially her occupation? hehe! do a simple search thru any search engines n u will c topless photos of her easily. now, let's have a lucky bar comparison between them. kaka is going 2 marry soon so we will c how his wife gonna look like compare 2 these 3 gentlemen.


Name: Ilary Blasi
Date Of Birth : 28 april 1981
Place of Birth : Rome , Italy
Occupation: ShowGirl , Topmodel

latest news i heard she is pregnant with totti's child. they r gonna marry soon! lucky bastard!


as i am writing tis, chelsea just lost 2 man city 0-1. will write more on e matches after i watch e espanyol vs. barca match early tis morning.

so how many wives had ronaldo changed? e latest is yet another model. i think his 1st wife is prettier, she looks more feminine. wat do u guys think? of coz when models wear sexy & minimal clothing, they r hot as long as they have great body figure with of coz with a decent face. haha!

shame on u beckham, ur wife lose! haha!

his 1st wife is milene domingues. they married on 24 december, 1999 in rio de janeiro.

his ex-wife, also a soccer player milene domingues shoots, 03 September 2003, during the training session of men's team at the granja comary, in teresopolis, 120 km from rio de janeiro, brazil.

ronaldo joking with his now fiance, brazilian model daniele cucarelli during a training in teresopolis, brazil, 31 august 2004. below r some of her 'HOT' shots!

Saturday, October 16, 2004


2 matches played n r u guys satisfied with e outcome? any shock surprises? like e 1st match where italy was defeated? or beckham's stupid booking? we also c how usa scored 6 goals passed panama ferociously. or how both brazil n argentina scored veli huge convincing wins in their 1st match but manage no goals in e 2nd 2 settle 4 draws?

as i said earlier, many great footballers r going 2 put their clubs in front of their countries. so i wun b surprised if we have many shocking qualifying countries who may have nvr qualified 4 e wc b4. 4 england? they r alwiz famous 2 creating alot of noise. just 4 beckham's stupidness on e pitch after his masterclass goal, people said he is killing himself 4 dat. we heard of jenas' debut n owen's goal. then we c how henry finally scored 4 his country n raul continued 2 add 2 his tally. with shevy's scoring abilities, he may even carry ukraine into e world cup after he failed 2 do so 4 euro 2004.

well, 4 now, let's focus on club football 4 tis weekend. i am also setting up tis footie best players of e week at e rite hand bar of tis blog. hope it will make it more interesting. u guys can comment who should not b in there n who should. all e best! live life football style!

Saturday, October 09, 2004


mr. botta is 1 of e famous architects of our time. i am privileged 2 b able 2 attend a lecture by him in my uni. i dun really fancy his buildings so much but i went becoz i respect his language which is consistent thru-out his works. he is here in s'pore in conjunction with e swiss festival so actually we have 2 10 e swiss embassy 4 making tis arrangement.

he had worked with le corb n louis kahn so from his architecture, u can c tis traces of their language being continued thru botta. 2 botta, light is his primary importance in design, surpassing even geometry or form. without light, there will b no architecture. so e order of design 4 him is alwiz light, then geometry n finally materials. therefore, if u go thru his internal spaces in all e architectures of his, u will c e play of light 1 way or another being brought into e space as well as artificial lighting used at nite.

his language has tis distinctive red brick color used thru-out but not in all of his designs. i feel e distinctive highlite of solid n void clearly being projected in every of his designs. form is alwiz veli massive becoz he uses minimum metal or glass 4 all his buildings. another important thing dat he strongly believes in is e function. 2 him, function is not important, becoz there r many buildings dat changes function thru-out history. key elements of his design process b4 he embarks in any design will b 2 know e situation n context of e place, e memory n history involved, then he will sketch n then have physical models built 2 c e spaces.

he can't speak good english so he has tis interpreter who is my year's tutor mr. paolo cucchi 2 interpret during e lecture n e q&a session. he went thru some of his best works as well as some of his most recent works. all in all, i enjoyed e lecture n it gives me a clearer understanding of his architecture identity n character.

btw, he looks like a conductor who directs e orchestra 2 me. haha! his hairdo n attire probably makes him look like 1. he also brought along his charming wife. :)

Mario Botta Architetto


i'm 1 of those few human beings left in s'pore who don't have a thumbdrive. yeah, even my little bro n my gf has 1 each. wat had happened 2 a technology freak? kiasuloh! wan 2 wait 4 e best promotions! i guess tis is by far e most attractive offer found here. m'sia may have better deals becoz of currency exchange.

i saw e promotion published in hardwarezone of singapore by eastgear pte. ltd. ( at peninsular plaza. it is a 128mb usb2.0 thumbdrive @ S$29.95. i bought 2, since my bro wans another 1. so here it is, my 1st ever thumbdrive. proud or not? i guess not, hehe! actually i'm targeting a 256mb 1 but no promo so dun carelah! must grab, must b kiasu! later no more! hehe!

comes with 2 additional caps (blue n green) apart from e original clear cap n a neckstrap.
dimensions: (approximately) 8mm x 19mm x 70mm (h x w x l), small enuf, i would hope dat it is fully transparent like e twinmos 1 dat my gf has. tis 1 looks more solid n conventional. nvm, as long as it is sandisk, it wun go wrong. :)

Friday, October 08, 2004


wat do u do when people make fun of u, belittle u, disturb u, backstab u, call u names n being unfair 2 u? u feel angry, dissatisfied, unhappy, frustrated, wan 2 take revenge rite? how do u show ur dissatisfaction? sometimes we need 2 show it by giving up clues 2 people 2 make known our feelings without telling them directly. becoz u wan 2 show dat u r really pissed off! haha! wat if they r not sensitive enuf? wat if they cannot get tuned 2 e frequency dat u r trying 2 broadcast? wat else do u do not 2 show it physically or verbally? how 2 show it MORE politely?

drink! yes! tis new revolution idea of showing ur frustration n dissatisfaction by just well, drinking! haha! i saw tis ad on tv mobile in e bus n i went 2 7-11 2 get 1! n 7-11 even have tis specially made poster ad dat they stick in front 2 say dat u can onli find tis drink in 7-11! s'pore did it again! they r alwiz famous 4 creating weird drinks. from virgin 2 qoo 2 wan-wan 2 all sorts of mixture fruits n everything have 2 have aloe vera in them 2 'bu shuang'! haha!

tis revolutionary drink comes in 3 flavours, original, strawberry n orange. i have not tried any of them so no comments yet on e taste. when i bought it at 7-11, e old man working there ask me how it taste like. i told him tis is my 1st purchase, n we laughed 2gether. haha! now, u can show ur unhappiness by drinking tis in front of e poeple who offended u. n u will guess tis is made in s'pore or at least china rite? well, i was surprised, it is not even made in taiwan, japan or m'sia but korea! hope it wun b disappointing!

ladies n gentlemen, i present 2 u, "bu shuang" milk sodas!

ok, i tried e brown can drink, it is like a fusion of bubble tea taste + coke or 7up gas. since it is a soda, so tis is expected but i just can't guess e taste becoz i have nvr had tea with soda b4, not dat i can remember. it leaves a good fragrance in e mouth so it feels good. it tastes nice 2 me, but i onli tested e original flavour. fyi, e brown 1 has tis sentence written beside it-"my milk soda". e pink 1 has "her milk soda (refer 2 females from e chinese direct translation) n e orange 1 has e "your milk soda". hope e other 2 will taste just as good. so when u r offering tis drink 2 people next time, dun offer e wrong ones, they painstakingly divide them into different categories 4 e rite occassions. hehe! get rite first who is "bu shuang", u or me or him/her. :)

Thursday, October 07, 2004


i hope e tonnes of football articles wun bore people 2 death! tis is suppose 2 b a football blog becoz i love football n so i will try 2 publish on all fronts, standing as fair as possible n not siding any sides particularly. of coz, veli clearly stated dat i'm a fan of raul gonzalez. since world cup 1998, i began 2 take notice of him. i started football watching around 1995 when i noticed alan shearer. k, tis article will specially look at his achievement at club level in europe.

e last champions league match against roma saw raul scoring twice. he is e 2nd top scorer in e history of e europe cup ever since e tournament was established in 1955. he has 47 goals, more than portugese eusebio who has 46. e onli better all-time scoring record in e world is e 1 held by alfredo di stéfano. he scored 49 goals. so if raul keeps on hitting e goals, he has e chance 2 surpass e argentian great.

e above record is 2 combine e whole history of europe cup, becoz if we count from e moment dat tis competition changed its name into champions league, then raul is definitely e leader rite now. here's a look at leading scorers of our time in e champions league. van nistelrooy is chasing heavily behind at 37 goals while del piero has 32 goals putting him 3rd. i hope raul can get his 50th goal quick n set a higher standard. now it is just a question of him getting his form back!

1-. RAÚL, 47 goals.
2-. Van Nistelrooy, 37
3-. Del Piero, 32
4-. Henry, 31
5-. Inzaghi, 29
6-. Kluivert, 29
7-. Shevchenko, 28
8-. Morientes, 26
9-. Jardel, 25
10-. Rivaldo, 24