Wednesday, June 29, 2005


(*Warning: Spoilers!*)

I went to watch the preview screening at Orchard Cineleisure with my friend yesterday night at 7pm in the Cathay Cineplex.

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As expected, my instincts prove me right! This movie is totally dedicated to showing off the computer graphics and special effects. It has no storyline and it is totally science fiction. The movie is just to show off Steven Spielberg's ability with his Dreamworks SKG company to do all those movies that are highly computer generated.

The whole plot is about running away from these creatures/aliens. Ray Ferrier or Tom Cruise has to escape from his home in New Jersey and goes all the way to Boston with his two kids to reach his ex-wife. Dakota Fanning is good and she is basically the lead actress in the show!

It is also about how Tom Cruise tries to be a good father to his kids who have bad impression of him compared to their new father that their mom remarried. He has to prove his love and affection to his kids who lost faith in him by having them safely reaching Boston.

You get to see the aliens and their spaceships zapping human beings with their pulse lasers or plasma lasers (whatever you call those laser beams). Some are eaten alive and you have tonnes of red 'spiderwebs' all over the place. This is a good movie for those who enjoy those futuristic special effects and who loves aliens. I personally don't like it and find it really bad as expected.

I saw the trailer of King Kong. I guess it is a remake of the classic. Then, suddenly I saw Jurassic Park in King Kong with King Kong fighting the dinosaurs over the beautiful lady. I think it will suck big time too! Haha! Coming this December!

Guys, I will officially start my tour tomorrow heading Malacca to meet Liza Cheng. I will go Ipoh, Penang, Kota Bahru, Kuala Terrenganu, Kuantan and maybe Bangkok too from Penang because it is so cheap! That means I will not have much updates for the following few weeks! You guys take care!

Monday, June 27, 2005


I am going to Orchard Road tomorrow night for another movie! War of the Worlds! I was given another free ticket for the show! WOOHOO!!!

I am not a worshipper of Steven Spielberg. I do like some of Tom Cruise movies but I am a big fan of Dakota Fanning! I don't have a good impression of the trailers they showed us.

Hopefully it can exceed my expectations and anticipations. Just go enjoy myself! I will do a review here if I have the chance.

I am too busy preparing for my West Malaysia tour with my girlfriend as well as going for medical, immigrations and all those matters for postgraduate studies for 1st August, 2005. I will have less updates from now onwards!

Dakota Fanning, here I come, baby!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I will start my master degree on 1st August, 2005. It is a really interesting topic for research if you ask me! I am definitely looking forward to it because I love these kind of futuristic stuff!

Right now I need to get myself a brand new laptop. Don't know what to get, any recommendations? I am deciding between Acer, Dell and HP/Compaq. I know Acer is a pain in the ass in the past since I had miserable experience repairing their laptops. However, I heard from many friends that they are improving fast nowadays and worth considering. IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu and NEC are totally good but those are for rich kids who have too much money to spend. With the same specifications, their stuffs are way too expensive.

I will unfortunately not go back to Sibu because there are many things to settle and I will go direct to West Malaysia for my small vacation tour of Penang, Perak, Selangor, KL, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor. Mr. Shevy and Mr. Donny, don't be too upset, I will post my nice movies to you guys. Mr.Shevy, please sms me your address in Kuching, Sarawak. Thanks man!

Last night Brazil won 3-2 against Germany with Adriano scoring twice. Chelsea and Real Madrid must be feeling the pain when they see him keep on scoring! Haha! This weekend I have been in my friend's home playing Winning Eleven 8 International! GO FOOTBALL!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


(*Warning: Spoilers!*)

Did they do justice to Shuichi Shigeno's famous automobile anime? I really have no idea! For someone who only watches two episodes of the anime from the Fourth Stage, I think my review is of no value and not worthy of those true blue Initial D fans who followed all the stages. My girlfriend is sooooo damn jealous about me watching before her because Kota Kinabalu screening is on 11:45pm last night and she is still under her attachment period! She needs to wake up early to go for work! Haha! *evil smile* I'm sure she gonna catch it today!

All I want to say is that this is less technical than the anime itself. It does not go into full explanations of the strategies adopted for the race. It also does not go full detail into the hardwares, just some brief explanations. The show however touches more on the aesthetics and speed of the racing and of course drifting (which is the signature of Initial D). The camera angles and shots are doing their best to bring out all these aspects of the race. Race scenes do not take long so those non-automobile Jay Chou fans will not be bored to death.

At first, I was wondering how the conversations are going to take place. Jay Chou is Taiwanese, the rest of the cast are Hong Kie and of course the cute Anne Suzuki is Japanese. Singapore will not have Cantonese for the screening so they all speak Mandarin! Pretty funny when you can easily tell from their mouth movements that they are not speaking Mandarin. I bet Malaysia will have Cantonese screening and Jay Chou will sound weird in Cantonese. Anne Suzuki has sexy lips and nice legs! Hot! In some scenes, her face looks pretty round and chubby to me, probably because she still have some baby fat as she is only 18! She did not get a lot of scenes. While the character she plays is a very sad one and I don't like the role she plays. *Disappointed!*

The romance of the story is very secondary and just touching on the surface level. To me, the cars are the lead actors who did all the talking. The cast just supports them. The comedy is the one that keeps the show going. Just as I had predicted, Anthony Wong, Kenny Bee and Chapman To helped keep the show going. They are to me the spine that holds the whole movie together. There are many 'KUAZAN' scenes like having bloody head after a fall, alot of puking from car rides and nosebleeding from being with sexy Japanese babes. They try to depict the anime essence too! Hehe! It is ok, but the puking is too much for me and overdone. I started to get sick of it. They also like to do those peeping at girls' ultra short miniskirts.

Jay Chou acting is alright, he just acted with his coolness and let everyone else around him creates the funny scenes while he is involved in them and just play along. Not too bad for his first attempt given all the circumstances of this being a movie with cars as the real lead actors/actresses. He was very worried when his dad was with Anne Suzuki at his home. He looked to be in the state of panic considering his hentai dad! Haha! Always wanting to peep under her ultra short miniskirt. Edison Chen and Shawn Yue did not play important roles in the show so I am quite neutral of their acting in this movie. Jordan Chan only comes to the scene right in the end and did not talk much either.

There are about 5 races in the show. It started with Fujiwara (Jay Chou) racing against the Nissan Skyline GT-R of Nakazato (Shawn Yue) unofficially. It ended with a three way race between Takahashi (Edison Chen) with his Mazda RX7 and Sudou (Jordan Chan) with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. III. Other races are less official because the challengers just meet him halfway on the road and challenge him. There are not much overtaking tactics and strategies used in the movie so I think this must have disappoint the Initial D fans. I guess you cannot go to such high levels on the first movie. It is like a beginning so most skills are at its beginner stage. If they are going to make a sequal, then perhaps they will go more high level from here.

Overall, it is worth the movie ticket to watch. You can get a lot of good laughs from all those funny jokes. A must go for Initial D fans but don't expect too much from the technical side of the story. I could only think of Pasir Panjang of Singapore to be the most suitable place to drift, closest to Mount Akina! Hehe! It is called the 1001 turns and although does not have the terrains and topography of a hill or mountain, it has the enough turns to be just as good. You cannot expect Singapore to have any incredible topography because she is generally 'FLAT'! Haha! The place where Jay Chou went with Anne Suzuki is like the smaller version of MacRitchie Reservoir of Singapore! Mount Akina has the jungle thickness like Mulu where I flew to explore the caves last year! The bird eye view of the nature surrounding the race track gives such impressions.

Now, I will just wait for a true blue Initial D fan to watch the movie today and give me her opinions!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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I got two free tickets for the preview of Initial D tonight! Hope I won't bore to death! I have no great impression of the acting of Edison Chen and Shawn Yue. Never like a single movie they had done! They screwed up the Infernal Affair II! Jay Chou? Can this guy act? Kenny Bee and Anthony Wong may help save this show. Jordan Chan? I hate him man! I never like his attitude! Chapman To is not too bad. Reviews tomorrow after the show!

I only watched two episodes of the Initial D anime when I downloaded for my girlfriend. I think it was from the Fourth Stage! The characters are so miserably drawn, I think I can draw better! Haha! Well, the only cool part is the aperture shots of the cars drifting with the lights freezing in the air. The cars are well drawn with their nice reflective paint coats so I guess automobile fans will not mind the ugly character drawings as long as they have good automobile thrills! It is quite a technical motorcar anime if you ask my opinions on two episodes alone.


Birthdate: 27th April, 1987
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 18 years old
Blood type: B
B/W/H : 78/64/85
Height: 162 cm
Star Sign: Taurus

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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She has a nice side profile face! I like! Gorgeous eyes too! CUTE!

Honto-ni kawa-ii, Suzuki-Chan!!! Honto-ni honto!!!
Watashi wa Suzuki-Chan ga daisuki desu!!!

Here is the official movie site:
Initial D

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Although I may seem to be only reading the Sports corner of the news all the time, especially on Football, I do read world issues once in a while. Talking about football, I have not talk anything about it for a long time. It is a big sin for this blog not to talk about football in such a long time! I think I should make a vow now to at least have a post on football for every 10 posts. Even if it is a rubbish post! Haha!

Ok, now that the title is about World Issues, I find that men are always not able to settle their major issues forever. Let's open in the newspaper any day and chances are you will see one of these issues:

01. North Korea - nuclear warheads
02. South Korea & China - Japan (war shrine visits & history books)
03. China - Taiwan
04. Palestine - Israel
05. USA - Iraq
06. EURO - economics
07. Indonesia - terrorism
08. Philippines - south islands
09. Thailand - south states
10. Malaysia - Singapore
11. India - China
12. India - Pakistan
13. North Korea - South Korea
14. Myanmar - Suu Kyi

Sometimes I thought China is really too busybody and too greedy, have so many disputes with her neighbours over land ownerships. From India to Taiwan, she just want anything to be hers. Now that they are one of the major economic superpowers in the world, they are making full use of their might and power to pressure many countries. I call that bully!

Even till your great great grandchildren's generation, I bet most of the world issues I stated above will not be solved just yet. I admit some of them are getting much better than before now. Somestimes, when I read the headlines, I already lost interest. They are talking about the same thing over and over again forever! It is just incredible! Thus, sometimes they are really boring and sickening! Just flip over and read some other news. Any news not related to the 14 items above is a much better read!

Monday, June 20, 2005


What on earth are the Formula 1 officials thinking? Why are they making so much mess with the tyre problem? It started off to help cut costs by having the same set of tyres from qualifying until race day. Now, it seems to backfire with the risk of safety for running the same set of tyres of the entire race. If you don't want to crash, drive slow! Hey, if all the new rules are going to give Formula 1 more possibilities to slow down, what is the point of having a race?

Formula 1 supposes to be the highest achievement of mankind in the automobile industry. If you destroy the sport for the sake of safety and cost, then who is going to watch anymore? It is less thrilling and we might as well race our own on the roads. What is the point of having a race if all the objectives is to make it safer and slower?

My friend, Shevy (not the real Ukrianian striker [I wish!]) messaged me early this morning to read the shocking news. I was really shocked to read about the Michelin tyres problem and the 6 cars that starts the Indianapolis race. This problem definitely makes Ferrari damn happy and of course Bridgestone too! Ferrari finally won her first grand prix this season.

Is it better to get drivers killed to save cost on tyres? Is it better to see a race dominated by a team than to watch a race starting with 6 cars? How will you feel as you pay so much for the tickets? Watching 6 cars confirming of getting points to circle the track? Come on lah!

Although it seems that the tyres have finally end Ferrari's dominance of the Formula 1 race, it does create new problems. I hope the FIA can rectify this problem and come out with better things. I begin to get sick of the changing of rules year after year. I just feel that it is killing the sport slowly.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


(*Warning: Spoilers!*)

My bro said it was good before I went to watch at Bugis Junction last night with friends. Thanks for the treat, friends! It was my first movie in Singapore cineplex since Fatt Choi Spirit in 2002, starring Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Gigi Leung and Cherrie Ying. Yeah, that was so long ago and you will be asking what the heck am I doing in that interval? Well, watching movies in Singapore is too damn expensive from the place where I am from where pirated vcds and dvds are so much cheaper alternatives. My mindset from such background cannot afford me to pay ridiculously S$8 for a movie. Even so, I watched alot of movies in Malaysia for RM5. That is still far more worth it!!!

This is a restart of Batman. This is like how Infernal Affairs try to go back to before the part I of the story. Same thing, this goes back to the before Joker story from the Batman movie in 1989 with Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. Somehow, when I think of that movie, it reminded me of Robocop for some reasons. Probably they are from the same era I suppose - the VHS (Video Home System by JVC) era, what is a vcd? Batman Begins was well directed and credits should go to the director. For me, Batman and Batman Returns are the two best movies of Batman, after that, it is purely crap and total darkness. The thing I hate about those sequals is that they spent 90% of the movie in the dark and you are trying very hard to see all those actions.

They always say Batman, unlike all other superheroes, is a rich dude. However, he is also the only superhero without a steady girlfriend or wife. Unlike other superheroes, he has a hideout/lair/cave with all his gadgets. The others are more mobile and just change anywhere convenient. I always have this question in my mind on where they put their normal human clothings when they go to do their superheroes job. Haha! Then, after that, they have to go back to the same location to retrieve their clothes. Hopefully, it is still there and nobody has taken them away! Haha!

Many said this is the best Batman movie ever, comparing to the first two. An American shared with me some of his opinions when we went out from the cineplex because he wanted to check the time with me. He said they already have ads in USA where they have the Joker who was played by another person. He said they have a little bit of licensing problem because Jack Nicholson holds the license of being the Joker. I am not clear about the whole thing but he just brought up the matter to me. I will love it if Jack Nicholson will be back to be the Joker again! That will be splendid! The American was also full of praise of this movie and thought it is the best as well. I argued that in 1989, there are many limited things you can do comparing with the technology of today and probably that's why the plots cannot go very far. I agreed that the plot for this story is the best but perhaps the advancement of technology now made them much possible. Hehe! Just my point of view.

This one is good because it still stick to the original comic story but the side plots that are added in were well done. Although a long movie, it does not bore me to death or sour out to be too draggy. The plot was well done, especially changing of scenes from his childhood to his life stepping into the corporate world. I love the scene where he uses his device to lure the bats in for back up. The frequency of that device like an ultrasonic bat call is a great idea of how he can bring them to the scene. The prototype bat car was a major ugly one! Well, probably the want to save the nice updated aerodynamic model for the next one. Hehe!

The jokes added in the conversations give the story its comedy side, which I think is good and does not overkill the story too much as they are not excessively used. As you know, this is a superhero movie, too much comedy will make it look cheap! Michael Caine shone well in this department! Hehe! I love his plot! He can still make all those sarcastic remarks in the most difficult times and made it into a ligh hearted scene. It sure is good to have someone like him as a companion/friend. The ending with a Joker poker card gave a good finish touch leading to the next one! We shall anticipate for a good sequal!

By the way, what is James Bond without the classic James Bond theme music? Same thing with Batman, what is Batman without the famous Batman theme music? Why are they not using it? Copyright issues? Cannot be! Batman is different from any other superheroes because Batman has a great theme music that is easily identifiable! It is good and it will not be the same without it!

Also, why is Tom Cruise going to marry Katie Holmes? She is ugly to me compare to Nicole Kidman. Putting her into the movie is really of no use but I suppose you need a lead actress, if not, the movie will turn really gay! Hehe! Just to satisfy us guys who want some decent looking ladies on the set. Face it, a movie without a chick? No way man!

Before I went to this movie, I thought I will be watching a whole story with clueless cast until I saw Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. All these veterans are what I think help hold the movie up in strength. It is not my style to watch a movie with a collection of unknown cast, especially with lead actors or actressses unknown to me. I definitely will recommend anyone to go watch this movie. Mommy and daddy, there is only 1 kiss scene! Maybe they even censor it in Malaysia! Hehe!

I will definitely try to watch War of the Worlds, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sin City, The Fantastic Four and more when I get back to Sibu, Sarawak hopefully next week! However, I don't like Angelina Jolie because she is the ugliest person to find to be Tomb Raider, her acting skills suck, she desperately dares to show off her ugly body (especially her boobs which reach her waist!!! YUCK!) in every movie when Halle Barry makes hers look totally amateurish and her mega thick lips turn me off! I will watch for the sake of Brad Pitt for some of the good movies he acted in. The preview of the War of the Worlds give me an impression that it will suck bigtime too! I will give Tom Cruise some face to watch it! Also not to forget Dakota Fanning who acted superbly in Man On Fire with Denzel Washington. I am her big fan! Way to go girl!

Maybe even Initial D if my girlfriend forces me to watch with her. She is an Initial D fan who try all those techniques on her Toyota manual car as well! Talking about crazy race fanatics! She watches every single episode and movie of Initial D. The cast of Initial D again turns me off. All those actors are only idols of their fans who acts like shit to me. All rubbish actors whom past movies bore me to death! I am still very puzzled why it is not made by the Japanese. I'm sure it will be a much greater movie if it is done by the Japanese. I am a worshipper of Japanese animes and dramas, remember? Hehe!

I was in IMM at Jurong East when I saw them promote the movie on the two plasma tvs surrounding that real Toyota Treuno AE 86 car! The preview showed the behind the scenes and I think it was made really close to what the anime looks like. Especially the Initial D trademark cornering and overtaking! That is the essence of Initial D! I think it will be good but again, the actors turn me off. The 18 years old Japanese babe, Anne Suzuki, may be my only reason to catch it! She looks damn hot to me! Drool..........................!!! She is the voice behind Ray Steam in that Steamboy anime movie.

When I saw that car, I had these images of my girlfriend sitting in there and racing down the road as I sit beside her, constantly checking that cup of water for her! Hehe! I'm sure she will love me 100 times more if I can buy her that car in the future if it ever get manufactured to the market. Well, it is a damn ugly design but the anime just make it into a classic! I always wonder why the rivals have far move sexy and fiercer looking sports cars with great paint coats. I'm sure she will love it more than me if I have the chance to buy for her! Haha! Imagine your girlfriend polishing the car everyday and ignores you!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


I am currently working in the visualisation lab. There are two computers connected to run the whole screen that is being displayed by four projectors. Both computer are connected to display a half each of the display. Each half of the screen will be projected by two projectors and they have a 20% overlap in between to create this stereo mode.

Image hosted by
2GB RAM for each computer. Yummy! A double of what the computer in studio has!

Image hosted by
Though this is only 256MB RAM, but it is still an nVidia Quadro FX3000! Still not too bad. Wish it is as fierce as the 3DLabs Wildcat though. This is an AGP slot card and not the new PCI Express type, which I think is far more powerful!

Image hosted by
7.1 speakers from Creative! You got to love the sound systems here man! It just blows me out of proportions. Hehehe! Surround sound at its best!

Image hosted by
Both computers are connected through 1.0Gbps LAN network to transfer the stereo signal.

I will take shots of this room and show some other time. Now, just visualize in your minds the impressive virtual reality cineplex with ultrawide screen and those 3D goggles/glasses you need to wear to watch in stereo mode. Imagine going to Disneyland or Warner Bros or any theme parks and stuff and try to remember those Jaws 3D movies you watched last time.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Boring life. Everyday go to studio doing some projects related to virtual reality. It is also the chance for me to learn the software since I am quite new to it.

From EON Studio, the Department of Architecture is intending to upgrade to EON Professional, which has alot more photorealism ability that just blows me away! However, right now I am trying to master EON Studio first because I will probably be using them in full mode if I am going to do my master of architecture.

Well, the graphic card is the most awesome thing for the system I am using now. It is by far the best graphic card system I ever touched. Have you ever touched a graphic card with 640MB of memory? Cool right?

Image hosted by

The system itself is a Intel Xeon 3.2GHz processor. I have used a dual-processor computer before in the studio but the one I am using currently is single.

Image hosted by

I wish to get this done as soon as possible. I need a holiday back in my hometown, Sibu, Sarawak! Wahlau eh! Since April 30th, my holiday has already officially started and look at me, still stucked here. Feeling rather stupid!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


It has been ages since I wanted to try Ajisen Ramen. Well, if you are a hardcore Japanese drama and anime fan, it will be weird not to try some authentic Japanese ramen. By the way, Ajisen Ramen just keeps on reminding me of Arjen Robben. I have no idea why! Haha!

Image hosted by

I heard there are the veterans and have been around in the business since many generations ago. Thus, they should have the best ramen around that is close to the original.

Image hosted by
There is alot of timber in the Ajisen Ramen restaurant. I notice this for all of them that I saw around Singapore. In most animes and dramas, they always take ramen in those small road side or by the road stalls. Of course you can take them in modern restaurants too but still the feeling is that those old shops by the roadside looks more authentic and original.

Image hosted by, what to eat? Hmmm..... decisions...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Fried crispy salmon. Tasted weird to me. I prefer half cooked or smoked or raw salmon than this. Not my favourite way of preparing it.

Image hosted by
A side dish of fried crab meat. It is soft shell crab, not bad at all. It brought out the taste of crab meat pretty well and not being overtaken by the fried flavour. If you get what I mean.

Image hosted by
This one tastes like one of those made in China pork that comes in the can. Nan-kotsu ramen! However, the amount of meat is 10 times more than mine. Probably because it comes in tins and they can afford large amount! Haha!

Image hosted by
I ordered the one closest to what Naruto loves to eat. Haha! Miso cha-shu ramen! I want to try myself what is so damn nice about the one that he always eats. It is good, especially the soup that comes with it. The noodles are slightly tougher than your normal instant noodles. The BBQ pork is also nicely done but only a few super thin slices. Hai! If only I get double of this.

Image hosted by
Of course we tried the ice-cream. The skin is so similar to the one which we have back home in Sarawak. However, we have white and red bean as the ingredients inside instead of selections of ice-cream.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I will definitely want to come again to try more ramen! It is good, this kicks Nooch's ass 100 times over!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


There will be this new rule change regarding the offside law for the Confederations Cup as well as some unsporting misconduct issues to even having this electronic chip implementation into the ball during matches.

The new wording, approved by the IFAB or International Football Association Board, clarifies three issues of the offside law where a player is actively in play - whether he is interfering with play, interfering with an opponent or gaining an advantage by being in an offside position.

The new decisions are as follows:

1. Interfering with play means playing or touching the ball passed or touched by a team mate.

2. Interfering with an opponent means preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent's line of vision or movements or making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts an opponent.

3. Gaining an advantage by being in an offside position means playing a ball that rebounds to him off a post or crossbar or playing a ball that rebounds to him off an opponent having been in an offside position.

Unsporting Conduct

Players will also be booked for unsporting conduct which deliberately wastes time, such as kicking the ball away after the referee has stopped the game for a freekick, or for delaying tactics when the ball has gone out of play for a corner or throw-in.
Fernando Tresaco Gracia of FIFA's referee's committee said this week: 'We'll also be rigorous in enforcing the laws relating to players' equipment in this championship, and would remind players that it is strictly forbidden to enter the field of play wearing potentially dangerous items such as pendants, necklaces or rings.'

He said it was no longer permitted to cover those items with adhesive tape as this did not eliminate the risk of injury.

The other initiative taken at the International Board meeting related to the use of technology to decide whether the ball had crossed the line for a goal.

FIFA will experiment with this at the World Under-17 championship in Peru in September.

By the way, Donny Ginola, I think you will love this Arsenal fan blog.
Arsenal, wtf?
Also perhaps this one.
The Arsenal View
From them both, you will have links to many other Arsenal or other club supporters' blogs.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Spanish Cup Final
Real Betis 2-1 Osasuna
Ricardo Olivera, Dani scored for Betis.
John Aloisi scored for Osasuna.

Congratulations to Real Betis for winning the King's Cup! By the way, I haven't heard about Dani for a long time! Glad to see him on the scoresheet again! They were given a scare but finally managed to win it. It is expected that they will win it in the very first place. Osasuna however can take the consolation that they will play in the UEFA Cup next season since Real Betis already qualified for the Champions League.

Italian Cup Final 1st Leg
Roma 0-2 Inter
Adriano scored twice for Inter.

The Emperor again is the man of the moment. No wonder so many people want him! 90 more minutes to decide the winner. It looks certainly that Inter will be the favourites now! However, even with two goals advantage, nothing is certain. The Champions League final is a great reminder to us all. What's more? All the Brazilian and Argentinean players will not be available for Inter in the 2nd leg. That itself will be a big disadvantage!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Like I said in the comments in the few posts earlier, there is no chance Liverpool will not be given any chance to defend the title. My best simple reason is not how dramatic Liverpool came back to win the title from Milan, but rather how they are threatened by G14. For me, the best reason to find this solution to please the G14 is because of financial means. There is no other more concrete reasons than that. If for any reasons they don't let Liverpool to defend the title, the G14 may act in abandoning the Champions League. Liverpool themselves are part of G14. Therefore, UEFA will be pressured to follow their demands. In the end, this is a money making world and nobody will be interested in doing something not money oriented. The professional excuse UEFA gave was that it is their own mistake not to allow the champions of the past season to defend the title in the coming one.

This dude fails the first medical with Valencia because of his knee injury. He may not be able to join if he fails the second. He will follow Edu there on free transfer if he succeeds.

He signed for Villareal and also scored one of the 3 goals against Brazil just recently. I can only think of more better things to come from him! Why no big clubs are interested in his services? I really have no idea!

Adriano, Eto'o, Henry
None of them is going anywhere. At least that is how it seems now.

Kuffour, Ballack
Kuffour went to join Roma while Ballack still does not wish to extend his contract talks. This has forced Munich to consider selling him or lost him for free at the end of next season. There are many speculations saying that Kuffour is joining Roma because of the expected arrival of Trapattoni as Giallorossi's next coach.

van der Sar, Park
Manchester United bought really funny and unexpected players this season. I don't expect this two players to make an impact anyway so I don't understand the reason of the purchase. van der Sar had signed but not Park yet.

With the rumours of ticket prices hike by 50% in the next 5 years, Glazer again will be the fans number 1 enemy! It is also reported that Sir Alex Ferguson, or whoever is in charge, will receive a maximum of £25m to spend on transfers each season.

Pirlo, Guti
There are rumours saying a swap between the two will be done between Milan and Real Madrid with some money involved. Pirlo seems very quiet this season and I don't have any comments if he is to come Madrid's way.

Nonda, Cassano
Two weeks ago Juventus announced that Shabani Nonda failed his medical tests and therefore did not sign the Congo striker. However, latest news are suggesting that the Bianconeri’s real reason for not signing Nonda was another one.

It has been made known that also Roma are after the former Monaco striker and for this reason Juventus decided to let go the player so to be able to arrive to Antonio Cassano, the real target of this summer for the Old Lady. Nonda is expected to undertake Roma’s medical tests and if everything goes well he could sign within this week.

Robson De Souza, or as better known Robinho, revealed that his dream would be to play for the Real Madrid. Robinho is followed by most big European clubs but for the time being he is just interested in helping Santos win the Copa Libertadores.

“Right now I want to win the Copa Libertadores with Santos and then we shall see. However, one of my objectives is to play in the first team of a European squad.”

Come on baby! Quickly make your decision!!! I cannot wait forever!

Friday, June 10, 2005


This site requires some update! Man, I am too busy with competition submission and really have no time to touch my website. Now, I have more time. People, I will be flying back to Sibu hopefully on the 3rd week or latest 4th week of June 2005. I may not drop by Kuching because there is direct Johor Bahru-Sibu flight operated by AirAsia now. I will bring my hard disk back this time, if I do transit in Kuching, maybe I can offload many goodies to you Kuching folks! So rejoice!!!

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Anyway, let's talk about Subway. They are the American sandwich brand. It is basically American Delifrance to me. Make yourself damn full with loads and loads of bread! Haha!

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There are so many combos you can choose as ingredient. You can also choose from the different bread type. The matchmaking is hard since I have no experience with what is good with what so I asked the person to combo for me. I will eat whatever combo she comes up with. Hehe!

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As a cheese lover, I will be most happy if there is alot of cheese in my sandwich. The rest is not important! It tastes great, so is the loaf of bread too. It was matchmade for me so it must be well done! It is 6 inches long but you can top up for a whopping 12 inches! Suddenly my mind has all the dirty thoughts! Hehe! I did increase my bread length. Kiasumah!

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The set meal comes with two cookies too. It looks very crunchy and hard but proved me totally wrong when you bite it. It is surprisingly nice and soft! Makes Chipsmore amd Chips Ahoy look amateurish!

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The only bad thing is that it is damn expensive. A simple meal like this costs me over S$10 easily. Damn!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Spanish King's Cup (Copa del Rey) final

11th June 2005 @ Vicente Calderón Stadium (Atletico Madrid's stadium)

Italian Cup final

1ST LEG: 12th June 2005 @ Stadio Olimpico, Via Foro Italico, Rome, Italy
2ND LEG: 15th June 2005 @ Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro), Via Piccolomini 5, Milan, Italy

These are probably the last two biggest cup finals or any biggest finals of European football left of this season. After that, we will have to wait until August before there is any nice and competitive football matches to watch. We will just bore ourselves to death with transfer news/rumours after transfer news/rumours. Well, can't help it, that's life during the break.

It will be interesting to watch the Italian Cup final especially since you have AS Roma against Inter Milan. Both have not win anything this season and will be pressured to get it. This situation reminds me of the English FA Cup final between Arsenal and Manchester United. The upcoming Conferdations Cup is causing problems for Inter, as the Nerazzurri will have to do without their Brazlian and Argentine stars for the Coppa Italia final against Roma because of the FIFA event set to take place in Germany. For the Spanish Cup, it is pretty obvious that Real Betis are the favourites.

Whatever the outcomes, I really wish both games will be a nice finish to the season. I mean there are nothing else left to watch so let's hope for 2 last exciting matches of the season. Oh, my mistake, I forgot the Italian Cup has 2 legs, so you have 3 matches. I think it is the only competition left on earth to have 2 legs final. No?

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Do you want to have the chance to win tickets to the Champions League match next season? Well, play in this fantasy football for free to achieve that dream of yours!

However, I don't know female footballers! How am I suppose to play? Anybody is more familiar with female footballers skills and abilities? I don't know a single player but Mia Hamm! Well, she is American and definitely will not even play in the tournament! While you are supposed to choose 12 players for this game? How can I do that?

The tournament kicks off in the north west of England on 5 June.

Check it out here:
UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2005™ Fantasy Football


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Where in Singapore can you find good steak? Where else but Jack's Place? You only come here if you are ready to eat steaks! Well, you can have the half cooked ones to really get the best out of them! Then of course their potatoes are great, topped with mayonnaise sauce and corned beef. YUMMY!

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OK, I admit the soup cannot make it!

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Their garlic bread makes Pizza Hut feel like child's play.

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When I see mussels on the menu, I will only be contented until I have them in my mouth! I am a big fan of shells! The danger of mercury exposure is always in my mind though. Sigh!

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This is what I ordered for myself.

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This is beef alright!

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This dish is chicken though!

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Ahh! The rich topping for the potato. I love this combo very much!

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Just look at the details!!!

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Green is not my favourite colour. Jack's Place is so green indeed. This dessert is not good, the worst thing I ever tasted here.

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I heard from my uncle in Shanghai that there are branches there as well. This Singapore franchise is not bad as she can expand all the way there to China. They have already redesigned the logo and it looks more 3D now compare to the flat, original one. Does Jack look like Super Mario to you in a chef's costume? Hehe!

Check it out!
Jack's Place

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Friday, June 03, 2005


The Ashley Cole 'tapping-up' saga is going into really serious fines for all the parties involved. I wonder what will be the outcome of this whole long thing. Many already give all sorts of speculations and I think I will just keep quiet on this matter as I hear stories from both sides and give my conclusion after that. One thing is for sure, tapping becomes a famous word in the football world because of Ashley Cole! I wonder how will he face Arsenal teamates, fans and Wenger especially after this incident. If I am Wenger or Arsenal teamates or fans, the question of Ashley Cole's loyalty to the club will be questioned over and over again automatically in my mind.

It has been sometime that I wanted to introduce this site to you guys but I always forgot about it! It has all the nice clips of football videos of some great players. You can find Real's new movie preview to Riquelme to Adriano to Ljungberg to Zidane to Robinho to Weah to Bergkamp to Carlos to Beckham to Ronaldinho to Giggs to Gascoigne, you name it, they got it! See for yourself the skills of some of the best footballers in the world. Of course, those most outstanding goals ever scored in football history.

I know I enjoy the videos very much and I think any other football fans will too!

Check it out yourselves at:

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, I never realized it until now. I never know that Barcelona is very strongly divided into the Dutch and Brazilian camps. I got this article from The Star newspaper on 1st June 2005. Check it out! Interesting read!

Barca besieged by bickering

MADRID: No sooner have the celebrations in Barcelona finished than the political in-fighting has begun.

Last week the Catalan capital was the scene of euphoric, noisy celebrations as Ronaldinho and company took Barca to their first Spanish league title since 1999.

This week the flags have been put away and the knives have come out of the cupboard.

A long-postponed, simmering battle between the “Dutch” faction and the “Brazilian” faction has finally broken out into the open, making supporters worried about the short-term future of the club.

Two years ago ambitious young lawyer Joan Laporta won a landslide victory in the club's presidential elections mainly due to his ability to bring together these two factions.

His chief sporting advisor was Johan Cruyff. The former Camp Nou idol told Laporta to sign up a Dutch coach. Guus Hiddink and Ronald Koeman both turned the job down so, on Cruyff's recommendation, Frank Rijkaard was brought in.

Laporta's running mate in the elections - the young former Nike executive Sandro Rosell – would have preferred a Brazilian coach. Indeed, Rosell then proceeded to pack Rijkaard's squad with Brazilians like Ronaldinho, Edmilson, Juliano Belletti, Deco and Sylvinho.

In December 2003, when things were going badly wrong for Rijkaard, Rosell tried to replace him with former Brazil boss Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Laporta, advised by Cruyff, decided to stand by Rijkaard – and has just been rewarded with the title.

Rijkaard kept his silence until last week, when, emboldened by the “Liga” success, attacked Rosell for being “unfaithful” and “difficult to work with”.

Laporta has also opened up with both barrels on former friend Rosell, and has hinted that the latter might be axed from his board.

On Monday evening Cruyff denied that he was “the detonator of the crisis”, but implicitly had a dig at Rosell by saying that “a director should never make any signings ... This should be the job of (sporting director) Txiki Begiristian, in conjunction with Rijkaard.”

Begiristain, part of Cruyff's 1990s “Dream Team”, originally appeared to be close to Rosell but now seems to have moved into the “Dutch” camp – maybe sensing which way the Camp Nou wind is blowing.

Rosell has so far refused to answer the criticisms. He has said that he will decide within a month whether to continue as vice president.

Rosell is very popular with the Barca fans for having made so many effective signings. Many of these fans are now worried that Ronaldinho and his compatriots might consider leaving the club, if the man who signed them is pushed out.

On Monday evening the digital version of influential sports paper Mundo Deportivo expressed the hope that “this debilitating crisis is resolved quickly ... so that the planning for next season can continue in tranquillity.” – dpa


This is a very interesting article from which teaches us the basic meaning of Brazilian names. After reading this, you should understand your favourite players' names better.

Enjoy reading!

Deciphering Brazilian Footballers’ Names: Know Your Ronaldinhos From Your Ronaldãos
3/12/2005 1:22:00 AM

Aaron Marcus rips up the famous names in Brazilian football for readers to see the hidden meanings behind players’ names. Find out why Little Richard is currently helping Little Robin to top-scorer status in the Paulista. See that a certain low-rise lisping Carioca star has Rosa and Mario for parents. Will Bob Charles be leaving Madrid? Who does Big Phil coach? When will Little Junior From São Paulo adapt to Celtic? All this – and more.

Those who remember ‘Pulp Fiction’ may recall Bruce Willis’ boxer telling his Colombian cab driver “I’m American. Our names don’t mean shit, honey”. Here in Brazil it’s exactly the opposite; names strain under the weight of meaning. This little guide will give you all the tools to decipher the majority of repetitive names in Brazilian football. To pseudo-intellectualise things I’ve pigeonholed the common names into the following categories;

1. Prefixes & Suffixes
 Prefixes
 Suffixes
 Size suffixes
 Other suffixes

2. Regions

3. Nicknames & Abbreviations

4. Assorted Curiosities
 Anglo-Saxonisms
 The Lord & Epics
 V or W?
 Creative Spelling
 Fauna
 Foodstuffs

5. A league of their own

1. Prefixes & Suffixes
These allow for a taste-free bolt-on of maternal and paternal first names, resulting in names of mirror-shattering ugliness.

 Ev- Evanilson, Evandro, Evair (Mother’s name = Eva)
 Ed- Edmilson, Edmar (Mother’s name = Edna)
 Od- Odair, Odvan (Mother’s name = Odette)
 Ro- Romario, Rosinei (Mother’s name = Rosa)
 El- Elber, Elder, Elano (Mother’s name = Elba)


Size suffixes

It really does matter. With a two letter suffix plain old Ronaldo can swell up to Ronaldão (Big Ron) – as Madrid fans have seen – or with four letters can shrink to Ronaldinho (Little Ron)

-ão Felipão (Big Phil), Betão (Big Bob – ‘Beto’ being short for Roberto), Luis(z)ão (Big Lou).

-inho Ricardinho (Little Richard – no kidding), Marcinho (Little Marcio), Marcelinho (Little Marcel), Juninho (Little Junior – about as diminutive as it gets) and Agostinho (Little August)

Other suffixes

-son Adoption of the Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian form; largely reflecting the British who first brought the game to Brazil. Vary from the traditional Anderson, Jef(f)erson and Robson to the more Brazilian Jobson, Athirson, Gerson, Liedson and Jadson - including the frankly eye-watering Nadson.

-(v)aldo Rivaldo, Nivaldo, Vivaldo, Everaldo, Edivaldo Clodoaldo, Reinaldo (Father’s name = Valdo / Waldo)

- mar Gilmar, Nilmar, Lucimar (Lucio – Bayern Munich), Jucilmar, Josimar, Itamar, Kalmar (Mother’s name = Maria)

-ton Another Anglicism that ranges from the conventional Wellington, Washington and Clay(i)ton to the ludicrous Jefton, Adailton, Welton, Antonieliton (Marítimo, Portugal), Elivélton (Bahia, Brazil)

-ey The same as above; Wesley and Sidney from the old school and Warley, Ederley and Jomarley from the special needs school.

-ei The phonetical spelling gives that milk-curdling finish to Wanderlei, Derlei, Ueslei, Rosinei and Valnei with the pointlessly unpronounceable Danrlei worthy of special mention.  -andro Evandro and Leandro show the father was Sandro.

-val Dorival and Sinval use –val instead of –valdo (see above)

-air Aldair, Odair (Father’s name = Jair)

-gol A gem of pure tackiness, this self-appointed moniker shows you’re a Really Good Striker, Thiagol and Robgol wandering shamelessly into cheeseball territory.

2. Regions

Given the vast territorial spread, the popularity of certain names and regional pride it’s common practice to differentiate players by adding their state of origin to their first name.

Carioca The player is from Rio de Janeiro e.g. Marcelinho Carioca (Brasiliense, Brazil)

Paulista The player is from São Paulo e.g. Juninho Paulista (Celtic, Scotland)

Mineiro The player is from Minas Gerais e.g. Mineiro (São Paulo, Brazil)

Gaúcho The player is from Rio Grande do Sul e.g. Ronaldinho Gaúcho (FCBarcelona, Spain)

Pernambucano The player is from Pernambuco e.g. Juninho Pernambucano (O. Lyon, France)

Cearense The player is from Ceara e.g. Dudu Cearense (Rennes, France)

3. Nicknames & Abbreviations

These often find their way onto the back of shirts, mercifully replacing lumbering full birth names

Kaká / Cacá Short for Carlos or Caio. Don’t sniggeringly think this is scatological; there’s no link to faeces at all, but; Tip for the top; if you visit Brazil you can make this slip when ordering a thirst-quenching coconut water. This is a Coco (emphasis on the first syllable), whilst putting the stress on the end literally turns it to shit; Co. Important for those who prefer their water unrusty.

Deco Short for Andre.

T(h)iago Short for Santiago, which in turn is St. James in English. (The Spanish use ‘Santi’ e.g. Santi Cañizares, Valencia’s very own bottle blond)

Short for Jose e.g. Zé Maria (Inter, Italy), Zé Roberto (Bayern, Germ.)

Mané Short for Manoel

Zé Mané Combines the two innocuous names above to come up with a synonym for ‘jerk’. As would be expected, very few Jose Manoels use the full abbreviated form in Brazil.

Dudu, Didi, Dada, Dede, Dodo Dudu = Eduardo, Dede = Andre (like Deco), Dada (Daniel), Didi (Dirceu), Dodo (Doriva, Dorival)

Guga Short for Gustavo

Juca Short for João Carlos or Joaquim

Nenê Means ‘baby’ or ‘babe’.

4. Assorted Curiosities


Apart from the British railway workers that brought the game over (formalised by a certain Charles Miller), many Americans fled the civil war to establish themselves in rural São Paulo. Although the Yanks lacked the enthusiasm for soccer shown by the Limeys, they did provide names; strangely ‘W’ based:

 Washington, Wellington, Walker, Williams, Wilson The golden age of Liverpool’s arch-rival resulted in the common use of:

 Ev(w)erton e.g. Ewerton, Borrussia Dortmund, Ger.)

Thankfully this doesn’t extend to other teams or we’d be dealing with Dunfermline da Silva, Portsmouth Oliveira or even Queens Park Rangers Nazario and Preston North End Ferreira. Phew.

The Lord & Epics

With the kneeling circle of clasped hands after the 2002 World Cup victory the outside world was given a glimpse of Brazil’s devotion or obsession – depending on your point of view. Milan games frequently see Kaká with an ‘I belong to Jesus’ t-shirt, a practice also in vogue with other religious players. Some already show their beliefs in their names:

 Moises, Gabriel, Gideon, Jesus, Santos (The latter could also be a homage to Pelé, the living God as easily as to the Saints)

The secular side exhibits clear Greco-Romano influences:

 Hermes, Socrates, Adonis, Julio Cesar, Marco Aurelio, Cicero, Laerte

V or W?

The German pronunciation is something reflected in the spelling, the ‘W’ being replaced by ‘V’s.

 Valter, Vagner, Vanderley

Creative Spelling

To add more variety to William (first name), there are wild fluctuations in the use of a single or double ‘L’, ‘N’ or ‘M’ dallying, final ‘S’ confusion as well as the V or W debate:

 William, Williams, Wiliam, Wiliams, Villiam, Villiams, Willian, Willians

Dennis suffers fewer mutations:

 Denis, Dennis, Dennys, Denys


Metaphors usually side with more aggressive creatures, although the ‘almost-Pelé’ Mané Garrincha showed greater sensitivity:

 Falcão (hawk) and the self-explanatory Pitbull e.g. Claudio Pitbull (PSG, France), Garrincha (songbird)


Brazilians show their culinary respect by adopting various ingredients as nicknames:

 Feijao (Beans), Dill (Dill weed), Batata (Spud – very ‘Trainspotting’)

5. A league of their own

A select few names dodge classification:

 Tostão (Red Cent), Roberto Dinamite (Bob Dynamite) and Careca (Baldy) are randomly odd, while Escurinho (Little Dark One), Meia Noite (Midnight) and Petróleo (Gasoline) are all bordering on racism but slightly balanced by Branco (Honky).

You should now be able to understand those weird names that most Brazilian footballers have and even invent credible names for non-existent players. If you wish to take it a stage further and pronounce real players’ names to the jealous astonishment of your friends, here’s a couple of hints on Brazilian pronunciation.

A Couple Of Hints On Brazilian Pronunciation

-ão Pronounced ‘Ow!’, e.g. Sow Pow Low = São Paulo. The more nasal the better. Try it with a heavy cold, sinusitis or deviated septum.

R / rr Pronounced like an ‘H’ at the start of the word, so the correct sound should be; Homario, Honaldo, Honaldjinho, Hivaldo. The double ‘R’ in the middle of a word receives the same treatment; Brazil’s coach is Pah – hair-ah (Parreira)

Good luck with your translating and domestic commentary, or simply have a laugh at some of the names and T.V. commentators appalling mistakes. Oh, and don’t forget that coconut pronunciation.

Aaron Marcus

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


This has been around for quite some time and only until today do I have the time to waste to try it out. I tried the first one with my full name. The second one was done without my Christian name. What is yours? Try out yourselves!

My japanese name is 山田 Yamada (mountain field) 雄大 Masahiro (big hero).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

My japanese name is 浜野 Hamano (seaside field) 拓海 Takumi (open sea).
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I tried to key in for my girlfriend as well.

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 愛恵 Itoe (bless with love).
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