Sunday, May 28, 2006


Autodesk is like the Microsoft of design, rendering, lighting and animation in the Windows platform. They almost conquer the whole market and eats up any smaller companies giving it threat. This includes Lightscape, Revit and Maya.

There are jokes that if they buy Adobe, they have become the biggest software giant there is in the market after Microsoft. You will be able to do your photoshopping inside Max or AutoCad! Haha!

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Anyway, I went to the Autodesk Revit 9 workshop and looking forward to the AutoCad 2007 workshop coming end of May.

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They give away this free measuring tape with the Autodesk Subscription logo. The subscription is basically a way to upgrade your current version/s every year as they come up with new releases with a better pricing.

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This is no ordinary measuring tape. It comes with a built-in calculator!

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Therefore, when you measure on site, you can calculate and even write down on the paper provided!

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This calculator will be handy for architects who always have a pen ready but no place to write when measuring on site! Haha!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


The Great Singapore Sales 2006 is here again from 26 May to 23 July 2006. I bought a pair of shoes on the first day of the sale! Kiasu indeed! This pair of shoes will be replacing my 10 years old Airwalk! Yes, it is about time my Airwalk retires!

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Timberland has this reputation for making really good shoes for extreme sports, hiking and trekking. They are the best for those tough and rough kind of conditions. However, I am buying a pair of walking shoes that will be multipurpose. I am looking into a pair of shoes that can be used for formal functions as well as casual wear. It will be good also for bad weather like heavy rain.

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It comes with a detachable set of shoe pads so you can actually hand wash it yourself.

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You have a choice between an active chassis or a comfort chassis. Active is for people who walks alot and really stand alot. That is why I chose it.

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I thought the stitching is very well done to give you the assurance of its toughness. I also love how the stitching design and pattern goes around the shoes. I just love it!

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One of the best reasons I bought this shoes is because of the sexy Achilles Tendon part curving inwards. I find this design giving the shoes that extra feeling of speed! Haha!

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Without the paddings, you can see the rubber soles.

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This extremely bendable soles are giving me the worries the most and were the reasons I was spending so much time deciding whether to buy it. It is so bendable I was worried it will tear off easily if some sharp metal objects cut through it.

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Well, I guess I just have to be careful when I walk.

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The pad design itself is kinda cool. It stands out on its own.

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You just need to put it in and you are ready to go!

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TravelGear, it is meant for travelling! I hope this baby can last me at least 1/2 of what Airwalk can! 5 years will make me really proud. I give it at least 3 years to die on me. Anything more is a bonus! Haha!

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Friday, May 26, 2006


The Brunei trip was my second after I visited the place when I was around 15 years old. At that time, it was not even the 1997 economic crisis in Asia and therefore, the Jerudong Park was still free for all and you can play to your heart’s content. Jerudong Park is the theme park which the Sultan owns I heard.

We decided to go late morning as the trip should take us 2 hours to reach the city centre of Brunei from Miri. The road within Brunei is quite nice but we heard about the cheaper petrol pricing in Brunei so we decided not to have too much petrol in our fuel tank. Therefore we pump in RM15 of fuel so the fuel meter is half full for a modified Kancil. Modified here means the engine of the car is imported from Japan, totally changed, the hood changed to give better ventilation, the gear handle also modified to be as tall as the middle point between your shoulder and elbow.

We went through the immigration and came to the first Shell petrol station. We decided not to pump petrol because we still have sufficient in the tank. As we drove further and further, we began to panic because there are no petrol stations throughout the whole damn one hour journey! We finally reached a petrol station and it was closed for prayer as we went on a Friday. We need to wait one and a half hours for it to reopen again so we decided to bet by driving further in the hope to get another in time. Our meter is close to the End level.

We drove and drove for almost another hour and it was very near the End level. I decided to switch off the aircon as well as the audio CD player. Haha! The maximum speed the Kancil can go was 120km/h. We reached Jerudong Park and decided to drive to a small grocery store nearby opened by a Chinese. It is good because only the Chinese will operate business during prayer time. We decided to ask the boss for directions to the nearest petrol station and luckily, he said it is just 10 minutes away. That gave us great relief since we believe that our petrol won’t last us another 15 minutes more. The directions are abit complicated so he decided to drive us there instead since he also needed to get some stuff at the town there itself.

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When we reach there, the petrol station is not open yet but the prayers should be done within 15 minutes time. Then, you will rows and rows of car lining up to fill petrol. It is pretty dumb if you ask me. Why will the people there who knows that the petrol station will close during prayers will purposely wait until then of all times to fill petrol? You tell me!

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After that, we drove to the capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan. The main city is not very big. In my opinion, it is around the size of Sibu town the most. We went to this shopping centre which has a east and west wing separated by a square with water fountain at the centre. You can see the mosque directly pointing towards the middle of the square.

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I bought some chocolates there as they are quite attractively priced. By the way, I saw this particular school which has a hilarious name. Sekolah Rendah Orang Kaya Setia Bakti Kilanas Brunei III! It is translated as Brunei’s Kilanas Loyal (Devoted) Rich Man’s Primary School! Damn, so funny!

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We headed to Jerudong Park by evening to see how empty and dead the place has become! It is like a ghost town! During my first visit to Brunei, the whole place is like a fully loaded sardine with the atmosphere of a busy marketplace. Now? You can count the amount of tourists inside the theme park. I think during our whole visit, I can count less than 30 people! I am serious! A lot of the rides and attractions are closed and you have very limited choices. You will be frustrated with the entrance and package money you paid. I was particularly saddened that the go-kart is not operating anymore.

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There were some clowns hanging around though. I think their job is mainly to entertain the kids, which I think is less than 5 at that time. I think we played only 4-5 items before we decided to go home. We reached home Miri around 10pm. It was quite a dull country to visit if you ask me but they have really extremely big stuffs like resorts and mansions to remind me how poor I am.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006


I was checking out some sportshoes with uncle last night when I saw the Ronaldinho Barcelona and Brazil jerseys again. I was asking myself which should I buy. I want to buy the Barcelona version. Anyway, do you guys know that only when you get at least 3 Champions League trophies in your club history that you can have the logo on your sleeves to indicate the amount you have? I didn't know this until the shop salesmen told me. That means Barcelona won't have it because they only have 2. Here, take a look at the World Cup top scorers in history.

World Cup Golden Boot winners:
1930 Uruguay Guillermo Stabile (Argentina) 8
1934 Italy Edmund Conen (Germany) 4, Oldrich Nejedly (Czechoslovakia) 4, Angelo Schiavio (Italy) 4
1938 France Leonidas (Brazil) 8
1950 Brazil Ademir (Brazil) 8
1954 Switzerland Sandor Kocsis (Hungary) 11
1958 Sweden Just Fontaine (France) 13
1962 Chile Garrincha (Brazil) 4, Vava (Brazil) 4, Leonel Sanchez (Chile) 4, Drazen Jerkovic (Yugoslavia) 4, Valentin Ivanov (USSR) 4, Florian Albert (Hungary) 4
1966 England Eusebio (Portugal) 9
1970 Mexico Gerd Muller (West Germany) 10
1974 West Germany Grzegor Lato (Poland) 7
1978 Argentina Mario Kempes (Argentina) 6
1982 Spain Paolo Rossi (Italy) 6
1986 Mexico Gary Lineker (England) 6
1990 Italy Salvatore Schillaci (Italy) 6
1994 USA Hristo Stoitchkov (Bulgaria) 6, Oleg Salenko (Russia) 6
1998 France Davor Suker (Croatia) 6
2002 Korea/Japan Ronaldo (Brazil) 8

Overall Top Scorers:
Gerd Muller (Germany) 14
Just Fontaine (France) 13
Pele (Brazil) 12
Ronaldo (Brazil) 12
Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) 11
Sandor Kocsis (Hungary) 11
Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina) 10
Teofilo Cubillas (Peru) 10
Gary Lineker (England) 10
Grzegorz Lato (Poland) 10
Helmut Rahn (Germany) 10
Ademir (Brazil) 9
Roberto Baggio (Italy) 9
Eusebio (Portugal) 9
Jairzinho (Brazil) 9
Paolo Rossi (Italy) 9
Karl-Heinz Rummenige (Germany) 9
Uwe Seeler (Germany) 9
Vava (Brazil) 9
Christian Vieri (Italy) 9

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


2 x 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Finals Tour Package worth RM10,000 each

Fujifilm Malaysia gave me the only realistic chance to make it to the World Cup finals in Germany through a contest that they organized. I just submitted my entry and poor people like me can only hope to the sky to go to such a big event at least once in my lifetime. Haha!

Well, wish me luck people, although chances are extremely low. It is a football fan's biggest and wildest dream! I promise to be a really really good boy if you let me win ...............*with sparkling big symphatetic eyes a.k.a. Shrek's Puss In Boots style!* *blink blink*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


After the overwhelming news of Henry's tranfer for the past few months, I am now sick of the news of David Beckham wanting to finish his career in Real Madrid as many times a week for the last month. I am sick of him assuring his interest in the club. I do appreciate his hardwork for the club but I just feel he lacks that special touch to influence match results when it really matters!

We all know he is getting older, his hardwork never gave him any great results in an important Real Madrid match and he is no longer the most expensive player in the world in advertisement earnings. In other words, his value is dropping and I don't see anymore economic excuse for Real Madrid to retain him. Yes, he is one of the most hated players I have to have come to Real Madrid and it is obvious that his arrival starts the title droughts. He may be England's captain but I read alot of people saying he doesn't have such leadership qualities. I for one agree John Terry is far more a better captain for England or even Rio Ferdinand. They have the authority and self-confidence cries they possess to spur the team from the back that he lacks. You hardly see him communicating on the field.

The guy famous only for good crosses and freekicks hardly score any freekicks nowadays compare to his Red Devil days. He is basically a lousy dribbler, a lousy tackler and he is there today more because of hard work than talent. I have never seen a single time in his days playing for Real Madrid doing something great to change the outcome of a major match. Talents like Ronaldinho influence match results and deliver when it is needed most. These are the differences that divides between a hardworking and a talented player. Talents shine when they are needed most, he just disappeared!

Real Madrid are going for the elections and I have no idea how the future will be like over there. It will be an overall change that may swing from bad to worse or the opposite. I hope they can just get something clearly done and I can just remain positive. I don't want David Beckham in the team, I blamed his arrival for Luis Figo's exit and I still am! I just feel he is not technically gifted as a footballer but I really appreciate his hardwork and determination. Well, I just feel it is not enough to make a difference to the outcome of matches.


My bro and I have been trying to make and improve on our cheesecake and I can say this time, it is closest to the quality I can say acceptable. Baking cheesecake is a pain in the ass! I tried many cheesecakes from any possible sources and I have to admit that Secret Recipe really make the ultimate best cheesecake I ever tasted. The condition of cheese is not too dry or too wet. That balance is what we always failed to achieve.

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Since we don't have blender, we use manual hand power to beat the damn cream cheese till it is soft enough before we put it into the oven. This is the most painful procedure of the whole process. I guess that is what you have to suffer for being poor.

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Why is the balance so hard to achieve? Well, most recipes you find around are for 9-inch pans. We can only find a 10-inch pan. The difference will mean alot of trial and error in terms of baking time and temperature control. This is one thing which is extremely sensitive for the cheesecake. A little big more or less makes a big difference to the outcome.

The crumbs as the base is not too hard to make. The sour cream at the top which sometimes is substituted with yoghurt can be abit harder to control to the extent we want. This time though, we totally don't even bother to have it. It turned out alright but just abit more wetness / moisture in the cheese will be perfect! Well, I hope we can reach the desired standard in our next try.

Monday, May 22, 2006


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A week ago, my flying maniac friend, Edwin is Denim came to visit Singapore. He was going to his SIA pilot interview. The sucker spent 3 days humping with me when I keep telling him I don't want to be so brokeback (Gosh! this word is getting so popular these days I just have to use it in a sentence)! Good luck with the results dude!

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We went to eat Chinese food at the airport foodcourt and they served this marvellous chendol! I say marvellous because the machine does wonders by crushing the ice just nice for dessert tasting. It is not too solid or too soft, that balance is just great to melt in your mouth! In addition to great mixture and good ratio of gula melaka, everything else is mixed well with the sweetness just right. I just have to say it is not easy to find such chendol outside Malacca! Good quality!

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Apart from going there for interview, we spent time doing airplane photography. This dude falls in love in anything that is man-made and can fly! Haha! Maybe I will do another post showing planes soon, we'll see. Did not see many beautiful air stewardesses around so it was a disappointment.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


First, the Ballack transfer is settled. Then, it was Henry's which had just been settled. Now, Shevchenko, the son of Milan. I could not believe this guy is interested to leave Milan unless there is really a good reason for it. He has always been the person I will think who will play there for life because season after season, he stood firm of staying. This time, he suggested something and there were no reports of denial! Normally, in the football world, when what was reported is pure rubbish and rumour, in the next 2-3 days, the player will deny it as soon as possible. This is not the case this time.

Well, unlike Henry, Milan is faced with more ageing squad. If you ask me, it is time they clean up the squad with more new young faces! They can be the most ageing club in Europe after Real Madrid and Juventus. If Shevchenko really goes to Chelsea and with Ballack already there, I don't see any more reasons why Chelsea cannot retain the Premier League title and win a couple more next few seasons. Ballack and Shevchenko can still give another 2-3 years of their prime football performance to the world to enjoy.

As for the Sarawak Election results, the oppositions do us proud by increasing their seats! I am proud of their showing! It is also a reminder that the people has eyes and are more educated. Heaven has eyes! The most interesting thing was that I heard people telling me that the DAP talks in town are all full of people but the SUPP is quiet. I also heard DAP's Lim Kit Siang went to take a photo of Wong Soon Koh's million Ringgit house and asked the people where the money come from? Haha! Wrong time to build your house dude! Do it after the election so it is not so obvious to the people who are cheated. I am proud because the wins in Sibu are alot but mere hundred over votes. People claimed that all these votes come from army and soldier mailing votes all arranged by the office themselves. If not, more defeats can be seen!

I also heard the victories in most areas of the SUPP are extremely slim. It is time they know their arrogance have upset the people. It is obvious that they give excuses of buying votes, bettings and all sort of dirty tricks the opposition may use. Well, it shows that they never learn. More seats to the opposition in the next election!!! DAP, fly your rockets high! To me, a government with no opposition power is totally not democratic. When someone in power is sitting up there for too long, it is not healthy for the whole system. When a government has absolute total power, most of the time, the people will suffer and power abuse is highly possible. With more competition in oppositions in the parliament, there will be more humility, less arrogance and more improvement. If there are no competitors, you will not improve.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Well, this season we have 4 major retirements in club football.

Zinedine Zidane
Roy Keane
Dennis Bergkamp
Alan Shearer

I arranged them in terms of honours won. They are all great players who had given our generation so much to enjoy on the field in a different way.

Zinedine Zidane is a total legend of this era. There is no doubt about it, but his legendary skills only came quite late in his footballing age. Therefore, we did not enjoy it for a very long period of time. He has won almost anything the best in the world needs to win and he is a gentleman both on and off the field. He is famous for his soft touches and less for his physical strength eventhough his size suggested that he is more suitable as a rugby player. I am glad I was born in this era to be able to witness him play on tv. I would wish so much if he could have come to Malaysia during the Real Madrid Asian tour. I will pay for the tickets to witness him in Kuala Lumpur. The last minute cancellation was a very sad thing to me.

Roy Keane is a charismatic captain for the successes in Manchester United for all the trophies won there especially during their peak era in the 90s when they dominated the league. He is a fighter who will never say die although many of us including me, hated his very bad boy image. Still, he is a tough nut who can really inspire a team! The Manchester United of the 90s always have the determination to fight till the very end of the 90 mins. This diehard mentality always give them this fighting spirit to come back even with so little time left to play for. They were famous at that time to be able to come back late and go for a draw or even a win if they are trailing. The team has alot of consistency because he is the reliability powering the engine room from the middle.

Dennis Bergkamp will always be remembered for his magical touches in the box. I had a hard time pronouncing his name with Beckham around at that time. Haha! Whenever he got the ball on his feet, you feel a sudden slowing down of time (bullet time?) as he has some quick 1,2 or 3 touches of brilliance on his feet before he goes for a shot on goal. It is always these 1,2 or 3 touches that are able to deceive 1,2 or 3 defenders along the way in the penalty box before he opened up the space clear to shoot.It was all these 1, 2 or 3 touches which always never failed to open my mouth wide in awe. I was like, what the heck, how did he do that? It is like time slows down and he was able to think of how to handle the ball with the obstacles he has in the penalty box and avoided them to score. Genius. It was a pity not to see him play in the final match! I wish I could see those touches of brilliance one last time! His fear of flying will probably make him the only person I can ever think of in the world of football to be like that.

Alan Shearer was the reason I started watching football in the mid 90s. His determination and ability as an underdog to win the league with Blackburn Rovers over the mighty Manchester United filled with superstars gave me so much to respect this guy that I decided to adore him wherever he goes. The amount of goals he scored all his career and the loyalty he has for his hometown is something very rare nowadays. Who on earth nowadays trade the chances of winning trophies in a very rich club filled with many talents than to play for your own hometown? He is probably the only one alive I can think of. For that, Alan Shearer has all the respect I have! There is no such player I can name to be like him!

As of today, you all know that I don't support clubs but players. To me, every player, even the management, even the coaches, even the directors change so often these days there are nothing left you can identify with the club to support it. My philosophy is simple. If there is no connection you can identify with the club, there is no point in supporting a club. Unless you are born in that place, you have what you call the home belonging support.

A player is a tangible thing so I support him wherever he goes. If he plays beautiful football, I will support him. A club changes players through the path of time and the football they play changes according to coaches and players they change. You can say that there are still a few people in the world who is loyal like some coaches and players. Well, my question is what about after they are gone, say retired? What excuse do you have to support a club? Loyalty is no longer something that is working for 99% of the football clubs in the world right now. Football is getting too commercialized. Money changes things faster and faster. Transfers are so common for every single season. Nothing is tangible anymore. Therefore, that explains my logic of no point supporting a club unless you are born there or you live there.

To be a football fan is to love the beautiful game played. The beautiful game can only be sustained by players who can make it happen. If they don't, there is no joy in watching a football match and hence, there is no point to fall in love with the sport. Don't give me excuses of history or culture or background unless you are related to it in some way or another. Those things will not give you any sense of belonging unless you try to cheat yourself and think that you belong there.

The issue here in now Alan Shearer is retired, I have nothing else to support in the English Premier League. Until I find someone who is respectable enough to support, I will not really support anything in the Premier League. When you have respect for someone, then you will pay for the worth of buying his jersey to show your support of the fellow.

As for Raul Gonzalez, his beautiful skills are all dead because of some circumstances. I supported him because of his lovely skills and the loyalty factor again he showed. Right now, I really don't know whether his skills will ever be back again. The management problem in Real Madrid made things so complicated. In Newcastle United too, all the management issues have created instability for the whole club. This season is really a bad one for myself. None of the two clubs are performing and spent more time worrying the management and coaches.

Probably the world cup will open up some new perspectives for me.

Finally, I just want to tell you club supporters not to flame me! Haha! All that I said are what I believed in and is my way of thinking the logic. It does not apply to your principles and values so if you don't like it, we can talk about it. It does not have to be a law or instruction that YOU MUST FOLLOW or I WILL HATE YOU! No, I watch football because I love the beautiful game of football. To me, the beautiful game is only possible because of some individuals who make it happen, no matter where or who they play for. This is my logic.

I cannot support a club because there will be a chance that one day they may buy players I hate. That will leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Imagine this, Van Nistelrooy and Wayne Rooney come to play in Real Madrid in the future. I hated these guys because of their dirty tactics, using physical strengths rather than skills and their arrogance. I can never support a club when they are in there because I have no respect to them and I hate them. Simple logic.

As for Thierry Henry staying in Arsenal, we already know the answer after his comments from the interview. The way he commented on Eto'o and Ronaldinho as well as the referee being a Barcelona fan, he is already making all the Barcelona fans angry. I won't want him if I am a Barcelona fan. Even if it is the emotions from the game, you have to be professional. If he did not mean what he said, he must have the humility to apologize. Many people told me he is too egoistic to apologize. Do you guys think he will apologize?

As for Drogba wanting to leave the Premiership because everyone is accusing him a diver and to go Milan or any club outside England which will offer him Champions League football, Mourinho's comments really made me laugh like crap!

"The situation is he has two more years of contract with Chelsea," Mourinho said.

"He is one of the players we consider not negotiable."

"So he has no chance to leave. He has to play for Chelsea."

"If he plays with happiness, fantastic. We get the best of him."

"If he doesn't play with happiness, he doesn't play. So it's his problem."

Hahaha! Slavery I tell you. Total slavery! Poor Drogba. Don't be sad anymore or else you cannot play! Now give Mourinho daddy a big kiss or he will get angry with you forever!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


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Congratulations Barcelona for winning the Champions League trophy and for being unbeaten for the whole campaign through! They deserve it! That is a great record!

First of all, the dive gave away the first goal for Arsenal which Campbell scored. He should have his self-esteem and confidence back and England will be rejoicing. Secondly, I am surprised why Cole is around and he looked to be the loophole in the defence. I am surprised why Fabregas is being substituted. I cannot find any reasons for that. I don't know what was on Wenger's mind. After that, Barcelona's goals came! The heavy rain came with it too, how ironic! Alanis Morissette anybody?

I think Arsenal played extremely well and I should say Ljungberg and Henry to be the most hardworking and dangerous players in the offensive play. When it was 11 against 11, Paris seemed to be the home for Arsenal as they attacked and attacked more with some nice chances. There were a few good chances in the first half which Henry should have scored when he was wide open with just the goalie to beat. Lehmann's red card was unquestionable but I would love just a yellow card and the goal awarded to Barcelona. He was a very strict referee alright, giving away so many cards through the night. We also saw many difficult decisions when players touched the ball first before tackling people down. I guess we saw a few going both sides so that was fair. Dives were missed too like the one Cole did.

I see Puyol as the loophole in Barcelona's defence. He was basically struggling with Henry's pace and should be carded many times. Oleguer too so I was relieved when Belletti was in to replace him. Belletti had always been the starting 11 choice in the past, I wonder why he was a sub. Marquez too should be carded for some late challenges. They played with three defenders and it was surely very dangerous and risky to do it with such an offensive side. Messi's absence was a miss but Iniesta's inclusion in the second half was a spot on by me! Mares must be regretting not buying the bets! Haha! I know he is the best choice for balance at that time, attack, passing and defence.

The magician was not performing up to his best but he did entertain us with some good moves. He had a really bad night from the freekicks, none of the few he got even looked at all dangerous. There were occassions where he didn't even believe how the ball went so wrong from his boots, Hehe! Eto'o got the man of the match. It is ok to me since he did make some very dangerous runs into the box and shot some good chances. He was on the scoresheet for the first goal while Belletti got the second. If I am not mistaken, both are Larsson's assists. Many claimed that the first goal was an offside, I did not see it so I have no comments.

I was on MSN Messenger with my friend Mares all the way from the starting whistle. He asked me to predict the score and I said 2-1. Haha! I wished I had bought the score! Dammit!

summer's calling says:
yr prediction?
DieHardX says:
well, last champs final reminds us dat something shit can happen
DieHardX says:
if shit dun happen, barca 2-1 arsenal
DieHardX says:
i am abit worried about lehmann, he is in such top form, he seems impossible 2 beat
summer's calling says:
with eto and dinho.... heh.. it'll crumble
DieHardX says:
yeah, u think messi will go down?
summer's calling says:
hopefully... i'll like to see him play
DieHardX says:
hope they really hit it rite, e semis showed how barca dominated n hardly get their chances rite
DieHardX says:
eventhough they went in e box so many times, still can't get thru e goalie
summer's calling says:
but hopefully we don't get a crap display by both teams
DieHardX says:
yeah, expecially extra careful defending, dat will make us die in boredom

Now, can Henry make up his decision already? I honestly think his remarks were abit far off. The referee being Barcelona's fan? Come on, the calls are not that unfair, if not, 60-40 to Barcelona. I don't think he purposely only gave fouls to Barcelona players. It is just that they were given more. Many decisions given to Arsenal were also 50-50.

Who is the biggest winner? Nike! Now I have to plan how to eat my grass and which jersey to invest in.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The moment of truth is here. This is probably the last biggest club competition of the season before we adjourn for the World Cup! Early this morning, both Real Madrid and Valencia lost, giving luck to Madrid to secure second place. Really pure luck!

I read about this referee who was spotted wearing the Barcelona jersey, haha! Sucker! Uefa panicked and had announced that assistant referee Ole Hermann Borgan has been replaced just 24 hours before the final. With fears of his impartiality being at stake, Borgan had admitted his mistake whilst insisting he would approach the game in a fair manner. Both coaches had also played down the row but the Uefa Referees Committee has now decided to replace Borgan just 24 hours before the final. As a result the official has been replaced by compatriot Arild Sundet.

Now, let's focus on the final match in Paris!

Barcelona or Arsenal to be the upcoming European champions?

I personally go crazy over Ronaldinho skills so you know who I hope to win. Still, past football finals have shown that underdogs can win if they work really damn hard! The question here is, is it enough to stop the best player in the world right now? I already made a vow that whoever plays better football in the final, regardless of who will win, I will dig into my bank account and buy the jersey eventhough Nike jerseys are damn expensive selling at S$170 in Singapore! Either Henry's or Ronaldinho's. Messi could start so it could be him or Eto'o or Fabregas who may steal the show from those two great players.

The worst possible scenario is to fall asleep and miss this match. This is unacceptable for a football fan! We all hope for the best final yet and alot of entertaining beautiful game of football. Whoever loses, better luck next season. It could be Barcelona who can finally get their second trophy or Arsenal who can finally get their first!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The World Cup is coming but there are two more league matches that mattered before the summer celebration begins.

FC Sevilla VS. Real Madrid
Osasuna VS. Valencia

These two matches remind me so much of the Arsenal and Tottenham last matches of the season. The conditions are the same but the rankings are different. Whatever it is, the automatic qualification for next season's Champions League football is worth the sacrifice.

No food poisoning please, thank you very much!

Then, for all eternity that we are waiting for.

Barcelona VS. Arsenal

Beautiful football please!

Monday, May 15, 2006


The Italian football is always famous for match fixing and having clubs who are in great debts and were occassionally almost banned from playing, at least in the Serie A. Now, this allegations of Juventus colluding with Italian Football Federation officials over who would referee the games had forced the whole Juventus board to resign and finally Luciano Moggi as general manager of Juventus. Apparently, it is his conversation with officials through his phone that was tapped. There is also the question of the role of his son's football agency involvement in the game.

Now, that is not the end of the story. The Italian prosecutors are also looking into Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio with over 40 people investigated. Italian referee Massimo De Santis has been pulled out from the proposed refereeing the finals. The last two titles could also be stripped and having Juventus demoted to Serie B. I thought Real Madrid are in the deeper shit but it seems like Juventus have a even bigger problem in their hands. I wonder what will happen to the scudetto of this season too but right now, Juventus are the champions.

There could be a possibility that Milan be awarded all 3 titles if Juventus are proven to be connected to the referee selections unless they are also proven to be involved in the whole scandal. We have seen the ugliest side of football in Italy if everything that is claimed is true. Spain has the racism problems. England? They too have abit of racism problems as well as hooliganism. I hope all these scandals are solved before the World Cup so all the players involved in the particular clubs will be able to focus.

Now, let's look at the transfer rumours. Shevchenko plans to leave Milan? Van Nistelrooy's Manchester United career will end? Samuel Eto'o will leave Barcelona with Henry coming? Crespo going back to Italy and Robben going to Real Madrid? Ballack going to Chelsea? Adriano will stay in Inter? All these rumours or news will probably be fully confirmed within the next one month. Seriously, I would love Robben to be in Real Madrid. He is to me one of the most promising players of last and this season. I'm sure many of you heard me singing praises of him over and over again.

I went to check out the jerseys of Arsenal, Barcelona and Brazil. The World Cup Nike jersey of different countries will have a very big emblem or logo. The price of Bergkamp and Henry Arsenal jerseys as well as Ronaldinho Barcelona jersey are priced at S$170 with Champions League badge at the sleeve. Without it, it will be S$140. Man, it is getting so much more expensive than before. Generally, Nike jerseys are far more expensive than Adidas jerseys.


Friday, May 12, 2006


Nani kore? Sugoi! Hontoni sugoi!


Now, this is what you call interactivity and participation. Your parents will approve this because you are literally sweating when you play games! Haha!

Watch the videos and the promotion in the E3 will really spice up this baby. I am a loyal Nintendo fan even before their first NES when I had Atari! Then, it ended because Nintendo is targeting so much of the children market and neglected the fact that I am growing older each year! Haha!

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I see alot of innovation and creativity in creating this controller. The idea itself is fantastic but to translate the idea into a finished product is incredible! Whoever did the designs, he is a genius! Now, the size of that machine is just as thick as three dvd cases combined together and you can carry it up with just one hand! That is what I call good design in terms of aesthetics, engineering and mobility. Watch the videos yourself in both links above and I can tell you, you will love to have it in your living room as soon as possible! The graphics also look quite nice for the more realistic games!

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I am sick of the limitations of a joypad and this is really thinking out of the box. A new revolution! Smart idea! I hope this thing will go for a bang and return Nintendo to be what it is before, the best in the world. The Japanese babes in the videos are hot too! It is abit weird to see Sonic the Hedgehog in the Nintendo! Haha! Guys, I am saving money for this one!

Sore wa sugoi ne!