Monday, May 28, 2007


Did Romario really score his 1000th professional goal? If not, which he did admit, it will mean we will not include youth and international friendlies matches. Therefore, how many did he actually score? Did Pele really score 1000 goals?

Check out the results in the link below:


Just to interest you guys, perhaps I should indicate the numbers here.

1. Josef Bican (Austria, Bohemia/Moravia) : 800 goals
2. Romario (Brazil) : 768 goals
3. Pele (Brazil) : 765 goals
4. Gerd Muller (Germany) : 735 goals
5. Ferenc Puskas (Hungary) : 701 goals

Friday, May 25, 2007


Overall, a truly boring match! Liverpool doing most of the attack and Milan trying to defend them. While the attacks are mostly high balls with not much threat to the goal at all. The tempo of the game is slow and nothing exciting apart from some skills shown by Kaka and Alonso.

After Inzaghi scored from a deflected free kick from Pirlo, Mr. Shevy asked me to predict the score. I mentioned that if Zenden is not substituted, Milan will win 2-1. If he is, Liverpool will win 1-2. I mentioned that Liverpool will need someone faster or creative like Kewell and Bellamy. Zenden was substituted, Kewell was brought in but Milan won 2-1.

Well, Macherano was given a task to defend deep behind especially on the attacks of Kaka. Kaka didn't see much action until he was substituted. Well, bringing in Crouch was a real disaster to me. I would prefer someone faster and more stable in the penalty box. Pennant was doing fine for the whole match but there were no potential killers upfront to kill off the game after he sent balls after balls into the penalty box. Gerrard was moved up to play like a second forward and it was a terrible mistake. He had a great chance but wasted it. I guess by playing him out of position, he was not performing to his potential.

Just like Kaka, Seedorf was having a quiet match. This is thanks to Macherano. I would have worry when he was substituted to put in another forward because he did all the dirty work stopping all the potential attacks really well. I would have substituted Alonso who is extremely quiet. He was to blame to bring down Kaka which resulted in the first goal. Still, I guess Liverpool scored the goal too late.

Congratulations to Milan and Maldini! Nesta and Oddo should be mentioned for their hardwork. One in defence and one on the wings. They really push hard to keep Milan in the match. Now, they have 7 and is fast catching up on Real Madrid! Real Madrid should wake up from their dreams and assault in Europe really hard next season. I have waited many years for the 10th.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This is it, folks! A repeat final matchup from Istanbul in Athens. Whatever it is, I can only wish for a great match! This time, I hope we will get many goals but less crazy outcomes! Haha!

Liverpool needs to control dangermen Kaka and Seedorf. Carragher needs to be in top form just like when he played in the Istanbul final. Liverpool have Gerrard and Alonso to do the damage. Another interesting thing will be whether Robbie Fowler will be given a chance by Benitez to play perhaps for the final time before he retires.

I just wish for a great final! Who will I support? I always love to support the underdog. I don't mind Liverpool winning it again!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yes, all of us know about the way the matches ended last weekend which opens up the race for the Spanish La Liga championship title ownership. Who will claim it? Mathematically speaking, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia have the chances to win it.

Real and Barca stood at the top with 66 points, Sevilla have 64 points and Valencia have 62 points. I have to admit this is the most wackiest and roller-coaster ride season I have ever seen.

Real were loaded with internal problems with Beckham, Ronaldo, Cassano, Emerson, Diarra and then Capello was asked to resign many times. The club president also for his stupid comments. Cannavaro was performing way below his World Cup standard and was criticized all the way while the arrival of Higuain, Gago and Marcelo were over-rated or probably they are still too young. Barca have injury problems with Eto'o and Messi and we have Saviola who was performing well but never have the chance to shine when both of them came back from injury. Ronaldinho has a very lousy season to his own standards and the two signings from Juventus, Zambrotta and Thuram did not improve Barca's defence.

Sevilla are still capable of getting a treble with the La Liga crown, the UEFA Cup and the Spanish Cup within their reaches. They are to me the best overall performer from Spain this season. Valencia have so many injury problems this season it is incredible to see them still among the top 4 of the league. They should record down their injury lists in this season, it could be the highest in all of Europe's biggest leagues' history!

Every one of the top 4 clubs suffered this season, making the balance of the points earned so far to be really close. Who will win the La Liga crown? It is really hard to say with 4 matches left and 12 points to play. Anything can happen. Even if I am cheering Real Madrid as a fan, I still think it is too early to conclude anything. All I have to say is I am happy that the heart, the teamwork and fighting spirit is finally back after all these years.

None of the last 4 matches will be easy. They will be very tricky. Interestingly, Deportivo La Coruna, Real Zaragoza and Mallorca will be influencing most of the last matches.

Real Madrid - Recreativo Huelva (Away), Deportivo La Coruna (Home), Real Zaragoza (Away), Mallorca (Home)

Barcelona - Atletico Madrid (Away), Getafe (Home), Espanyol (Home), Gimnastic de Tarragona (Away)

Sevilla - Deportivo La Coruna (Away), Real Zaragoza (Home), Mallorca (Away), Villarreal (Home)

Valencia - Mallorca (Away), Villarreal (Home), Levante (Away), Real Sociedad (Home)

If I have a wish for Real Madrid to win the crown, it is to honour David Beckham for all his never-say-die spirit, hardwork, dedications and efforts put in for the club even at this point of time when we all know he will leave to play in the US League next season. I hope he gets an official honour for the club before he leaves from his 4 years here. Eventhough I am not a fan of David Beckham, I am not blinded by his contributions especially this season when he was left out of the starting 11 and how he reacted and never gave up. Hats off to him!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Last night I have the weirdest dream of all time! I dreamt about Wenger and Mourinho!

Into the dream, I find myself sitting beside Wenger at a stadium. Funny enough, we don't sit at the substitution bench beside the pitch. We sit at the seats closest to it at the spectators' spot. The match is between Wenger and Mourinho but I could not remember whether it was Chelsea VS. Arsenal at the field.

I was talking to him when I saw a 'not-interested' Mourinho coming over to offer tea to Wenger and left without saying a word, with a serious face. I remembered Wenger telling me that eventhough they don't like each other, Mourinho is still gentleman enough to offer tea as the host. OK, most likely the match is held at Stamford Bridge. Haha!

The match started and I remembered not long after, Mourinho's team scored. Then Wenger walked towards the pitch from the seat beside me and shouted some advice to his team beside the pitch. Then I woke up from my dream!

In another news, I heard Real Madrid may had signed Christoph Metzelder from Borussia Dortmund. If it is true, what will happen to Jonathan Woodgate? I would love Woodgate to be back.

Monday, May 07, 2007



I will be sharing the photos I took in the three cities from the links above. I don't know how long will I put them up but do enjoy them. I will write a proper post for each of them when I can find the time.


Inter won the Serie A a few weeks back, Manchester United claimed it after Chelsea just managed a 1-1 draw with Arsenal. The La Liga title race is still pretty much open with 5 more matches left to go.

Barcelona are at 65 points, Real Madrid are at 63 points, Sevilla are at 61 points and Valencia at 59 points. We shall see how is Madrid's luck this season. Will Barcelona win it yet again?

I heard Glenn Roeder is resigning as Newcastle boss as things are getting worse there. Newcastle United have been underperforming for so long, I wonder they are used to it. Sigh! I wonder what will be next for the club.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wii VS. PS3 VS. XBOX360

State Of The Wii

The Wii is outselling PS3 and XBOX360 as I heard.

Well, many are talking that there are no hit games yet out there for PS3 and XBOX360 to show their muscles so it is too early to say Wii will dominate from now onwards. Apart from that, the HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD will become more standardized in the future.

The argument is Wii is a social gaming console and they have really weak game titles around. XBox360 has probably the strongest among of games right now, also because they had been around longer. PS3 is expected to take off soon when the hit games come out! Right now, we as consumers can just enjoy the battle of the consoles. Who will dominate this generation of gaming? I also wish to know. It really depends on how each will change the way people play games and how the game titles will affect sales.


Liverpool won on penalty kicks against Chelsea to go into the final. AC Milan demolished Manchester United 3-0 at home. It also proves my earlier point that Kaka is far more better than Cristino Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, the overrrated. Now, the repeat of the clash is on! Will AC Milan look for the revenge or Liverpool will upset them one more time?

Well, when the semifinals were beginning to be played, everyone is talking about Chelsea and Manchester United being the stronger sides. Well, I decide to think otherwise because I believe in the magic of Champions League. Many discard history as it is being 'history' but those past winners just have the extra edge of the Champions League magic to win matches. It is proven again twice over when Liverpool and Milan booked the final berths. They were the few great past winners and they each have a chance to win more Champions League into their records.

I wish for a great match! I just want to enjoy the final in Athens! Hope we will have a far more spectacular one than the final two years ago!