Saturday, February 26, 2005


English Carling Cup Final

Will Morientes be going all out to score in the final?

Will Liverpool end Chelsea's triple dream?

Will Chelsea put two continuous defeats behind them?

Will they leave the half time tunnel incident behind them?

I wish Liverpool can win it! However, let's not forget Chelsea still have better players overall but this is the best time to have a clash when the morale of Chelsea is the lowest.


Will Adriano finally score?

Can Milan survive without Shevchenko?

Is Crespo reliable?

Will Milan finally end Inter's unbeaten run?

I prefer Inter to win this clash. At least, it will make the top 3 of the Serie A table looking far more interesting. I also want Inter to sustain the unbeaten run too! Then again, Milan is far more reliable and consistent than Inter when they play in big matches.

All these questions will be answered and the outcome will be exciting whatever it will be!

Friday, February 25, 2005


Name: Sonia Amoruso
Age: 27
Occupation: Has her own shop in Turin

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Sonia Amoruso, the girlfriend of Alexander Del Piero since 1999. Actually, there are not much information about her since she is pretty much a normal person with no incredible model body figure stats.

I heard rumours of them getting married after Euro2004. I am not sure whether it was official or done. She looks fine to me. The least wildest girl compare to other Italian stars' girlfriends. I mean at least she is not some topless model or showgirl.

Yeah, she has this goodgal image. Del Piero has quite a good disciplinary record on field compare to other Italians like Totti. I guess then it is only natural his girlfriend is of less 'high profile'. hehe!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


It has been some time since I bought any Levi's jeans. I just bought a new one and saw this metal plate attached with it. Quite a nice thing where you can hang around your bag and stuff. Cool man!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Tomorrow morning is what all football fans have been waiting for the past 2 months! The time has come! I am sure it will be a big regret if I don’t catch all the LIVE matches! Haha! I am predicting abit of my thoughts of the outcome of the matches. I sincerely think that there won't be alot of openings and so the goal counts will be low. Unless some team screwed their own defence or some striker go on rampage and is on fire, I don't see a chance for any goal galores!

Bayern Munich Vs. Arsenal
Playing in Munich to me is always a tough venue and with Makaay in top form, I am betting Bayern to get a slim win. Reyes and Henry both seemed to be coming back on form so if it continues, this will be a close battle! I still opt for Bayern to get a win because Arsenal are always not reliable in European matches. Tonight is the night they prove me wrong! Cole may not make it though but so will Ballack! BAYERN MUNICH WIN!

Liverpool Vs. Bayer Leverkusen
Liverpool without Steven Gerrard is as good losing the matches. He is so inspirational and their captain that it is a good time for Leverkusen to kill Liverpool at home. I am putting my money on Leverkusen to win slim or at even 2 goals unless Liverpool can stay solid. Liverpool however should have Kewell and Garcia back but they have Fernando Morientes and Mauricio Pellegrino cup tied while Neil Mellor has a knee injury. Liverpool have to keep watch of Franca and Berbatov! BAYER LEVERKUSEN WIN!

PSV Eindhoven Vs. Monaco
I have not much comment on this and seriously don't know who will have a better chance but I know Monaco have Saviola. NO COMMENT!

Real Madrid Vs. Juventus
Real must put down players who deserve first team action if they want to win. Juventus are solid defensively so the frontmen must be damn sharp to penetrate through. Del Piero and Ibrahimovic are still dangerous even without Trezequet! Unless they get their party mode behind them, Real will suffer in their own stadium. JUVENTUS WIN!

Barcelona Vs. Chelsea
Barcelona have all the advantage in the world they needed now. No Robben, probably no Drogba and no Duff. A slim win is predicted because Chelsea will not have their best men on the field. Yet, a solid defence can force a draw by Chelsea because one of the musketeers is still there - Frank Lampard! BARCELONA WIN!

FC Porto Vs. Inter Milan
Inter, the unbeatable club is of course the favourites to get a win away! GOOOOO RECOBA! Hehe! Seriously, it won’t be that easy though to overcome the disciplined Porto formation but Inter have all the ammunitions to penetrate through. The biggest problems for Inter lie upfront as Christian Vieri and Oba Oba Martins are still recovering from their respective injuries. To make things worse, Adriano has not scored since the 12th of December, that is over two months. Still, an away win highly possible if my superstar Recoba starts regardless with Adriano or Cruz, HAHA! INTER MILAN WIN!

Manchester United Vs. AC Milan
With Shevchenko out, Milan will need Kaka to create his magic again with Pirlo in the middle if they are not considering to go down losing at Old Trafford. Van Nistelrooy’s return is also a boost for the Red Devils and Rooney again can spring up some surprises. I put my money for the Red Devils to get a slim home win if they try hard. If not, possibly a draw. Manchester have recently recovered their conviction, their unity and security. They are finding it easy to win, that is the essence that made them so invincible in the past. MANCHESTER UNITED WIN!

Werder Bremen Vs. Lyon
Werder Bremen have been going great in the Champions League so a win is not surprising. I know Werder are a very balanced and solid team! I dare to say Werder can win this one big! WERDER BREMEN WIN!

Monday, February 21, 2005


Some clubs decide to play weakened sides last weekend in the hope that the week day giant Champions League clashes will be an advantage to them. Chelsea already had Robben and Drogba injured. Patrick Kluivert's goal was enough to end Chelsea's quadruple dream. With Wayne Bridge injured and maybe Duff and William Gallas too, all three may not be available for the next match.

It seems that the odds now are against Chelsea going into the battle with Barcelona. Chelsea, like Real Madrid fielded a weakened side without Gudjohnsen, Duff and Lampard, just like Real not fielding Zidane, Raul and Ronaldo. Both had a similar story ending, forcing all these stars to be introduced in the 2nd half and was too late to change the results. The only difference is that Real Madrid lost heavily in terms of result while Chelsea may lost more in terms of injury.

As for Real Madrid, Ronaldo's marriage, the Tsunami charity match and then Beckham's 3rd son birth after the defeated match really made a weird week for them. There are so many none football related issues coming up in preparation towards the clash with Juventus. I just hope Real can stand up after the defeat to focus on this match. I seriously think that Raul, Guti and Beckham should be on the bench because they are playing really badly.

If you must know, Beckham's 3rd son is named Cruz. The baby was born by caesarean section in Madrid at 1040 local time this morning and the boy weighted 7Ib. Cruz means cross in Spanish. When asked about the name Beckham added: "We found it hard this time but we found a name we liked and stuck with it." The couple already have two boys, named Brooklyn (five) and Romeo (two).

Roy Makaay scored a hattrick in the warming up for the clash with Arsenal. The only good news for Arsenal is that Michael Ballack may not play. Same thing for Manchester United when they know that Andriy Shevchenko is not going to play! Real may be happy to know that David Trezequet is not playing but Pavel Nedved is back!

Inter is still unbeaten folks! What do you guys think of that? Can they go beyond Arsenal's record as well getting the most draws a season in the history of football on earth?!! Still, it is Roma's Vincenzo Montella who is the star now for getting his eighteenth goal and is the current top scorer of Serie A.

What about Jonathan Woodgate? Last time I heard he is going to be back by January. Now? Nobody knows! Perhaps he will not even feature for the whole season! Do you guys even know his jersey number? Well, I don't but I checked through Real Madrid's website and it is 18.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Adriana Sklenarikova
Date of birth: 1971
Place of birth: Slovokia
Height: 5'10"
Measurements: 34"23"35.5"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Legs: 48.5"
Nationality: Slovakian

Do you guys remember Christian Karembeu? The guy who played for Real Madrid during 1997-2000 period? He's a Frenchman who won the Champions League with Real in the 97-98 season and a World Cup winners medal in 1998. Well, check out his wife!

Adriana Sklenarikova was born in Slovakia in 1971. She was born in a financially strapped country, and coming to a new world of fashion was a big change for her. With her incredible beauty and 6'0" frame, she was instantly snatched up by Next modeling agency in New York, and Elite Modeling in Milan.

Though her big break came after being chosen as the new Wonder Bra girl (a highly visible contract that will add incredible exposure for her, in more ways than one), Adriana has been in plenty of advertisement campaigns. The companies she has represented include Argentovivo, Byron Lars, Laura Biagiotti, Levante Hosiery, List, Love Sex Money, Onyx Jeans, Peroni Beer, Red Point, and Roberto Cavalli.

It was her campaign for Peroni Beer that really launched her career, and helped pave the road for her current success, by highlighting her as the ultimate beer woman. Adriana has just signed a two-year contract with Wonder Bra, and is now part of the exclusive Victoria's Secret modeling team, a move that has spelled considerable success for other major super models such as Tyra Banks, and Daniela Pestova.

The marriage with Kerembeu was a major event in Spain in December of 1998, since Adriana is one of the best known models in Europe, and her husband is the star of one of the country's leading soccer teams.

Leggy, her legs to me is her biggest assets. Her model slim figure is also very attractive. She is very beautiful too.

LUCKY KEREMBEU! Adriana's elegance just blows me away.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Damn It! After following it for over 3 years, now Naruto is going to be licensed.

Since year 1 in uni, when my friend Mametek came and decided to watch it when I downloaded for the sake of getting some anime to watch, I started to follow the whole series.

It is the next longest ever running anime that I will think can go on for another 3 more years at least if the artist is dedicated to continue the whole storyline. I already have the fears that following a very long anime has this risk of being lincensed halfway.

The downside will be you are going to be very pissed off because you had been following the whole thing so faithfully. The same thing happened when I followed Hikaru No Go. I was so sad when it was licensed halfway but then again, there were some confusions and I heard only the manga was licensed. Now this? Anticipated. Expected.

Here are the details:

Cartoon Network today announced several major acquisitions for their venerable Toonami action-animation block. Fan-favorite "Naruto" will join the block in the third quarter of 2005, while "One Piece" will move to Toonami in May. Toonami original IGPX will expand into a full series from Production IG. "The Batman" will see a Toonami airing beginning April 2, ShoPro acquisition "Zatch Bell" will start in March, and nosehair-fighting anime "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" is coming in the fourth quarter. The show will be aimed at young viwers and their parents. Which most likely means we will be seeing the same highly criticized translations that appear in the USA manga, I guess it will be just like American One Piece!

I just hope we can still get the files for both anime and manga for as long as possible online for free.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I think Donny Ginola will go nuts if he don't own this book. I will reconsider it just because of Serena Williams. Maybe I will tear out her photo so it won't ruin the whole book 'watching experience'. hehehe! *evil smile*

It will depict female celebrities dressed in nothing but Jimmy Choo spikes and a single piece of Cartier jewelry. These women bare all in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation. Elton John is a damn lucky guy!

Models Kate Moss and Rachel Hunter, actresses Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Lara Flynn-Boyle, along with The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, are five out of fourteen women who have agreed to be photographed in a book called Four Inches. All the pictures are taken by women too, in fact some of the world's best female photographers including Mary McCartney, Sam Taylor-Wood and Ellen von Unwerth.

This book has 144 pages! WOH! with (11 x 14) 60 full-color & black and white photographs. It should be available on the 30th May, 2005. The suggested hardcover price is US$65.00 and is published by Scriptum Editions. give you a discounted price of US$40.95 for now.

My comments?

Holly Valance? YUMMY! Kate Moss? That flat chested model? YEW! Jenna Jameson! WOW! That pornstar! Pamela Anderson? Due date already! YUCK! Paris Hilton? We had seen enough of her...BORING......Geri Halliwell? SCARY!!! Mimi Rogers? She is also OUTDATED liao. Serena Williams? I am FREAKING SCARED! THIS IS THE ONLY REASON THE BOOK IS A TURN OFF!

Christina Aguilera? Another ugly flat chested star. YUCK! By the way, I heard she is engaged. Victoria Beckham? Her boobs are so fake! DAMN! Nicky Hilton? At least we haven't seen her video. Give her a trylah! HMMM! Iman? She is a beautiful model! WOH! Rachel Hunter? NICE! Macy Gray? SHOCKED! Veronica Webb? FINE! Carmen Electra? HOT! Kim Cattrall? LOVELY! Fergie? HOT! Elle MacPherson? SEXY! Jane Leeves? BEAUTIFUL! Yasmin Le Bon? LOVELY! Lara Flynn Boyle? PRETTY! Cheryl Teagues? I don't know her!

Confirmed Models Include:
Iman, Jodie Kidd, Padma Rushdie, Christina Aguilera, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Hunter, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Serena Williams, Minnie and Kate Driver, Macy Gray, Holly Valence, Jane Leeves, Lara Flynn Boyle, Cheryl Teagues, Veronica Webb, Fergie, Elle MacPherson, Mimi Rogers, Yasmin Le Bon, Carmen Electra, Kim Cattrall, Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


(stats taken from

Karl Malone had retired from the NBA officially last Sunday on 13th Feb 2005. I thought a tribute post to him is something which is a must for he is one of the NBA's 50 All-Time Greatest players with 19 seasons under his belt. He had played against among the greatest in the history, with probably Michael Jordan being his truly last nemesis. To me, he is always a very reliable all rounder player who can be depended on to deliver the goods, even against the toughest opponents. Hence, the gifted name of a mailman. He will never fail to deliver.

“I would like to announce my retirement and make it official,” said Malone, flanked by his wife Kay, Jazz owner Larry Miller and coach Jerry Sloan.

“I made this decision from the heart. It was not something I made overnight. This was something that took me awhile, back and forth, emotional.”

Malone, the league's prototype power forward and sure-shot Hall of Famer, leaves as the NBA's second-all-time leading scorer, accumulating 36,928 points, just 1,459 behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record 38,387. Malone, 41, spent 18 years with the Jazz, averaging 25.4 points and 10.1 rebounds. He joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2003-04 and spent one season (42 games) with them.

He was twice voted the league's Most Valuable Player and selected 14 times for the All-Star team. Doubting he could bring 100 per cent physical and mental to the court, Malone said, “I didn't want to be that athlete that stayed one year too long. ”

The 6-9 forward out of Louisiana Tech was selected by the Jazz with the 13th overall pick of the 1985 Draft. Malone retires as the Jazz's all-time leader in points (36,377); minutes played (53,479); field goals made (13,335) and attempted (25,810); free throws made (9,622) and attempted (12,965); and rebounds (14,601). He scored a career high 61 points (21-26 FG, 19-19 FT) vs. Milwaukee on 1/27/90.

In addition to his professional achievements, Malone was also a member of gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic teams in 1992 and 1996. He also won the 1997-98 IBM Award, designed to honor the player who contributes the most to his team’s overall success. He is one of eight players to win All-Star Game MVP honors at least twice, claiming the award in 1989 and 1993 (co-MVP with John Stockton).

“For 18 years, Karl, along with John Stockton, was the centerpiece of the Utah Jazz,” said Jazz Head Coach Jerry Sloan. “I can only add to the accolades already expressed here today. Karl has one of the best work ethics I have experienced in coaching. He put his heart and soul into every game.”

Career Transactions: Selected after junior season by the Utah Jazz in the first round (13th pick overall) of the 1985 NBA Draft....Signed by the Jazz on 8/8/85....Re-signed by the Jazz on 11/7/88....Re-signed by the Jazz on 9/25/90....Re-signed by the Jazz on 1/13/96....Re-signed by the Jazz on 8/1/99…Signed by the Los Angeles Lakers on 7/16/03.

Monday, February 14, 2005


I went for 3 movies during the Chinese New Year celebration with my girlfriend.

On the afternoon of 2nd day, I went to watch Seoul Raiders.

Around midnight of 3rd day, I went to watch Constantine along with Alvin Toh, Adrian Wong and his girlfriend, Hie Ing.

Around midnight of 4th day, I went to watch Himalaya Singh with the family of my gf.

Now, my opinion on all 3 movies?

1. Seoul Raiders

Believe me, I sleep on this movie and so did my girlfriend. This is the second movie I slept after Ocean Twelve. The plot to me was done half heartedly in the rush for release for Chinese New Year. Lousy pathetic dialogues especially done by Shu Qi, I wonder I will ever want to watch another movie by her. You can detect that this movie is done to penetrate into the South Korean market with all the Korean translations with addition of Korean actresses in the movie.

Probably a show like this will appeal the Korean market. Tony Leung is the only one left in the sequal with Ekin Cheng and Kelly Chen leaving the whole production. The fights are not appealing to me, very childish and not impressive. The sequences are not exciting and really just weak. I also have no idea of the reason to have Shu Qi in the movie, there is no difference to me not having her there eventhough she is somewhat involved in the love triangle sub-plot that does not materialised or not emphasized. Richie Jen? Nothing impressive from him as well.

I slept at the final part of the show. The ending also is not impressive. I thought the whole show is terrible. A friend of mine thought otherwise. So I guess this is purely my opinion. I think Tokyo Raiders is a much better show than this.

2. Constantine

Actually, I don't have the urge to watch this movie because it is Chinese New Year and I don't want to watch a serious Western movie. The mood is just not there. However, because of the disappointment I had with Seoul Raiders, I thought this movie will lift up the terrible experience I had with Seoul Raiders. Probably I had told myself I have had enough of the Matrix craze and I doubt I will want to watch Keanu Reeves in another Matrix style movie.

I guess the disappointment with Seoul Raiders make this movie nicer. I think the effects are nicely done and the suddden shocks along the show did make me sit still to watch very carefully. I think probably being different and unique that makes this show stands up. I definitely wish they will have a longer storyline and not emphasize too long on every particular scene. The movie was a long one, at least 2 hours and I wish the story had gone much further than that. It is a violent movie but I can assure you guys it is nothing near the blood glorifying scenes like The Punisher had. This film contains graphic violence with attendant gore, some rough and crude language, and some sacrilegious imagery which I am not sure how much they actually censored in the cinema because it was not done noticeably at least to me.

3. Himalaya Singh

I will expect a stupid pathetic movie that will whittle your IQ down so low you will need time to bring it back. I found myself not laughing enough for the whole show compared to the rest of the audience in the cinema. Either I don't get the jokes or probably my sense of humour is getting less nowadays. I don't expect a good movie because Cecelia Cheung in my humble opinion sucks in acting from the previous few films. After watching it, I guess it goes beyond my low expectations.

This movie is pure of crap but the craps are not well done compared to KungFu Hustle. Having Lau Ching Wan impersonating Mr.Bean is not something funny for me. I mean we all watched Mr.Bean series and to have a repeat is not something that will make you laugh again. The chemistry is just not right. I guess it is one of the worst films I had ever watched. I don't know about you guys. I don't find it very funny because the stupid jokes and effects are just too lame.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Chinese New Year is over before I know it. Sigh! Well, back to university and back to study. I managed to take two shots with my girlfriend, Lee Ling before I left Sibu. Sad not able to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

I met a few friends in the airport, this includes long-time-no-see Hui Rong and Ming Tze. I also met Kian Teck, another old friend in the church. It is great to meet friends after not seeing them for a long time.

You guys have a splendid Valentine's Day with your dates. At least in Singapore, if you are SINGLE, then you can still celebrate Friendship Day. My roomate calls it a commercial strategy to lure friends to send flowers, chocolates and other gifts to their opposite gender friends. Thus, the people are earning more for the occasion.


Friday, February 11, 2005


On the third day of Chinese New Year, a few of my friends dropped by for a visit to my house. Good to have company and catching up on things on everyone in the whole group.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


This is something quite shocking. UEFA's plan to have this new ruling on homegrown players in the Champions League and UEFA Cup is a step or move to me to suppress the mighty rich clubs.

The new ball game is to insist on eight players in a 25-man squad being homegrown - four trained within a club's academy and four within the same national association - as part of an effort to limit the influence of foreigners. This decision will definitely receive alot of attention to those who hate to see teams like Chelsea buy players like buying sweets.

Of the 32 sides in last season's Champions League, five clubs would have not had enough home-grown players to meet the requirement of eight: Arsenal, Chelsea, Celtic, Rangers and Ajax.
European football's ruling body will also press ahead with plans for the measure to be adopted in domestic competitions - though that has yet to be agreed by the national associations. I am sure the rich clubs will try their very best to do something about it. The G15, i fear, will voice their discontentment yet again.

If this ruling goes ahead, I think those rich clubs in the future will have to evaluate and make many decisions before they decide on buying a foreign player. This ruling will also make the foreign players cost alot. It will also mean that they will have a harder chance to penetrate into European big clubs now with this limitation.

Clubs will start recruiting players at a younger age to satisfy regulations. Actually many clubs are doing it right now. Arsenal and Manchester United have both been hunting young kids nowadays. The new rule for European competitions will be introduced from the 2006-07 season with clubs needing to include a minimum of four home-grown players - two from within the club and two from the same association - in a squad. That number will be increased to six the following season and eight in 2008-09.

UEFA define a club-trained player as one who has been registered for a minimum of three seasons with the club between the age of 15 and 21. The nationality of the players will not matter in order to avoid any Bosman-style challenge in the European courts.

What will the future hold? Although this ruling is good in a way that will prevent rich clubs to buy only the best and make competition in Europe unfair with economic advantage, it will also mean every club will have more chance to make it big. This is good for competition but it will neutralize the power in Europe. You won't have big chances to see all-star line ups and the beautiful game of football may suffer. I don't know what will happen in a long term, but this is what I guess in the short term. What do you guys have to say about this?

Friday, February 04, 2005


I wish to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2005 in advance. I am going home Sunday morning so I may be TOO BUSY to post anything around that period. Enjoy yourselves! As we look forward to the Champions League matches in late February in anticipation.

As a rooster, this is the rooster year and hopefully it will bring me alot of happiness and prosperity! You all as well! A smooth sailing year ahead! All the best!


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I was awoke doing my work when I saw the scoreline at 1-0. Then, it was 1-1, but soon later 2-1. I was too tired to watch on so I went to sleep, not anticipating such a shocking result when I woke up this morning.

What really happened? Any of you watch the match? Maybe have to tune in the highlights to see what really happened.

Congratulations to Morientes to finally score his first goal for Liverpool in the comeback victory over Charlton.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Edu Mestalla is staying back in Arsenal.
Santiago Solari signs new deal with Real Madrid.

Major transfers:

1. Nicholas Anelka from Manchester City to Fenerbache
2. Faye Amdy from Portsmouth to Newcastle United
3. Fernando Morientes from Real Madrid to Liverpool
4. Thomas Gravesen from Everton to Real Madrid
5. Jamie Redknapp from Tottenham Hotspur to Southampton
6. James Beattie from Southampton to Everton
7. Jean-Alain Boumsong from Glasgow Rangers to Newcastle United
8. Celestine Babayaro from Chelsea to Newcastle United
9. Craig Bellamy from Newcastle United to Boston Celtic (on loan)
10. Barry Ferguson from Blackburn Rovers to Glasgow Rangers
11. Jermaine Pennant from Arsenal to Birmingham (on loan)
12. Mido from AS Roma to Tottenham Hotspurs (on loan)
13. Eric Djemba-Djemba from Manchester United to Aston Villa
14. Oliver Bernard from Newcastle United to Southampton
15. Valeri Bojinov from Lecce to Fiorentina
16. Igor Tudor from Juventus to Siena
17. Adrian Mutu to Juventus (special case)
18. Simone Inzaghi from Lazio to Sampdoria
19. Demetrio Albertini from Atalanta to Barcelona
20. Maxi Lopez from River Plate to Barcelona

My conclusion from the list above? Nicholas Anelka will go into FIFA record books for the MOST TRANSFERRED PLAYER in the history of football on this planet. They should start designing the medal specially for him now to be awarded to him after he transfers at least once a season until he retires from football. He is no doubt football's No.1 NOMAD!

I have a good idea for his final match. Normally when a player retires, they will have a testimonial game to honour their achievement in football. If he changes at least one club per season, all the 21 players on the field (not including him) can all come from different clubs he had joined in his whole career. You will have every star player on every position from every club he had joined before. Cool idea eh? OK, maybe 2-3 players from the same clubs, 1 will be a bit too much! So the testimonial will be co-sponsored by all the clubs he had joined. Haha!

Plus let us not forget Newcastle United, the BUSIEST club in the concluded January transfer market. I wonder it will bring any improvements to them. I wonder how Edu will sort out his contract now when he is still in Arsenal. Probably he will go for free at the end of the summer. Will he sign a new deal with Arsenal? No idea. As for Solari, I am happy Real Madrid did not sell him. He is another great player hardly used. Very sad to say.....

Let us not forget the showdown of this match:

Will expect a very intensed battle!