Monday, October 31, 2005


Well, as much as I hate Mourinho's arrogance, sometimes I do find him giving very amusing and funny comments. I had a busy and tiring night rushing some work when I read his comments about Wenger now. He is so damn funny I could not stop laughing aloud! Mourinho, are you suggesting maybe Wenger becomes an assistant coach or you become an assistant coach if he comes to Chelsea to coach? Haha!

'He has a problem with us you know,' countered Mourinho.

'He is always looking for us, always thinking about us, always speaking about Chelsea, I don't know what is happening to him.'

'Maybe he wants my job - to leave Arsenal and come here because he is always speaking about Chelsea. I think he has a love situation with Chelsea.'

By the way, Owen is back and scoring a double for Newcastle. Barcelona went on a goal rampage! Football weekend is over, back to boring week! Perhaps some Champions League 2nd leg first round matches will cheer us up. Before I get too happy, I have to admit total frustration for the sponsors to show two boring matches as always.

Liverpool FC Vs. Rsc Anderlecht

LOSC Lille Metropole Vs. Manchester United

Yawn..... sleep well to myself!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Why? Simple. It is the most unpredictable league for this season. Look at the 5 biggest leagues in Europe now. Look at the points difference in the Spanish La Liga top 5. The difference is basically 2 points from the top 5. EPL has 12 points, Serie A has 12 points, Bundesliga has 10 points and Ligue 1 has 13 points difference.

As of today before the matches played for Sunday night:

English Premier League
1. Chelsea 11 matches 31 points scored 28 goals conceded 6 goals
2. Wigan 10 matches 22 points scored 11 goals conceded 5 goals
3. Tottenham 11 matches 20 points scored 13 goals conceded 7 goals
4. Bolton 11 matches 20 points scored 13 goals conceded 11 goals
5. Charlton 10 matches 19 ponts scored 15 goals conceded 10 goals

Italian Serie A
1. Juventus 10 matches 27 points scored 19 goals conceded 5 goals
2. AC Milan 10 matches 25 points scored 21 goals conceded 8 goals
3. Inter Milan 10 matches 19 points scored 20 goals conceded 10 goals
4. Fiorentina 9 matches 19 points scored 20 goals conceded 11 goals
5. Palermo 9 matches 15 points scored 17 goals conceded 14 goals

Spanish La Liga
1. Real Madrid 10 matches 18 points scored 21 goals conceded 11 goals
2. Osasuna 9 matches 18 points scored 12 goals conceded 10 goals
3. Getafe 9 matches 17 points scored 16 goals conceded 12 goals
4. Celta Vigo 10 matches 17 points scored 12 goals conceded 10 goals
5. Barcelona 9 matches 16 points scored 19 goals conceded 10 goals

German Bundesliga
1. Bayern Munich 11 matches 28 points scored 24 goals conceded 7 goals
2. Werder Bremen 11 matches 26 points scored 31 goals conceded 13 goals
3. Hamburg SV 11 matches 24 points scored 19 goals conceded 6 goals
4. Schalke 04 11 matches 18 points scored 11 goals conceded 7 goals
5. Borussia M'gladbach 11 matches 18 points scored 16 goals conceded 13 goals

French Ligue 1
1. Lyon 13 matches 33 points scored 23 goals conceded 8 goals
2. Bprdeaux 13 matches 24 points scored 14 goals conceded 7 goals
3. Stt Etienne 13 matches 23 points scored 14 goals conceded 7 goals
4. PSG 12 matches 23 points scored 15 goals conceded 9 goals
5. Lille 13 matches 20 points scored 18 goals conceded 10 goals

EPL is getting into a Chelsea domination league. Traditional favourites Manchester United lost humbly last night and look far from their very best. Manchester United and Arsenal are both 13 and 14 points behind Chelsea. I heard Arsenal are desperate to get Diego Forlan to add more firepower up front.

Serie A is again between Juventus and AC Milan like it has always been for the past decade. The opinion that Serie A is too defensive is not really true if you compare the statistics against other leagues in Europe. Just with a total count between the 5 leagues with the number of goals scored and conceded, you will have an idea.

Premier League top 5 scored 80 goals and conceded 39 goals, Serie A top 5 scored 97 goals and conceded 48 goals, La Liga top 5 scored 80 goals and conceded 53 goals, Bundesliga top 5 scored 103 goals and conceded 46 goals and Ligue 1 top 5 scored 84 goals and conceded 41 goals.

Bundesliga and Serie A has the most goals scored up to now while the La Liga had conceded the most goals, followed by Serie A. So this proves that Serie A is not too ultra denfensive right? They score alot too. If you count the difference, then you begin to understand why the La Liga is so tight this season.

Premier League has a difference of 41 goals, Serie A has the difference of 49 goals, La Liga has the difference of 27 goals, Bundesliga has a difference of 57 goals and Ligue 1 has a difference of 43 goals. You can tell straight away that the difference between goal scored and conceded in the La Liga is only 27 goals with the closest to be the Premier League with 41 goals.

Well, this means that between the 3 top leagues in Europe, basically La Liga offers the closest competition and everything is not predictable. Last season however, Barcelona were so much more consistent. Still, we are hardly halfway through the season. Still, it is good to have a look at the tables now that it is about 1/3 of the season gone.

Friday, October 28, 2005


AC Milan Vs. Juventus

So, Juventus will surely be on cloud nine if they can beat AC Milan and retain their good starting record in the league. Can Juventus reign supreme in the Serie A just like how Chelsea almost did for the EPL this season? Chelsea have a few hiccups this week but it seems that Mourinho was blaming everything in the world but to admit defeat humbly. The blame can go to the referee for his blindness to the lousy and boring strategies used by opponents who are worth 1/100 the value of the Chelsea players.

Tottenham Vs. Arsenal

Another match worth your time this weekend perhaps is this one. Arsenal have a rollercoaster ride season if you ask me. Tottenham is ranked much higher than Arsenal now in the EPL table. They have actually the most interesting blend of squad than any clubs if you ask me. Players like Jermaine Defoe, Jermaine Jenas, Admed Mido, Robbie Keane, Ledley King, Edgar Davids and Paul Robinson surely will make them a happening team. Early in the season, when I saw who they bought into their squad, I was very interested to see how far they can go. Surely enough, they look very healthy currently. Arsenal have to be careful especially without Henry again most possibly, they will have alot less bite upfront in their firepower.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Inter Milan Vs. AS Roma

Inter Milan and AS Roma are always having big letdowns from giant clashes. Now, we just need to see who is a more letdown in this one.

Deportivo La Coruña Vs. Real Madrid

How can Real Madrid play against a strong rival with so many injuries and suspensions? Well, good luck to them on this one.

Most importantly, all eyes will be on Juventus. Can they extend their winning streak to 9 wins? Everybody will be fixing their eyes on this new record.

Hopefully, there are some nice football to entertain us.


Ok, I'm not that fussy when it comes to drinking tea or coffee. I am not a hardcore drinker for both of them so that means it doesn't matter how they are prepared. As long as they taste fine, I don't give a shit.

Image hosted by

However, my friend visited Sri Lanka and brought back a box of tea leaves for me. It looks like a cosmetic packaging when I first saw it. I heard he went to this highland to purchase it. He even tried the tea there.

Image hosted by

He told me the estate was first started by the British.

Image hosted by

There are some Russian words printed at the bottom of the box. This suggests that they export this tea to Russian market consumption as well.

Image hosted by

I finally opened the box and to my surprise, the leaves are very fine. I thought it will be as big as the leaves we normally have in our Chinese tea. I have to tell you they smell magnificent!

Image hosted by

The fragrant and aroma is really nice. I just put half a spoonful into the cup and give it some hot water. After 5 minutes, I drank it with total satisfaction. Now, I begin to understand why there are hardcore tea drinkers out there. This one is really good. It is nice by itself without sugar or milk.

Image hosted by

Perfect ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. I really have to thank my friend for giving me such a nice box of tea leaves.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


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Meet Arash, my friend from Iran who is doing his Master of Building Science here. This the research room and my cubicle.

Monday, October 24, 2005


All 13 episodes are done. I love it but the root of the storyline linkage to the 1st part came so damn late. The fighting scenes especially when Arbalest used the full Lambda Driver at the final episode was too short. The beauty of Lamda Driver in battle is magnificent. Sagara Sasuke had finally been able to control it to its ultimate glory from a mere defence shield to a total offensive power. I wished they had shown more. I wish it was 26 episodes like the 1st one. Mikuni Shimokawa is again making great themes for this anime and I want her for all the future installments.

Still, it is a good one and it will surely make the fans scratch themselves and crawl the walls to wait for the next installment. Abit too 18SX and too much bloody violence for general audience viewship though. Chidori Kaname still don't have the guts to confess to Sagara Sasuke. Only that Captain Teletha Testarossa had the guts to confess. They should also improve the Arbalest design. Venom is a great beauty though. Overall, great anime!

I think this anime is worth all the watch for me seeing how pathetic the Naruto side stories had made it so stale and boring. It surely destroys the reputation and quality of Naruto. All those fillers are like shit! It makes Naruto looked like a cheap and childish anime now. The manga however kicks ass!


When Newcastle United start winning, Real Madrid start losing. It is always the case most of the time. Oh well, the streak is finally over because of a defeat to Valencia. Still, I am happy Raul Gonzalez scored. Chelsea finally lost their first 2 points of the season to Everton but Juventus are still 100% perfect in Serie A.

From now on until end of November, expect minimal or no updates because of business for preparation for submissions and exams. I am going to present again to some foreign students and professors from overseas this weekend. This is the second visit from Thailand. Last time, it was from Chiangmai University and the babes are not bad! The only interesting thing is that they have uniforms with the university name printed at the pocket. This time it is from Rangsit University.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I heard Roman wrote a book with the intention to make Chelsea to become the most successful club in the world for at least a 100 years. Currently, that title goes to Real Madrid. Can Chelsea surpass Real Madrid's 9 Champions League titles and 29 league titles? Well, no, don't get me wrong. I don't support Real Madrid because of the records. In fact, I don't even know them until the World Cup when I watched Raul Gonzalez played. I was so in love with his abilities (he was way better player in the late 90s). I was also in love with Davor Suker playing well at that time. Only then I decided I need to watch them play for the whole year and that ended up knocking onto the Real Madrid door.

I started to support Newcastle United because of Alan Shearer. I followed where he goes. You have to understand that there is no publicity of any other football leagues in the world here but the EPL. Thus, we know who is Liverpool and Manchester United but we don't know anybody from Serie A and La Liga. We always thought Liverpool and Manchester United are the best clubs in the world. Until we discover Serie A and La Liga, we begin to know that there are way more clubs far more stronger and better than Liverpool and Manchester United.

So we have been cheated for the past few years because probably we are from a Commonwealth country so we only watch EPL and FA Cup matches for free on tv. When the cables and satellites arrived, we only realized there are so many more better matches outside EPL. So fix your eyes on the La Liga this weekend because we are going to watch an exciting match.

Real Madrid Vs. Valencia

This is probably going to be the most entertaining match of the weekend. Madrid will want to continue their winning streaks but have a few injury problems in Ronaldo, Baptista and Beckham having back pain with Zidane not up to full fitness yet. This is probably a blessing in disguise because Raul does not need to be forced to play behind Ronaldo. Still, Pablo Aimar and David Villa are dangerous players. Must really mark them closely. Not only that, you have Viana, Albelda, Vicente, Mista, Di Vaio, Refute and even Kluivert. Man, the more I think about it, the more superstar names I can recall. It will be a close fight for sure!

Still, as long as the goals are scored, as long as Beckham is supplying rains after rains of razor sharp passes and crosses into the penalty box of the opposition, I am more than satisfied. The defence is looking healthy, so much more healthy than probably since Hierro left. I could have not wished for more after Perez sold so many defensive players and only buy offensive players.

For Chelsea to become the best club in the world, they have to continue winning the EPL for the next 29 years and win 9 Champions League in 9 years and hoping Real Madrid will not add any of those in their cabinet along the way. People may argue that the competition in EPL and La Liga is different so as long as Chelsea win more than 9 Champions League title from now on, they can proclaim themselves the best club in football history. Can they do it?

Currently, I think Real Madrid is strong enough to challenge Chelsea. I dare to say it after more than 2 seasons of wandering around when defensive players will come. Still, Chelsea is no longer her old self and are full packed with world class players. It won't be easy to beat them now but it's not impossible.

Manchester United Vs. Tottenham Hotspurs

This is another match to look forward to. Tottenham is playing well this season. They have the qualities to leave Old Trafford with 3 points. Beat them man!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


True enough, when I read about Kenny Sia's World Toilet College entry, I am hoping deep down myself we will not in any way be involved with it! Today, I received an e-mail related to it and I just cannot stand it. Haha! Does Singapore have the MOST CLEANEST TOILETS IN THE WORLD to have the college here? Arrangements are being made for Professor Mang to deliver a guest lecture at our department!

Seriously speaking, my wild guess will be because of Newater developments that this college exist in the first place. Still, can't the environment or chemical engineers do it? Sigh! Wonder what are their job prospects. You can find out more if you check out their website.

If WTO stands for World Toilet Organization and not World Trade Organization, then WTC stands for World Toilet College and not World Trade Centre!!!

Invitation to the First Ecological Sanitation Course at World Toilet College

The World Toilet Organization would like to invite you to the first Ecological Sanitation Course at World Toilet College.

Date: 14-19 November 2005
Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic (Exact location to be confirmed later)
Closing Date: 28 October 2005

Learning Objectives:
a. Know and understand the principles of sustainable, affordable and ecological sanitation systems

b. How to integrate improved sanitation systems in restroom designs

Course Outline:
a. Fundamentals and Systems of Sustainable, Affordable and Ecological Sanitation

b. Case Studies & Exercises

c. Field Work

d. Topics related to Ecological Sanitation such as fresh water, solid waste and storm water management, vocational training and job creation, and economy aspects.

e. Fundraising strategies for piloting ecological sanitation

a. Jack Sim, WTO founder

b. Prof Heinz-Peter Mang - engineer for renewable energies, rainwater harvesting and sustainable toilet & sanitation management, Principal of WTC, Professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering

c. Thilo Panzerbieter - civil engineer for ecological sanitation systems, WTO field team

d. Elisabeth-Maria Huba - social scientist, expert for sustainable implementation of family, neighbourhood or community based affordable and ecological sanitation systems, WTO field team.

Limted Seats only! Hurry! Sign up TODAY to avoid disappointment!

Apart from this, they have something else!

World Toilet Organization invites you to a training course on
Sustainable, Affordable and Ecological Sanitation
on 14 – 19 November 2005
at World Toilet College, 26, Ubi Road 4, Singapore

Supported by Habitat for Humanity and GTZ-Philippines
Towards the Millennium Development GoalWater is Life, Sanitation is Dignity

The course fee for each participant is USD $1,100!!!, inclusive of meals and accommodations in Singapore (not including airfares).

Free promotion from me to WTO, it is really a very 'interesting' organization. Enough said.


Image hosted by

Should I get it this season? Or should I wait for the number 10th to come? There is always a dilemma regarding buying the Champions League edition! I definitely want to get a Robinho jersey but I am hoping for the historic 10 to go with it. Imagine the 10th Champions League trophy badge on the no.10 jersey which used to be owned by Figo - I LIKE!

Headache! They have stock now and I don't want to get it if they are gonna get number 10th soon! Hehe! A fan is always greedy for more!

Product: Real Madrid away s-s name+nos 05-06
Price: SGD 125.00 (USD 71.18)

Of course the price listed online is more higher, can get a better discount if buy direct from the shop itself. Normally, an empty jersey will cost more if add name, number and badges.

Add Name: SGD 2.00 / character
Add Number: SGD10.00 / digit
Add Badge: SGD15.00

By the way, I found a funny quote by Roberto Carlos.

Roberto Carlos: I Wish Beckham Was Brazilian.

"I think David Beckham is still one of the best players in the world. He’s the best passer in the world and also one of the greatest players in his position on the pitch," said Carlos.

"I would love him to be Brazilian so he could play for Brazil!"

I honestly am not a fan of David Beckham and still prefer Ronaldinho than him when they were the choices last time during transfer. However, his performance for Real Madrid of late has been really impressive so probably that's why Roberto Carlos said so. If he can keep up his performance for the entire season till the World Cup 2006 in Germany, then I could begin to change my perception of him. Right now, at this moment, David Beckham is on top of his game with his accurate crosses and passes.

Still, the quality of Beckham that I truly like as a player is his ability to press forward and apply pressure on opposition teams, his work rate as well as his razor sharp passes and crosses. He is a lousy dribbler though and cannot contain the ball for very long by himself. I still believe Ronaldinho is a better player than him overall. Though perhaps the departure of Figo and the arrival of Pablo Garcia have given him more chances to shine. His burden to defend and being forced to play in the middle is no longer there. He has been given back his original right side of midfield back.

As Phil Ball puts it in his article titled 'Osasuna's loss is Madrid's gain' dated 17 October, 2005 for

'The master-stroke in summer was the purchase of Osasuna's Uruguayan hard-man, Pablo Garcia, an unsmiling 'asesino' from an early Scorsese flick - a psycho body-guard from the school of Tarantino. After a few games in which he seemed not to have settled, he has suddenly taken over the centre of the pitch and allowed the centre-backs to breathe again. Nothing gets past him, not even the pigeons. Not only that, but he uses the ball simply and purposefully, feeding the right people at exactly the right time. Not only that, but he makes it look easy, which it is patently not.

Meanwhile, Beckham, freed from these more onerous defensive duties, is once again blossoming and looking a fresh young chap again. Perhaps the next tattoo should read 'I love Pablo', as long as Posh approves, of course.'

Have Madrid finally find the successor of Fernando Hierro (who is much faster) in Pablo Garcia? I hope Woodgate will stay but don't let Ivan Helguera go! I like that fellow! The more options we have in defence, the better, although Helguera is not a natural central defender in the first place. As a fan, naturally I will wish that the whole squad will keep on improving from here.

If David Beckham is a Brazilian, what will his name be? I remember when I first saw Kaka, I thought he was Italian!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Inspired by Talk Rock, I decided to write this post in very vulgar Foochow dialect. Since most of the Ah Beng "Benglish" is in Hokkien, I would love to create the Foochow version. This post will be mostly written in Foochow so I guess only a minority will understand. Haha!


Kanine majibai, suokneiyu, ngui jin du neiyu Newcastle United!!! Meh yia, meh yia li! Suokmahkar toh leh duli ti lou suo. Suo meh sak meh sak li! Kan na du sien woh!

Gei hou Real Madrid chek jiak moh hek yia 0-3 Atletico Madrid. Ngui gu na han Kezman ge Torres eh die kiu. Yin ngui yi nen lan jia shio gui gi dion ti lok die kiu! Ronaldo die lang lak! Di nang nga, ka siek kuo, gu le ka nen guan chuk dion. Hie won moh jin charng. Barcelona nah li eh dan ge nen pa bahn.

Arsenal chio Newcastle ya li suo! Arsenal hi mang seh nen siong kuo, nah meh suo ya li lihai loh. Chelsea? Neh gong loh ah! suokmahgah ti lok yia! Ngui kan nei kan EPL loh, ka seh ki nien mah kah Chelsea yia moh hek kuo! Manchester United ge Liverpool ya li yia.

Juventus? Yali chio Chelsea hung ngua, ti lou yia! Yia meh sak! Inter ge Milan ya li yia. Hie won yi nen eh dan piah li sioh! Na moh, jin ni si mo no kan loh!

Ngui kan ni nen jun buo nei kan EPL ge Serie A lou, ju li kan La Liga du hou loh! haha! Nengkok li, yiong Hujiuwua siak ji si jin kana! Sia kau buok si kuo! OKlah, Champions League ai kau loh! Gu ni kian noh kan loh! Moh jin chang nah! Bayern Munich pah Juventus yi dia du kan oh! Moh dion bi ji dion ka ho kan loh! Be ki kana sei loi! Chi jah be leh jah kan, eh kon mi kuo! zzzzz!!!

UPDATE: Ah mah buleleh! (hmmm, I hardly use this vulgar phrase in the past! Haha!) I saw the tv schedule for the two Champions League matches to be shown early tomorrow morning and the next. You know what they chaojibai show?

Manchester United VS. LOSC Lilie Metropole

Who cares about this match? Kaninia! (Gardenia!) What about the next match?

Chelsea VS. Real Betis Balompie

Double Gardenia! I rather go to sleep than to catch these 2 boring matches. Where is the Bayern Munich VS. Juventus match? I don't even mind a AC Milan VS. PSV Eindhoven match. But no, the sponsors chose the above imbalance boring matches where you will be expecting goals scored at only one end before even the matches start. You already know 99% who will win even before the ball is being kicked.

No football for me for this round. Sleeping is much more worth it! ZZZZZZZZZ

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Sorry for minimal updates, been busy as the semester comes near to a close. Alot of deadlines to meet. There had been World Cup qualifying matches for the past week and I managed to wake up for a little bit of the French match which helped them to qualify for the finals finally.

Remember George 'Oppong' Weah? He used to play for some big clubs like AC Milan and Chelsea. I was reading the papers regarding his involvement for the Liberia's presidential elections. Interesting! Never thought a footballer can become a president? I also heard the election is the first ever democratic election since the end of a 14-year-old civil war! That is a long time! I still remember he was awarded the Europoean, African and FIFA World Player of the year in 1995! Incredible achievement. Although I have no background regarding Liberia or regarding its political systems, I hope he can help bring his nation through and prosper if he wins.

Goal! is a football movie and if you don't watch it, you are not a football fan! Hehe! Well, when I saw the preview, it seems to be more of a Newcastle United movie to me. Still, the tonnes of footballing stars featured in the movie including coach Rafael Benitez should make this a must see for football fans regardless of how boring the ratings should rate it. The stars in the movie are all unknown to me but I think there is this female actress who looks stunning! Well, not too sure, just my first impression when I saw her.

You have David Beckham, Kieron Dyer, Raul Gonzalez, Patrick Kluivert, Alan Shearer and Zinedine Zidane in the movie. Well, yes, all are Newcastle United and Real Madrid stars which are the two teams I supported. Pretty weird since Real Madrid and Newcastle United have no connections at all in footballing terms apart from two transfers involving Woodgate and Owen. I will try to catch it in Singapore if it is possible since they had been showing it at least for over a week. Is it in the big screens in Malaysia already?

Matches of the weekend:
Atletico Madrid VS. Real Madrid
Deportivo La Coruna VS. Barcelona

Now, nothing about football. I read about Daniel Craig who is going to be the next James Bond! The debut moviet will be "Casino Royale," based on the first of the Bond books written by Ian Fleming and due for release worldwide on November 17, 2006 after filming in the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Italy and Britain. I am not a Bond fan and I had fallen asleep in the previous few movies by Brosnan.

"Casino Royale" is the 21st Bond movie to date. Bond movies in the past starred Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. Actors Barry Nelson and David Niven also portrayed the British agent for unofficial versions of the series whose creation was not attributed to Ian Fleming. Hopefully, Daniel Craig will make Bond movies as good as the Sean Connery days and we need really beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and sexy Bond girls. I always thought Bond girls enjoy the same fame as Playboy girls. Haha!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Image hosted by

How does it feel like to be able to scan 3D surfaces? Yes, this is the first time I am able to scan 3D. The machine costs around S$100,000 and the Graphic Lab, Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, NUS has one of it. I was there to scan an architecture model but later decided to scan my own face for fun.

Image hosted by

There are limitations though. The laser and camera cannot detect transparent surfaces like glass.

Image hosted by

It can not detect black also so unless you want to shave your hair or dye it pure white or gold or any colours other than black, it will work.

Image hosted by

So now I have a real 3D full model of my face! However, I did it very roughly so you can say that it is just a very raw file. It was meant to be for fun anyway.

Image hosted by

It was interesting. No wonder this thing costs a bomb! Its capabilities are impressive and mind you this is just a cheaper range of 3D scanners.

Image hosted by

It is a real 3D file. The Geomagic Studio software was able to export as a .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .obj and more which means it gives me alot of options to tweak it in Max, Maya, AutoCad and even in EON Professional. I will definitely need to explore more! Nice stuff!

Finally, imagine your skin to be made of metal or glass or perspex!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Monday, October 03, 2005


Yeah, you hear me right. No upsets, no big surprises, just another normal weekend. Apart from the bombing in Bali, the weekend is pretty normal. Inter lost to Juventus and Liverpool got thrashed by Chelsea. Thus, the top of the Premier League and Serie A still belong to the unbeaten Juventus and Chelsea.

Rumours had it that Ruud van Nistelrooy is interested to come to Spain and especially Real Madrid. OMG, please tell me he is the last player in the world to come to Real Madrid. I hate him till the end of the world. We heard about Rooney going to Spain to have dinner with Beckham with both of their love partners. True or not? I can't hardly believe it. It is so funny!

Real Madrid? I thought the headlines had been Beckham and more about Beckham whole week through. He is on form now and had been sending in accurate crosses after crosses and passes after passes into the defensive lines of the opponents. His form is forcing England to play him on the right, where he initially belonged to in the next qualifier.

The Brazilian contigent of Real Madrid are scoring like there is no tomorrow and that's good. As long as they keep on scoring, i have no complaints. Why are they creating some ridiculous goal scoring celebrations? Now, opponents thought they are insulting their fans. I hope they don't try to be too funny. From now on, I just want Real to keep scoring and keep winning. They are still just 3rd.

It's October now and getting busier since we are approaching the end of my semester, which will end in November. I better upgrade my efforts and downgrade my laziness!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


This weekend seems so normal apart from these two giant clashes.

Liverpool VS. Chelsea

OK, again Liverpool is going to play Chelsea. This time is a league match. I wish Liverpool can get a draw or a win! I hope they can put Xabi Alonso and Dietmar Hamann more forward to support in attack. Come on Chelsea, losing a match is nothing, you guys can afford it! Haha! Still, beware of Lampard, Duff and Robben. They are still to me the most dangerous trio of Chelsea. Of course with Wright-Phillips and Essien now as well but one of them will surely not feature in the starting 11.

Juventus VS. Inter Milan

Inter Milan have always disappoint in the big stages playing big matches against big rivals. I hope they will give Juventus a genuine challenge at the top of Serie A and not to tumble so easily. Vieira is on fire so they must try to keep him at bay. While Figo is the other player on fire at the other end, he will be instrumental if Inter is seriously thinking of beating the Old Lady. Winning this match will make them tie with Juventus at the top. This is the best chance!!! Adriano, you better get some goals!!!

Roy Keane

Roy Keane wants to quit Manchester United? Oh well, he is to Manchester United the same equivalent of Vieira to Arsenal. He must had seen Vieira's move to Juventus as the inspiration for him to go elsewhere too. Still, it could be just some rumours so let's ignore it for now. By the way, he really behaves much more better nowadays. His bad boy image of those years are really almost gone. The effect of ageing?