Saturday, October 31, 2009


This advertisement has been around for quite some time. Check it out!


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Thursday, October 29, 2009


The monster with the two Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ 120Hz LCD monitors

The super burner of Blu-Ray and HD DVD-ROM with the nVidia 3D Vision

The Intel Core i7-350 3.06GHz 8MB L3 Cache, QPI 4.8GT/s with the 12GB DDR3-1333 RAM

The X2 nVidia GeForce GTX295 SLI

I realized that Dell has been selling the desktop version of Alienware now after the laptop debut for quite some time in Singapore. However, the price is ridiculous! The brand name is too expensive! It is like comparing a German made car with a Japanese made car with the same engine, gearbox and horsepower.

It is time to test drive this monster!

I want to kick some asses!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Even with the most expensive team on the planet, Real Madrid lost 0-4 to an unknown Segunda Division B side called Alcorcon in the Copa del Rey competition. Extreme shame to the high heavens!


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Monday, October 26, 2009


I just got a sms from Alvin to help him spread his wedding proposal online in whatever form possible. I have decided to help him by posting it on my blog to spread to any people who may drop by the blog.

Alvin's my old pal who is probably the most coolest dude I've seen. He is always cool on anything and I have not for once see him having any extreme expressions from the effect of happiness, excitement or shock. He is always very steady with his emotions. Now, the dude wants to make a proposal to Rachel, his girlfriend.

His blog post is at Project R: Wedding Proposal 2.0

“Rachel, will you marry me? I am waiting for your answer at a secret location. To find me, you need to unlock a series of clues which showcase my five resolutions to you. The first clue is in a video posted on my blog. I will be waiting for you till you show up.”


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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today is an important day for Microsoft. Windows 7 will be officially launched today.

Will this be the WinXP equivalent to save the face of the WinME equivalent? Well, I always see WinVista as a total failure, a sort of good comparison of WinME. I know it is pretty stable but still most of the people who uses lotsa computer all their lives are avoiding it. I am still pretty much a WinXP user up to today. I swear I have not spent more than 10 hours on a WinVista since its birth.

The question now is should I upgrade directly? My new computer will arrive anytime now. They will provide the registration number for Win7 which I need to register on-line with Microsoft. The Win 7 will be valid till January 2010. I have until then as my last resort to upgrade from now. One of the biggest issues is about the various software support I need. I hope they all can run on Windows 7.

One of the coolest things about the new Windows is its capability to support touch screens. Dell is probably the first ever Windows computer maker who is selling such monitors now. I am unsure about the rest.

Windows Touch

One important feature which XP users like me must use is the Windows XP Mode. I am having the Win Vista Ultimate for my new computer, which allows me to upgrade to Win7 Ultimate. I heard it is better than the normal virtual machine because you are directly running it in Win7. This is probably a good way of luring WinXP users to jump into Win7. Still, let's be very sceptical until we test all the programs vigorously. I will not be praising anything until it is proven stable and good, especially Microsoft products.

Win7 editions

Windows XP Mode

Will Win7 flourish? Will it be a success to win over WinXP users like me? Well, we'll find out soon!

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Well, I am not giving this match much publicity like I will always do in the past. No, it is not that I am getting bored at football. I am probably too busy to wake up to watch the match or update the blog lately. I just saw my boss sending me an email like 4+am so maybe she's a football fan? Nah...

Well, on paper they both combined with the most amount of European champion titles in the entire history of UEFA. Therefore, a clash between them will definitely and surely bring the most highest anticipations ever. Not this time for me.

Real Madrid are more or less requiring time to settle down and they are still not. Their defence are still woeful. As for AC Milan, what do you expect from a bunch of has-beens old folks? The only reason I can think of now for them not to invest seriously is because of their president, Silvio Berlusconi, who is in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Although Real Madrid do have a couple of has-beens too but not as many.

Pato was the hero who got a brace while Pirlo had a spectacular goal as I heard. Real Madrid's biggest problem is defence and if they don't solve it, no amount of the most expensive players in the world at midfield or forward will be sufficient to cover that weakness.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


As always, another controversial statement by Mourinho. Well, to an extent, he is right but we have to compare apple to apple. If you are paid handsomely and given a huge amount of talented players as well as major transfer fees, you are expected to perform straight away. You can look at the other angle and say well it's unfair since your job will be more secured if you are at a situation like Arsenal. You can always use the excuse of time needed to build a young team and not enough budget to buy anything big. Well, let's just see how far Inter Milan can go this season.

Inter Coach Mourinho: I Need To Win Trophies To Keep My Job Unlike Wenger & Rafa Benitez
Inter coach Jose Mourinho talked about the pressure of coaching in Italy and the importance of midfielder Esteban Cambiasso to the team.
Oct 15, 2009 9:08:40 PM

While Inter prepare for a tricky away match against Genoa on Saturday evening, coach Jose Mourinho gave an interview to Inter Channel in which he talked about being called a 'bauscia', Milanese dialect for arrogant, loud-mouthed person, midfielder Esteban Cambiasso, and the transfer market.

"Am I a 'bauscia'? Yes, I know what it means," Mourinho said. "Certainly all the fans know I give everything for the club and also to them. I couldn't work any other way, that's how I am."

On Cambiasso, he said, "I would need two Cambiassos, one playing ten meters further forward and the other ten meters behind."

Asked about who Inter might buy in the near future, the coach preferred not to name any players, "I don't want the newspapers to say Inter will buy this or that player."

On his future as coach of Inter, he said, "[Arsene] Wenger has been Arsenal's coach for 15 years but he hasn't won even a Carling Cup for six years. [Rafa] Benitez hasn't won a league title in six years but he continues to be Liverpool's coach.

"This is not the Italian mentality. To stay here I must continue winning and do well."

Danilo Pochini,

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


My remaining days of 2009 will be focused on Houdini + Python mastering. It is not the famous magician Harry Houdini of Hungary as well as the python snake. It is a combo of high-end animation 3D animation + programming language.

My secondary focuses are Radiance and Ecotect. I haven't touch Ecotect since the Square One days. I hope I can master all four, especially my primary priorities.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have two public exams to take, one conference paper to submit, many software, hardware to review and buy and many applications to fill and submit. I guess I will be busy from now till mid December 2009. Therefore, there will be minimal updates from me. Exams? The last time I have taken a serious exam was like two years back. I think my brain is extremely rusty. I need to go for a fish buffet or something to replenish and revive my dead brain cells.

So what do you think of the latest by-election result where a corrupted candidate won with such high majority? I was there at Port Dickson during my last one week trip and I have to say it's a pretty run down, dead and polluted town. I have no idea what sort of things the locals owe this candidate that they must repay him regardless of his past. Is it wishful thinking of my part to have any faith and hope left of Malaysia's future? Well, maybe it's just dumb of me to be so gullible and naive of how the whole political system works.

There will be updates if I can find some spare time. Some crucial updates like if Argentina or/and Portugal may have problems to qualify for the World Cup. You guys take care!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


World University Rankings 2009 Top 200
2009 World Rank School Name Country Overall Score
Source: QS Intelligence Unit (
Copyright © 2004-2009 QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd.
Click here for copyright and limitations on use.
1 HARVARD University United States 100.0
2 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom 99.6
3 YALE University United States 99.1
4 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom 99.0
5= IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom 97.8
5= University of OXFORD United Kingdom 97.8
7 University of CHICAGO United States 96.8
8 PRINCETON University United States 96.6
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M... United States 96.1
10 California Institute of Technology (CALT... United States 95.9
11 COLUMBIA University United States 95.6
12 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States 94.2
13 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States 94.1
14 DUKE University United States 92.9
15 CORNELL University United States 92.5
16 STANFORD University United States 92.2
17 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia 90.5
18 MCGILL University Canada 90.4
19 University of MICHIGAN United States 89.9
20= University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom 89.3
20= ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland 89.3
22 University of TOKYO Japan 88.9
23 KING'S College London United Kingdom 88.5
24 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong 87.5
25 KYOTO University Japan 87.1
26 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom 85.7
27 CARNEGIE MELLON University United States 85.6
28 Ecole normale supérieure, PARIS France 85.4
29 University of TORONTO Canada 85.3
30 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore 84.3
31 BROWN University United States 84.0
32= University of California, Los Angeles (U... United States 83.5
32= NORTHWESTERN University United States 83.5
34 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom 83.4
35 HONG KONG University of Science and Tech... Hong Kong 83.3
36= University of SYDNEY Australia 83.1
36= University of MELBOURNE Australia 83.1
39 University of California, BERKELEY United States 82.7
40 University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada 81.2
41 University of QUEENSLAND Australia 80.7
42 Ecole Polytechnique Frale de LAUSA... Switzerland 80.6
43= TRINITY College Dublin Ireland 80.1
43= OSAKA University Japan 80.1
45 MONASH University Australia 80.0
46 The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 79.6
47= SEOUL National University Korea, South 79.0
47= University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia 79.0
49= University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands 78.9
49= TSINGHUA University China 78.9
51 University of COPENHAGEN Denmark 78.8
52= PEKING University China 78.4
52= NEW YORK University (NYU) United States 78.4
54 BOSTON University United States 77.8
55= TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan 76.3
55= Technische Universitaet Muenchen Germany 76.3
57 HEIDELBERG University Germany 76.2
58 University of WARWICK United Kingdom 75.7
59 University of ALBERTA Canada 75.4
60 LEIDEN University Netherlands 75.3
61= The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand 74.7
61= University of Wisconsin-Madison United States 74.7
63= AARHUS University Denmark 74.5
63= University of ILLINOIS, Chicago (UIC) United States 74.5
65 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium 74.2
66 University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom 73.9
67= LUND University Sweden 73.7
67= London School of Economics and Political... United Kingdom 73.7
69 KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Scie... Korea, South 72.6
70= University of YORK United Kingdom 72.4
70= UTRECHT University Netherlands 72.4
72 University of GENEVA Switzerland 72.3
73= Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore 72.0
73= WASHINGTON University in St. Louis United States 72.0
75 UPPSALA University Sweden 71.9
76= University of TEXAS at Austin United States 71.5
76= University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States 71.5
78 University of NORTH CAROLINA, Chapel Hil... United States 71.3
79 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom 71.2
80 University of WASHINGTON United States 71.1
81 University of ADELAIDE Australia 70.8
82 University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom 70.6
83 DELFT University of Technology Netherlands 70.5
84 University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia 70.3
85 DARTMOUTH College United States 70.1
86 GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States 70.0
87= PURDUE University United States 69.8
87= University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom 69.8
89 University College DUBLIN Ireland 69.7
90 EMORY University United States 69.6
91 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom 69.4
92= University of ZURICH Switzerland 69.2
92= NAGOYA University Japan 69.2
94 Freie Universitaet BERLIN Germany 69.0
95= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom 68.9
95= National Taiwan University (NTU) Taiwan 68.9
97 TOHOKU University Japan 68.6
98 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München... Germany 68.4
99 University of LEEDS United Kingdom 68.3
100 RICE University United States 68.1
101 University of OSLO Norway 67.7
102 Hebrew University of JERUSALEM Israel 67.3
103= FUDAN University China 67.2
103= DURHAM University United Kingdom 67.2
105 University of MINNESOTA United States 67.1
106 University of CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara United States 66.6
107 Université de Montréal Canada 66.2
108= University of BASEL Switzerland 66.1
108= ERASMUS University Rotterdam Netherlands 66.1
108= University of HELSINKI Finland 66.1
108= University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States 66.1
112 University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA United States 66.0
113 University of WATERLOO Canada 65.9
114= TEL AVIV University Israel 65.6
114= University of PITTSBURGH United States 65.6
116 MAASTRICHT University Netherlands 65.3
117 Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie PARIS ... France 65.0
118 QUEEN'S University Canada 64.7
119 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States 64.6
120= EINDHOVEN University of Technology Netherlands 64.4
120= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States 64.4
122= University of MARYLAND, College Park United States 64.0
122= Universität FREIBURG Germany 64.0
124 City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 63.9
125 University of OTAGO New Zealand 63.8
126= Université catholique de LOUVAIN (UCL) Belgium 63.7
126= Ecole Normale Supérieure de LYON France 63.7
128 University of VIRGINIA United States 63.5
129= GEORGETOWN University United States 63.4
129= OHIO STATE University United States 63.4
129= University of ABERDEEN United Kingdom 63.4
132= University of VIENNA Austria 63.0
132= TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technolog... Israel 63.0
134 POHANG University of Science and Technol... Korea, South 62.9
135 CARDIFF University United Kingdom 62.8
136 University of GHENT Belgium 62.6
137 University of LIVERPOOL United Kingdom 62.4
138= University of GRONINGEN Netherlands 62.3
138= CHULALONGKORN University Thailand 62.3
140 VANDERBILT University United States 62.2
141 University of ROCHESTER United States 61.8
142 KEIO University Japan 61.6
143 MCMASTER University Canada 60.9
144= University of BERGEN Norway 60.7
144= University of BATH United Kingdom 60.7
146= HUMBOLDT-Universität zu Berlin Germany 60.6
146= University of CAPE TOWN South Africa 60.6
148 WASEDA University Japan 60.5
149= Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen Germany 60.4
149= University of CALGARY Canada 60.4
151= The University of WESTERN ONTARIO Canada 60.3
151= YONSEI University Korea, South 60.3
153 SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University China 60.2
154 University of Science and Technology of ... China 60.1
155= WAGENINGEN University Netherlands 60.0
155= LOMONOSOV MOSCOW State University Russia 60.0
155= KYUSHU University Japan 60.0
158 NEWCASTLE University United Kingdom 59.6
159 Technical University of DENMARK Denmark 59.5
160 TUFTS University United States 59.4
161 University of CALIFORNIA, Irvine United States 59.0
162 LANCASTER University United Kingdom 58.9
163 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (I... India 58.6
164 QUEEN MARY, University of London United Kingdom 58.5
165 VU University AMSTERDAM Netherlands 58.3
166= University of ARIZONA United States 58.0
166= University of SUSSEX United Kingdom 58.0
168= Saint-Petersburg State University Russia 57.4
168= NANJING University China 57.4
168= University of LAUSANNE Switzerland 57.4
171= University of BARCELONA Spain 57.2
171= HOKKAIDO University Japan 57.2
173 STONY BROOK University, State University... United States 57.1
174= University of TSUKUBA Japan 56.9
174= University of BOLOGNA Italy 56.9
174= KTH, ROYAL INSTITUTE of Technology Sweden 56.9
177= University of ANTWERP Belgium 56.8
177= University of ATHENS Greece 56.8
179 TEXAS A&M University United States 56.7
180 Universiti MALAYA (UM) Malaysia 56.5
181 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (II... India 56.4
182 Rheinisch-Westfelische Technische Hochs... Germany 56.3
183 RUTGERS, The State University of New Jer... United States 56.2
184 Universitat KARLSRUHE Germany 56.1
185 University of GOTHENBURG Sweden 55.8
186= University of Colorado at BOULDER United States 55.6
186= Universitat Göttingen Germany 55.6
188 University of CANTERBURY New Zealand 55.2
189 MACQUARIE University Australia 54.9
190 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Méxic... Mexico 54.8
191= University of READING United Kingdom 54.7
191= Universite Libre de BRUXELLES (ULB) Belgium 54.7
193= INDIANA University Bloomington United States 54.5
193= University of BERN Switzerland 54.5
195 The HONG KONG Polytechnic University Hong Kong 54.4
196= University of LEICESTER United Kingdom 53.9
196= SIMON FRASER University Canada 53.9
198 CHALMERS University of Technology Sweden 53.8
199 University of NOTRE DAME United States 53.6
200 University of TWENTE Netherlands 53.5

Indicator Explanation Weighting
Academic Peer Review Composite score drawn from peer review survey (which is divided into five subject areas). 9,386 responses in 2009. 40%
Employer Review Score based on responses to employer survey. 3,281 responses in 2009. 10%
Faculty Student Ratio Score based on student faculty ratio 20%
Citations per Faculty Score based on research performance factored against the size of the research body 20%
International Faculty Score based on proportion of international faculty 5%
International Students Score based on proportion of international students 5%